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To me Fire Emblem is not just a game... it is a hobby... I have been playing the game in America for almost 4 years now. The first game I played, of course was The Blazing Sword which just made me want to know more about the series. Ever since then I have been following the game. The most recent Fire Emblem game that was released (Shadow Dragon) in America, was in my opinion, horrible. The storyline was pretty basic to me. What ideas I had for a new game was to base another Fire Emblem game off of the Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn series. To me these games were the best. I am looking forward to the new Fire Emblem game being released for the 3ds. I bet that many in America, which includes me, wants it to sell well across the eastern seaboard. If it does sell well, I believe that the game is going to fly off the shelves of many stores around the country. I had an idea of creating this website, but I see that you people have done a far superior job then I could ever imagine doing. Therefore, this website should be shared with people around the world.