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User:Thecornerman/Three Houses (chapter)/Script

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Attempting to work out a format for exploration sections and the route split.

The exploration section is grouped by area, placing the starting area first, then sorting by sub area, ordering dialogue by the internal character order, listing generic speakers after named ones in the order they appear in the internal file. The bits of dialogue visible without talking to characters is represented with quotation marks (e.g. "Your first task..."), ordered in the same way as the proper dialogue, with the otherwise dialogue-less generics listed after the "named" generics, and placed in a table to mimic a three-column setup. The same sort of dialogue from the armored knights blocking off parts of the monastery has been left out, as it is effectively non-unique UI text.

In the exploration sections, it can be hard to tell where one conversations ends and another begins, especially when surrounding {{Dialogue Options}} templates. I have considered customizing the margins of some text where this is a more significant problem, but that solution seems inelegant. Currently, dialogue around choices is sectioned into featureless tables—which removes the paragraph breaks around the choices—and some headings that were initially created with semicolons have now been made with <small> tags, bold text, and a line break; however, both are incongruous with their use in other pages. For now, I think this format is workable, and any refinements can be applied later as more pages are made.

Opening narration

The icy winds of the Oghma Mountains have begun to scatter, and the verdant fields once again spring to life across Fódlan, heralding the start of a new year. As they celebrate the dawning year, the people pray that they may realize their full potential, just as a tiny sprout hopes to one day grow into a great tree.

The continent of Fódlan, said to be protected by a revered goddess, has existed since time immemorial. Three ruling powers now control the land. In the south lies a region long held by a more than one-thousand-year-old dynasty—the Adrestian Empire. Beyond its borders, to the frigid north, is the home of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, ruled by the royal family and its knights. To the east, a league of nobles that heeds no king nor emperor rules what is called the Leicester Alliance. Once consumed by a tempest of war and turmoil, Fódlan and these three mighty powers now exist in relative harmony.

— Chapter 1 opening narration

Cutscene: The Archbishop

(In a forest, Jeralt, Alois, and the knights walk ahead of Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude)
Dimitri: This will be your first time at the monastery. I'd be happy to show you around.
Claude: It really is Fódlan in a nutshell. The good and the bad.
Edelgard: Like it or not, we'll be there soon enough.
(Garreg Mach Monastery comes into view)
Edelgard: There it is... Garreg Mach Monastery.
(Someone kneels at the Cathedral, Hanneman and Manuela instruct students)
(Jeralt and Byleth enter the Monastery, Jeralt looks up)
Jeralt: Rhea's here...
(Byleth looks up)
Rhea: I wonder... Did the flow of time bring you here?

Event - Return of the Former Captain

Audience Chamber, Great Tree Moon

Jeralt: It's been years since I've last set eyes on this place. To be forced to see her now...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Her? You've been here before?
Jeralt: You saw her in the courtyard earlier, didn't you? The archbishop...Lady Rhea. Jeralt: I've never spoken of this to you before, but...many years ago, I was a knight here. I reported to the archbishop...Lady Rhea.

Choice 1 Choice 2
The archbishop? Lady Rhea?

Jeralt: As you know, the majority of folks in Fódlan are devout followers of the teachings of Seiros. The leader of that ridiculously large religious organization is the archbishop, Lady Rhea.
Seteth: Thank you for your patience, Jeralt. My name is Seteth. I am an advisor to the archbishop.
Jeralt: Right. Hello.
Rhea: It has been a long time, Jeralt. I wonder...was it the will of the goddess that we have another chance meeting like this?
Jeralt: Forgive my silence all these years. Much has happened since we last spoke.
Rhea: So I see. The miracle of fatherhood has blessed you. That is your child, is it not?
Jeralt: Yes... Born many years after I left this place. I wish I could introduce you to the mother of my child...but I'm afraid we lost her to illness.
Rhea: I see. My condolences. As for you... I heard of your valiant efforts from Alois. What is your name?

Choice 1 Choice 2
My name is... ...
(Support up with Rhea)
Rhea: A fine name indeed.
Seteth: You must at least show the basic courtesy of telling us your name! Do you not think you are being a bit rude to the archbishop?
Rhea: It is all right, Seteth. My dear, I am called Rhea. I am the archbishop of the Church of Seiros. In truth, I was only being polite. I already know your name. And a fine name it is.

