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List of alts in Fire Emblem Heroes


Potential minor character pages

A page regrouping minor characters from the entire series, either character that are named but never shown, or generic characters that have been given names by fans.

Radiant Dawn

3-13 Archer

3-13 Archer is a partner/yellow unit that appears in the 13th chapter of part III of Radiant Dawn. This character is known within the fanbase for being capable of holding the enemy laguz in the chapter. (Someone rewrite that shit cause it's sounds terrible)

Three Houses


Greetings professor, nothing to report

Gatekeeper is a character in Three Houses that stand in the Monastery, before the entrance gate starting from chapter 2, and in the great hall in chapter 1 (may be wrong here), in the first part of the game, as well as Verdant Wind, Silver Snow and Azure Moon. In Crimson Flower, he is replaced by his twin brother.


Maya is Raphael's little sister, that is mostly mentionned in his supports. She works with her grandfather at the workshop (need to be confirmed). If Ignatz achieves an A support with Raphael, he will marry Maya in their paired ending.


Holst is Hilda's older brother. He is an alliance general, mostly known for keeping the Almyrian from invading Fodlan through Fodlan's throat. Near the end of Verdant Wind, he gets the crap beating out by Nemesis.

Other characters that can be included include Bernadetta's father and mother, Caspar's and Linhardt's father, count Gloucester, Rallyman and Skeleton that attack the wall in Lagdou Ruin second floor.

Classes being able to achieve max rank

In Radiant Dawn, only a few classes can reach S+ rank for each weapons, unlike past games in which S rank was achievable for all promoted classes being able to wield said weapon. In Fates, the same is true for S rank.

Radiant Dawn

Sword: Vanguard, Queen, Trueblade, Gold Knight (Blade Paladin), Marshall (Sword), Valkyrie, Black Knight
Lance: Sentinel, Silver Knight (Lance Paladin), Marshall (Lance), Seraph Knight, Black Knight
Axe: Vanguard, Reaver, Gold Knight (Axe Paladin), Marshall (Axe), Dragonlord
Bow: Marksman, Silver Knight (Bow Paladin)
Knife: Whisper, Assassin
Fire: Arch Sage (Fire), Empress
Wind: Arch Sage (Wind)
Thunder: Arch Sage (Thunder)
Light: Light Priestess, Saint, Chancellor
Dark: Arch Sage (Dark), Chancellor, Summoner
Staff: Light Priestess, Saint, Chancellor


Sword: Swordmaster
Lance: Spear Master
Axe: Berserker
Bow: Sniper
Knife: Master Ninja
Tome: Sorcerer
Staff: Maid/Butler

Noble/Commoner list

Noble and Commoner split
House Noble Commoner
Black Eagles
Ma ns01 noble edelgard playable.gifMa ns01 noble edelgard 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble hubert playable.gifMa ns01 noble hubert 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble ferdinand playable.gifMa ns01 noble ferdinand 02 playable.gif

Ma ns01 noble bernadetta playable.gifMa ns01 noble bernadetta 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble caspar playable.gifMa ns01 noble caspar 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble linhardt playable.gifMa ns01 noble linhardt 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner dorothea playable.gifMa ns01 commoner dorothea 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner petra playable.gifMa ns01 commoner petra 02 playable.gif
Blue Lions
Ma ns01 noble dimitri playable.gifMa ns01 noble dimitri 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble felix playable.gifMa ns01 noble felix 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble sylvain playable.gifMa ns01 noble sylvain 02 playable.gif

Ma ns01 noble ingrid playable.gifMa ns01 noble ingrid 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble annette playable.gifMa ns01 noble annette 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner dedue playable.gifMa ns01 commoner dedue 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner ashe playable.gifMa ns01 commoner ashe 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner mercedes playable.gifMa ns01 commoner mercedes 02 playable.gif
Golden Deer
Ma ns01 noble claude playable.gifMa ns01 noble claude 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble hilda playable.gifMa ns01 noble hilda 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble lorenz playable.gifMa ns01 noble lorenz 02 playable.gif

Ma ns01 noble lysithea playable.gifMa ns01 noble lysithea 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble marianne playable.gifMa ns01 noble marianne 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner raphael playable.gifMa ns01 commoner raphael 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner ignatz playable.gifMa ns01 commoner ignatz 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner leonie playable.gifMa ns01 commoner leonie 02 playable.gif
Ashen Wolves
Ma ns01 noble balthus playable.gifMa ns01 noble balthus 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble constance playable.gifMa ns01 noble constance 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner yuri playable.gifMa ns01 commoner yuri 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner hapi playable.gifMa ns01 commoner hapi 02 playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble seteth playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble flayn playable.gif

