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Valley of Torment/Script (Verdant Wind)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Verdant Wind
Pegasus Moon

Valley of Torment

Opening Narration FETH Leicester banner.png

Cg fe16 pegasus moon mural part 2.png
Having repelled the Imperial vanguard, the Alliance army requests reinforcements from Judith, head of House Daphnel - the governing body in the northwestern regions of Alliance territory.
— Chapter 15 opening narration

Event - Seeking Reinforcements

Date: 2/1
Dining Hall

(Raphael, Ignatz and Cyril can be seen eating dining hall.)
Raphael: What? Not enough left for seconds? I'm barely half full!
Cyril: Ya eat too much anyways, Raphael. Supplies are running low, so you're just gonna have to deal with it.
Ignatz: You've always been so level-headed, Cyril. Now that you've grown up, you're even more that way.
Cyril: Maybe it's just that the rest of you haven't grown enough. You could work harder at being reliable.
Raphael: I can't grow if I can't eat!
(Hilda enters the dining hall.)
Hilda: I have some good news for my hungry friends... We got a reply from Judith!
Hilda: Mr. Leader Man has called a meeting about it. Hurry up, everyone!

Reception Hall

Claude: We finally received a reply from Judith. The Hero of Daphnel has agreed to support us with soldiers and supplies. Raphael: She's gonna give us food? She really is a hero!
Cyril: Maybe Raphael will simmer down now.
Claude: Now, regarding where we're going to receive the delivery...
(Claude begins reading a letter, which is narrated with Judith's voice.)

As this is a request from none other than the leader of the Alliance, I wish that I could send troops at once. However... Openly marshaling soldiers within my territory could provoke other members of the Alliance. Therefore, I will secretly gather troops in Ailell, the Valley of Torment. Will your group be able to receive the soldiers in this location? From there, it should be safe to return to the monastery by following the border between the Alliance and the Kingdom.
— Judith
Ailell, the Valley of Torment...

Claude: Ailell is on the border between the Daphnel territory and the Kingdom. It'll make sense when we get there, but it's a peculiar region.
Marianne: I recall there being a scary legend about it...
Claude: In any case, if we use that valley, we shouldn't have to worry about being noticed by other Alliance lords.
(The scene quickly changes and focuses on what seems to be a Alliance Soldier sneakily hearing the conversation...?)
Alliance Soldier: Ailell, the Valley of Torment...

Exploration: Valley of Torment

Potential Dates: 2/8, 2/15 and 2/22

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Narration - Ambush at Ailell

In response to the Alliance army's plea, Judith has agreed to provide soldiers. To meet up with the reinforcements, the Alliance army sets up for Ailell, the Valley of Torment. Unbeknownst to Claude, something else awaits them there...
— Introduction to Ambush at Ailell

Event - Valley of Torment

Date: 2/28
Ailell, Valley of Torment

(The Alliance army and Shamir wait for Judith's arrival.)
Hilda: Ugh, why is it so hot? I'm getting all sweaty!
Raphael: Don't be a wimp! Anything's worth it for more food supplies.
Leonie: Move over, Raphael. Somehow you make the heat even worse.
Ignatz: Let's stay calm, everyone. Once we meet up with Judith's soldiers, we can go right back home.
(Something sparks on Marianne's mind.)
Marianne: Oh, I finally remembered! The legend goes that this valley was born from the wrath of the goddess...
Marianne: They say a pillar of light poured from the heavens and completely burned away the forest that used to be here...
Claude: So you're telling me the goddess, who is supposed to be benevolent, burned a forest to a crisp? Typical.
Marianne: That's what the legend would have us believe. But it's not recorded in any of the scriptures...
Claude: Either it's completely made up, or the goddess is some kind of monster.
(Cyril notices something in the distance...)
Cyril: Huh? Is that...
(Lorenz is seeing something as well...)
Lorenz: The time for idle chatter is over, Claude. Look over there.
Claude: Ah, has someone come to greet us?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Enemies? Allies?

(An army can be seen far away amidst the blazing flames of the valley.)

Cg fe16 imperial army.png

Lorenz: That banner does not bear the Daphnel Crest.
Claude: If memory serves... That's the Crest of House Rowe, formerly lords of the Kingdom. They joined the Empire's side without hesitation during the coup. And now here they are, lying in wait for us.
Shamir: Damn... I thought we had disposed of all the spies...
Lorenz: House Rowe is mediocre and vulgar, but I hear their knights are powerful.
Hilda: What about the Daphnel soldiers? You don't think...

