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Weathervanes of Fódlan/Script

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Entrance Hall

(Gilbert reaches Byleth on the Entrance Hall)
Gilbert: Professor, do you have a moment?

Of course.

(Byleth nods.)
Gilbert: I would hear your opinion on our situation.
Gilbert: Given our current fighting power, what sort of challenge do you expect we pose to the Empire? Do we have any hope of victory?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Our preparations are lacking. The probability of victory is low.

Gilbert: So, we agree. However, in order to strengthen our forces, we—
(Suddenly, a loud noise of a wooden object breaking is heard.)
Annette: Aaaargh! Ugh, why would anyone put a barrel here?!
(Annette then joins the conversation, ignoring the wreckage she had caused.)

If Annette and Gilbert have not reached their A-Support If Annette and Gilbert have reached their A-Support

Annette: Ow, that really smarts... Oh. Hello, Father.


(Byleth is shocked.)
Gilbert: ...
Gilbert: Another stupendous fall.
Annette: As though you care about my well-being.
(Annette then looks at Byleth.)
Annette: Anyway... Professor, I'm heading out for a bit.

Where are you going?

Annette: I was thinking of going to visit my uncle.

Gilbert: To see my brother? Why is that, Annette?
Annette: I wanna ask him to entrust me with the Hero's Relic of House Dominic. The fight from here on out is gonna be tough. I need to do whatever I can to get stronger. The best thing we can do, as far as I can tell, is to have another Hero's Relic at our disposal.
Gilbert: You are not wrong, yet it will not be easy.

Why's that?

Gilbert: Under pressure from Cornelia, House Dominic is maintaining a pro-Imperial stance. That makes us his enemy. Brother or no, he will not hand over a Hero's Relic to us.
Annette: But he's not a bad person... And we'll never know unless we ask, right? And Mother might be there too...
Gilbert: The Dominic region is, at present, enemy territory. There is no guarantee you can see them safely.

If Annette and Gilbert have not reached their A-Support If Annette and Gilbert have reached their A-Support

Annette: Fine. Be that way. It's not like I was planning to ask for your help, anyway.

(Annette then focuses on Byleth once more.)
Gilbert: Professor, don't worry about me. I'll be back soon, and with a Relic, no less!
(Annette runs away.)
Gilbert: Annette! Wait!
Gilbert: She never listens. So frustrating./Her recklessness is so frustrating.
Gilbert: However, if she were able to retrieve the Hero's Relic, it would prove a great boon to our forces. Perhaps I should prepare myself for the worst. I shall travel with Annette to see my brother.
Gilbert: Professor, might I ask you to take on a task for me? It is entirely possible that we shall be captured in the Dominic region. In anticipation of that... I would ask that you wait outside of the region, with an army at your command.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Of course. (Begin Paralogue battle) I need some time... (Return to previous screen)
Gilbert: I cannot say with confidence that we will be able to bring back the Hero's Relic without issue. While it pains me to ask this favor of you, I must also thank you for accepting. Gilbert: I should be able to slow Annette's departure for a short while, at the least. Please join us when you can.

Battle: Weathervanes of Fódlan

Kingdom Territory (Dominic Territory)

Before Battle

(Annette and Gilbert approach Baron Dominic.)
Annette: Uncle, I beg you! Please give me the Hero's Relic!
Baron Dominic: Even in this land, the Empire's eye shines bright. To hand over such a weapon to you, our enemy, is unthinkable...
Gilbert: We are well aware. Brother, I beg you. For the sake of the Kingdom's revival...
Baron Dominic: I cannot. If it becomes known that I gave you aid, my lands will be annexed in a bitter instant.
Gilbert: Then we must relent. Annette, there is nothing for us here. We should go.
Baron Dominic: No. Letting you simply leave will invite accusations of collusion. I must take you as my hostages.
Gilbert: So... It has come to pass after all.
Baron Dominic: Annette, live here with me. You needn't return to that helpless band of rebels without a glimmer of hope for victory.
Annette: You're wrong! That will never happen, Uncle!
Baron Dominic: Your mother is also here in this land. Do not dismiss my proposition so readily...

Player Phase 1

Annette: We can't afford to stay here. Father, we have to run!
Gilbert: Be calm, Annette. I assumed something like this would happen. If we do not come back, the professor will come to get us. We need but wait and keep faith...

If an Ally Attacks an Enemy in the Northwest Side

Kingdom Soldier: Our allies are being held in that stronghold in the southeast! Please, rescue them quickly!
(The camera briefly focuses on Gilbert and Annette's starting positions...)