Ma ns01 noble hanneman playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble gilbert playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble alois playable.gif

Ma ns01 noble catherine playable.gif
Ma ns01 noble jeritza playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner byleth m playable.gifMa ns01 commoner byleth m 02 playable.gif Ma ns01 commoner byleth f playable.gifMa ns01 commoner byleth f 02 playable.gif

Ma ns01 commoner manuela playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner shamir playable.gif
Ma ns01 commoner cyril playable.gifMa ns01 commoner cyril 02 playable.gif

GBA portrait comparisons

Raw art GBA colors
Portrait roy fe06.png Portrait roy gba fe06.png
Portrait lilina fe06.png Portrait lilina gba fe06.png
Portrait guinivere fe06.png Portrait guinivere gba fe06.png
Portrait merlinus fe06.png Portrait merlinus gba fe06.png
Portrait marcus fe06.png Portrait marcus gba fe06.png
Portrait lance fe06.png Portrait lance gba fe06.png
Portrait alen fe06.png Portrait alen gba fe06.png
Portrait wolt fe06.png Portrait wolt gba fe06.png
Portrait bors fe06.png Portrait bors gba fe06.png
Portrait elen fe06.png Portrait elen gba fe06.png
Portrait dieck fe06.png Portrait dieck gba fe06.png
Portrait ward fe06.png Portrait ward gba fe06.png
Portrait lot fe06.png Portrait lot gba fe06.png
Portrait shanna fe06.png Portrait shanna gba fe06.png
Portrait chad fe06.png Portrait chad gba fe06.png
Portrait lugh fe06.png Portrait lugh gba fe06.png
Portrait clarine fe06.png Portrait clarine gba fe06.png
Portrait rutger fe06.png Portrait rutger gba fe06.png
Portrait saul fe06.png Portrait saul gba fe06.png
Portrait dorothy fe06.png Portrait dorothy gba fe06.png
Portrait sue fe06.png Portrait sue gba fe06.png
Portrait zelot fe06.png Portrait zelot gba fe06.png
Portrait trec fe06.png Portrait trec gba fe06.png
Portrait noah fe06.png Portrait noah gba fe06.png
Portrait astolfo fe06.png Portrait astolfo gba fe06.png
Portrait barthe fe06.png Portrait barthe gba fe06.png
Portrait gwendolyn fe06.png Portrait gwendolyn gba fe06.png
Portrait ogier fe06.png Portrait ogier gba fe06.png
Portrait fir fe06.png Portrait fir gba fe06.png
Portrait sin fe06.png Portrait sin gba fe06.png
Portrait geese fe06.png Portrait geese gba fe06.png
Portrait gonzalez fe06.png Portrait gonzalez gba fe06.png
Portrait klein fe06.png Portrait klein gba fe06.png
Portrait thea fe06.png Portrait thea gba fe06.png
Portrait larum fe06.png Portrait larum gba fe06.png
Portrait elffin fe06.png Portrait elffin gba fe06.png
Portrait echidna fe06.png Portrait echidna gba fe06.png
Portrait bartre fe06.png Portrait bartre gba fe06.png
Portrait raigh fe06.png Portrait raigh gba fe06.png
Portrait cath fe06.png Portrait cath gba fe06.png
Portrait melady fe06.png Portrait melady gba fe06.png
Portrait perceval fe06.png Portrait perceval gba fe06.png
Portrait cecilia fe06.png Portrait cecilia gba fe06.png
Portrait sophia fe06.png Portrait sophia gba fe06.png
Portrait igrene fe06.png Portrait igrene gba fe06.png
Portrait garret fe06.png Portrait garret gba fe06.png
Portrait fae fe06.png Portrait fae gba fe06.png
Portrait hugh fe06.png Portrait hugh gba fe06.png
Portrait zeiss fe06.png Portrait zeiss gba fe06.png
Portrait douglas fe06.png Portrait douglas gba fe06.png
Portrait niime fe06.png Portrait niime gba fe06.png
Portrait dayan fe06.png Portrait dayan gba fe06.png
Portrait juno fe06.png Portrait juno gba fe06.png