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm worried about Judith. We need to break through their ranks.
Claude: Judith will be fine. It would take a lot more than that to take her down. Claude: We've already been spotted, so there's no time to come up with a brilliant plan.

Claude: Everyone, prepare for battle! I leave the command in your capable hands, my friend.
(Everyone nods. They're ready to fight.)

Battle: Ambush at Ailell

Before Battle

Gwendal: The Valley of Torment... Perhaps a good place to finish off my life as a knight. Only if that puny force of children is able to kill me, of course...

Claude: So, their general must be that stubborn-looking old man. He looks like he wouldn't even forgive a sobbing child. It's good we came armed for the occasion. Care to find Judith?

Player Phase 1

Claude: Flames are flaring everywhere and burning people where they stand... Ailell is a terrible place. Everyone, if you don't want to get burned to a crisp, watch your step!

Enemy Phase 1

Gwendal: The Crest of Flames? Ha! Quite full of themselves, aren't they?

Ashe: Just as I thought—the professor's army. But it's too late to back out now. In Lonato's place, I have to do my duty.

Enemy Reinforcements Appear

Kingdom Soldier: Here we go! Attack them from both sides!

Judith Enters the Map

(Judith enters the map from the top along with two Armored Knights.)
Judith: Oh, old Gwendal is here. And he doesn't look to be an ally...
Gwendal: Oh, the Hero of Daphnel is here! I'll expect more from her than the young ones...

Defeat Conditions Change
All of your units fall in battle or Judith is Defeated. (Casual Mode)/ Byleth or Judith falls in battle (Classic Mode)

Gwendal's Lance? (unused)

Gwendal: You little ones fight decently. But can you deflect my lance?

Ally - Judith

Talked with Claude:

Judith: So, you're finally here, supreme leader. And something extra has tagged along.
Claude: Sorry, Judith. Looks like I let that rat get away.
Judith: Hey, don't worry. And here, you should have this. Perhaps it will come in handy.

— If Judith is talked with Claude
An Energy Drop is added to Byleth's inventory.

Judith Falls:

Guh, it looks like I'm done for. Claude... I'm sorry...
— If Judith falls in battle

Sub Boss - Ashe

Vs Anyone:

Forgive me... But as Lonato's son, I have a duty!
— Ashe Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I don't want to fight you, Professor... But this is how it has to be. There's no turning back.
— Ashe Vs Byleth

Vs. Yuri:

Yuri: Do you truly intend to forfeit your life for House Rowe? There's still time to change your mind.
Ashe: I finally understand Lonato. He knew the price of standing for his beliefs...and he paid it gladly. I will do the same.
Yuri: I like you- don't be an idiot. Or maybe I'll just have to smack some sense into you.

— Ashe Vs Yuri

Death Quote:

Ashe doesn't use it when defeated by Byleth if he was recruited in Part I
I know this is it, but... I don't want to die...
— Ashe's Death Quote

If Ashe is chosen to be Spared: want to spare me? Why? I'll...I'll do it. I'll join your side. Let me fight for you.
— If Ashe's Spared after being defeated by Byleth

Boss - Gwendal

Vs. Anyone:

Does a whelp like you really expect to kill me? I am Gwendal, the Gray Lion, a knight by the hand of Count Rowe! Do your worst!
— Gwendal Vs Anyone

Vs. Yuri:

Gwendal: So. You've chosen to turn your blade against the count. Heh. Never thought I'd see the day, mongrel.
Yuri: And yet you are seeing it, aren't you? Say what you will. I know your true feelings for me. Sure, you watched my back by order of the count. But you cared too. You were the only one who treated me as an equal.
Gwendal: That is all in the past. This is no time for misplaced sentimentality. I must do what I came here to do.

— Gwendal Vs Yuri

Death Quote:

Ah, so I have found a place to die... Young ones... I thank you...
— Gwendal's Death Quote

Gwendal has Fallen

Claude: That old man must have been struggling with the position he found himself in... It's time to gather ourselves and pull back our troops.

Event - Joining Forces

Judith: To think we'd get into a scrap here of all places. We're lucky we all made it out alive.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm sorry for involving you in this. I see why they call you a hero.
Judith: Don't worry about it. In this day and age, it's a miracle I've been unscathed this long. Judith: Well, that's ancient history.