If an Ally enters the North Side of the Map

Baron Dominic: Ha! Right to the last, you hope to strike me down. In that case, I will also lay my cards on the table and commit all my resources to this fight!
Gilbert: Reinforcements?! That will make life more difficult.
(Baron Dominic summons enemy reinforcements.)

If the Enemies Surrounding Gilbert and Annette are Defeated

Annette: Oh, thank goodness! Let's run, Father!
Gilbert: Annette, go. I will acquire the Hero's Relic, even if it means crossing blades with my brother.
Annette: I couldn't possibly leave you to do it alone! Father, please let me go with you!
Baron Dominic: Even if you must do it by force, bring me Annette!

Annette Takes Damage

HP ≃ 50%

Annette: No, get away from me! I refuse to stay!

HP ≤ 25%

Annette: No matter what, I have to return to the professor, to His everyone!

Annette is defeated.

Annette: Gah... Leave me be!
Baron Dominic: It's for your own good. You must understand, Annette.
(Annette is captured.)

Gilbert Takes Damage

HP ≃ 50%

Gilbert: For His Highness, and for the Kingdom. I must not fall here!

HP ≤ 25%

Gilbert: You are indeed a powerful soldier, my brother.

Gilbert is defeated.

Gilbert: I am soldier enough to admit I have lost this battle. Brother, I will lay down arms...
(Gilbert is captured.)

Boss - Baron Dominic

Vs Anyone:

I have my own reason for not giving up. And the less I speak of it, the better...
— Baron Dominic Vs Anyone

Vs Annette:

Baron Dominic: I have no wish to enact violence on you, Annette. Listen to me and do as I say.
Annette: I will not listen! I can't and I won't! There is somewhere I must return to!

— Baron Dominic Vs Gilbert

Vs Gilbert:

Gilbert: My brother, I beg you...the Relic!
Baron Dominic: I do not wish to repeat myself! If you want it that badly, slay me and claim it for your own!

— Baron Dominic Vs Gilbert

Baron Dominic is Defeated

Baron Dominic: So...this is it. I fought well, in the end. I doubt Cornelia will think I cooperated with you.
Baron Dominic: Take the Hero's Relic and go. And in return... promise to restore the Kingdom.
Gilbert: Brother... I thank you.
Baron Dominic: And don't worry about your wife. Whatever happens, I swear I will protect her. When all of this is over, you had better return to her. Make sure victory is yours...Gustave.
Gilbert: You have my word.
(Baron Dominic retreats.)


Entrance Hall

(Back in the monastery, Gilbert and Annette are thankful for Byleth's support.)
Gilbert: I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your assistance.
Annette: I don't know what would have happened if not for you... And thanks to you, I got this!
(Annette shows House Dominic's Hero's Relic.)

FETH Crusher.png

Gilbert: The magic hammer, Crusher... The Hero's Relic of House Dominic. My brother would not surrender such a Relic without a fight... I hope you understand.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I understand. Of course.

Gilbert: House Dominic is one of the ten great bloodlines. Yet within the Kingdom, we are mere feudal lords. With the Empire growing in strength, Dominic must kneel. To do otherwise would be suicide. The western lords, and other rulers, are in the same situation. They all comply, albeit reluctantly.
Gilbert: If we defeat the Empire, I hope the Kingdom will rise once more, under the banner of a legitimate king.
Annette: I hope so too. That's why we can't give up!

If Annette and Gilbert have reached their A-Support...

Gilbert: Annette, I owe you an apology.
Annette: What for?
Gilbert: I knew my brother possessed the Hero's Relic, but I was reluctant to visit him...
Annette: Oh, I don't blame you for that. I understand that you two are enemies now.
Gilbert: That's not the only reason I avoided the halls of House Dominic...
Annette: Is it...because mom is there?
Gilbert: Yes... I have yet to earn the right to face her. I still must atone for my sins.
Annette: Don't worry, Father. I'm sure mom is waiting patiently for you... Waiting for the day you restore the Kingdom with His Highness and return. But for now, we just have to keep doing our best!
Gilbert: I hope you are right, my daughter.


Gilbert: To that end, Professor, we will require your help. I hope we can continue depending on you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'll do what I can. You can count on me.

Annette: Don't worry! We won't make you do all of the hard work by yourself.

If Annette and Gilbert have not reached their A-Support If Annette and Gilbert have reached their A-Support

Annette: I'll give it my all too! Speaking of... I'm gonna get straight to training!

(As Annette leaves, sounds of wood breaking are heard. Again.)
Annette: Gaaaaaah! Why would someone put a dumb wooden box here?!
Gilbert: And please, look after my daughter as well.