Portrait yoder fe06.png Portrait yoder gba fe06.png
Portrait karel fe06.png Portrait karel gba fe06.png
Portrait eliwood fe06.png Portrait eliwood gba fe06.png
Portrait hector fe06.png Portrait hector gba fe06.png
Portrait zephiel fe06.png Portrait zephiel gba fe06.png
Portrait narcian fe06.png Portrait narcian gba fe06.png
Portrait galle fe06.png Portrait galle gba fe06.png
Portrait murdock fe06.png Portrait murdock gba fe06.png
Portrait brunnya fe06.png Portrait brunnya gba fe06.png
Portrait jahn fe06.png Portrait jahn gba fe06.png
Portrait idunn 02 fe06.png Portrait idunn 02 gba fe06.png
Portrait lyn fe07.png Portrait lyn gba fe07.png
Portrait eliwood fe07.png Portrait eliwood gba fe07.png
Portrait hector fe07.png Portrait hector gba fe07.png
Portrait nils fe07.png Portrait nils gba fe07.png
Portrait ninian fe07.png Portrait ninian gba fe07.png
Portrait kent fe07.png Portrait kent gba fe07.png
Portrait sain fe07.png Portrait sain gba fe07.png
Portrait florina fe07.png Portrait florina gba fe07.png
Portrait wil fe07.png Portrait wil gba fe07.png
Portrait dorcas fe07.png Portrait dorcas gba fe07.png
Portrait erk fe07.png Portrait erk gba fe07.png
Portrait serra fe07.png Portrait serra gba fe07.png
Portrait rath fe07.png Portrait rath gba fe07.png
Portrait matthew fe07.png Portrait matthew gba fe07.png
Portrait lucius fe07.png Portrait lucius gba fe07.png
Portrait wallace fe07.png Portrait wallace gba fe07.png
Portrait marcus fe07.png Portrait marcus gba fe07.png
Portrait lowen fe07.png Portrait lowen gba fe07.png
Portrait rebecca fe07.png Portrait rebecca gba fe07.png
Portrait bartre fe07.png Portrait bartre gba fe07.png
Portrait oswin fe07.png Portrait oswin gba fe07.png
Portrait guy fe07.png Portrait guy gba fe07.png
Portrait merlinus fe07.png Portrait merlinus gba fe07.png
Portrait priscilla fe07.png Portrait priscilla gba fe07.png
Portrait raven fe07.png Portrait raven gba fe07.png
Portrait canas fe07.png Portrait canas gba fe07.png
Portrait dart fe07.png Portrait dart gba fe07.png
Portrait fiora fe07.png Portrait fiora gba fe07.png
Portrait legault fe07.png Portrait legault gba fe07.png
Portrait isadora fe07.png Portrait isadora gba fe07.png
Portrait heath fe07.png Portrait heath gba fe07.png
Portrait hawkeye fe07.png Portrait hawkeye gba fe07.png
Portrait geitz fe07.png Portrait geitz gba fe07.png
Portrait farina fe07.png Portrait farina gba fe07.png
Portrait pent fe07.png Portrait pent gba fe07.png
Portrait louise fe07.png Portrait louise gba fe07.png
Portrait karel fe07.png Portrait karel gba fe07.png
Portrait harken fe07.png Portrait harken gba fe07.png
Portrait nino fe07.png Portrait nino gba fe07.png
Portrait jaffar fe07.png Portrait jaffar gba fe07.png
Portrait vaida fe07.png Portrait vaida gba fe07.png
Portrait karla fe07.png Portrait karla gba fe07.png
Portrait renault fe07.png Portrait renault gba fe07.png
Portrait fargus fe07.png Portrait fargus gba fe07.png
Portrait athos fe07.png Portrait athos gba fe07.png
Portrait lundgren fe07.png Portrait lundgren gba fe07.png
Portrait brendan fe07.png Portrait brendan gba fe07.png
Portrait lloyd fe07.png Portrait lloyd gba fe07.png
Portrait linus fe07.png Portrait linus gba fe07.png
Portrait ursula fe07.png Portrait ursula gba fe07.png
Portrait nergal fe07.png Portrait nergal gba fe07.png
Portrait ephidel fe07.png Portrait ephidel gba fe07.png
Portrait limstella fe07.png Portrait limstella gba fe07.png
Portrait sonia fe07.png Portrait sonia gba fe07.png