Judith: Anyway, long time no see, Professor! Are you still watching this boy's back?
Claude: Can you quit calling me a boy in front of everyone? I'm the leader of the Alliance now. It's not proper—
Judith: Not proper, is it? Says the leader who has neglected Alliance territory for years.
Judith: If you're really the "Master Tactician", you should go back to working quietly at whatever little desk you do your planning on.
Claude: Ugh, don't call me that either. Who even came up with that nickname?
Judith: It's a perfect title for a boy who loves crafty schemes as much as you do. You should be grateful to the professor. On your own, you'd look like a scoundrel of a leader.
Hilda: Haha! Claude's usually so flippant, but even he gets overwhelmed when Judith is around!
Lorenz: As expected from the leader of the prestigious House Daphnel. Her dignity if beyond compare, even if she is no longer one of the Five Great Lords.
(Byleth turns around to Lorenz.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
The Five Great Lords? The prestigious House Daphnel?

Lorenz: The five most influential lords of the Leicester Alliance. They hold the voting rights at the roundtable conferences. House Daphnel used to be included among their ranks, but division from within has hastened their decline. Their vote has since been passed to the emerging Margrave Edmund.
Judith: Thanks for the exposition, Gloucester boy.
(Lorenz is shocked.)
Lorenz: Boy?! I will not—
Judith: Now to business. There were some unexpected interruptions, but I've brought soldiers and supplies, as promised.
Claude: Thanks, Judith. I'll gladly take them off your hands...
Judith: Hold your horses, boy. You're misunderstanding.
Judith: These soldiers are precious to me. I made them what they are. I'm not about to loan them out to someone.
Claude: No? Then why did you come here?!
Judith: What I'm saying is that I'll be joining your army.
Judith: You're going to fight the Empire with the Knights of Seiros, right? Fight for Lady Rhea? Not without me.
Claude: That's admirable and all, but we still don't know for sure if Rhea is in the—
Judith: Oh, she's there. A witness saw Lady Rhea being dragged off by the Imperial army after the battle five years ago.
Alois: Are you sure your source is reliable?!
Judith: One of my own saw it happen. I'm certain.
Alois: It seems we chose wisely when we decided to fight against the Empire.
Claude: But you're the leader of House Daphnel. Is it OK for you to leave your territory unattended?
Judith: And what about you? Is it OK for you to leave the Riegan territory unattended?
Claude: That's... I've left it in the hands of a reliable retainer and—
Judith: And I've asked that retainer to watch over Daphnel territory as well.
Claude: Wait, wait, wait... You just up and decided to get my retainer to do that without even asking me? No respect, this one...

What retainer?

(Byleth looks at Claude.)
Judith: Oh? You haven't met him yet, Professor? His name is Nardel. He strikes me as a really special individual. And he's quite handsome too!
Claude: So that's your definition of handsome?
Judith: No objections, then? Good. That settles it. House Daphnel is now yours to command.
Claude: I'm sure you'd come along even if I refused. So be it. We'll be counting on you, Judith.

Event - War Council: Pegasus Moon


(Back in the monastery, now everyone's reunited.)
Claude: With Judith joining our forces, we've secured some more troops and supplies...albeit not many.
Judith: Hmph. I'm sorry it couldn't be more.
Claude: No, it's enough for the time being. We'll use them to secure even more troops and supplies.

Choice 1 Choice 2
How so? You think we can do that?

Claude: The key to my plan is Count Gloucester, the leader of the pro-Empire faction in the Alliance.
Lorenz: You intend to sway my father to join the other side?
Claude: If Count Gloucester were to switch to the other side, that would basically unify the Alliance. Then we could utilize our full military force in the fight against the Empire.
Lorenz: You don't mean to ask me to persuade him, do you? That would be...quite impossible.
Claude: I don't plan on it. We'll just take his concerns out of the equation.
Claude: The Airmid River flows along the border between Gloucester territory and the Empire, right? Of all the bridges that cross it, the Great Bridge of Myrddin is the only one near Gloucester territory large enough for an army.
Claude: Currently, the Imperial army occupies it.
Lysithea: So, if we were to capture the bridge...
Claude: Count Gloucester would be freed from the threat of the Empire. Thanks to us.
Lysithea: But we have to pass through Gloucester territory to reach the Great Bridge of Myrddin, do we not?
Claude: Yes. And if we attempted it, naturally he would try to stop us.
Lorenz: I am sorry, but I must ask. Surely you do not plan to engage in combat with my father?
Claude: Don't worry. I want him as a future ally. What good would it do to waste both of our forces fighting?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I take it you have a scheme? So, we'll be sneaking through?
Claude: Who do you think you're taking to, Teach? Preparations are in the works even now. Claude: We can't be stealthy with so many people. But I have a scheme. Preparations are already in the works.

(Judith is amused.)
Judith: So the Master Tactician is finally going to show us his true power. I'm looking forward to it!
Claude: I'll do my best to live up to that name by making my scheme as impressive as possible.