Rhea: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for saving those students of the Officers Academy.
Jeralt: Hmph.
Rhea: Jeralt. You already know what it is I wish to say, do you not?
Jeralt: You want me to rejoin the Knights of Seiros, don't you. I won't say no, but...
Rhea: Your apprehension stings. I had expected that Alois would have already asked this of you. I must step away for now, but I expect they will desire a word with you soon. Please listen carefully to what they have to say. Until tomorrow... Farewell.

Event - A Pair of Professors

Audience Chamber

Jeralt: I can't believe it. Forced back into the Knights of Seiros. I'm sorry I dragged you into this. Looks like I'll be stuck here for a while...and I'm afraid your services are requested as well.
Byleth: (I here?)

Choice 1 Choice 2
As a mercenary? As a servant?

Jeralt: Nothing like that. They want you to teach, by the sound of it. You heard those brats earlier talking about the Officers Academy, right? Well, the academy just happens to be short a professor. And apparently that damned Alois went and recommended you to Lady Rhea.
Manuela: So. You must be the new professor. My, how stern and handsome you are!
Jeralt: Er, no. I'm not the one you're looking for. You can handle things from here. Good luck.
(Jeralt turns to Byleth)
Jeralt: out for Lady Rhea. I don't know what she's thinking, making you a professor like this. She may be up to something. Stay on your guard.
(Jeralt leaves)
Manuela: Oh. It's you, then? So young...
Hanneman: Competence and age are not necessarily correlated, as you well know. I am Hanneman, a Crest scholar and professor at the Officers Academy. I wonder if you bear a Crest of your own. When next you have a moment to spare, I insist that you pay me a visit so we can delve into the subject further.
Manuela: I'm Manuela. I'm a professor, a physician, a songstress, and available. It's nice to meet you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You're a physician? You're a songstress?
Manuela: I look too pretty for that line of work, do I? But yes, when I'm not teaching, I can be found in the infirmary. If you're ever lonely, please do come and pay me a visit. I would love to— (Support up with Manuela)
Manuela: Of course. Before I came here, I belonged to a renowned opera company. Perhaps you've heard of me? The Mittelfrank Opera Company's beautiful, peerless—

Hanneman: Spare our colleague the needless chatter, Manuela. Now then, it seems you'll be taking charge of one of the academy's three houses. I expect you haven't yet been briefed on the nature of each, have you?
Manuela: Do you really not know? Fine, I'll do you a favor and explain. The Officers Academy is comprised of three houses of students, each of which is closely affiliated with its region of origin. The Black Eagle House is for students from the Adrestian Empire. Their house leader this year is Edelgard, the Imperial princess, who is in line to be the next emperor.
Hanneman: The Blue Lion House is for students from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Their house leader this year is Prince Dimitri. He is to be the next king of Faerghus.
Manuela: Lastly, there is the Golden Deer House, which is for students of the Leicester Alliance. Their house leader is Claude, grandson to Duke Riegan, the leader of the Alliance.
Hanneman: To think that the next emperor, king, and sovereign duke are all here. It certainly is a promising year for the academy.
Manuela: I'll say. I just hope none of those little treasures cause any trouble.
Hanneman: Hm, quite. For now, I suggest taking a stroll around the academy to get your bearings. And when you've a moment, please stop by my research laboratory.
Manuela: The old man has a point. Oh, and keep in mind that I've only notified the house leaders that you're our new professor. It's more fun that way. I suggest you try spending time with the students. Some odd ducks in that bunch, but they're good kids. I'm sure Lady Rhea will have more information for you tomorrow, but that should get you going. Good luck. You'll need it.

Advisory Room, Daytime

Seteth: Have you no intention of changing your mind, Rhea? Appointing a stranger—a child no less!—as a professor at our esteemed academy is—
Rhea: I have made my decision, Seteth. I know worrying comes naturally to you, but there is truly no need. That "stranger" is Jeralt's flesh and blood, after all.
Seteth: I can't say that's all too comforting. How trustworthy is this Jeralt character? Is he not the man who went missing after the great fire 21 years ago? I would remind you that Flayn is now here with us as well. I beg of you...please consider whether this is an unnecessary risk.
Rhea: Seteth. They have my trust. Let that be enough for you as well. More importantly, I have received a report from Shamir. I am increasingly concerned about a matter regarding our suspicious individual. We cannot ignore those who harbor ill will toward the church, especially if they are frequenting Garreg Mach.
Seteth: Yes, that matter is of great importance as well. I shall continue my investigation. Rhea... For now, I will have faith that you are placing your trust with the utmost care. I pray that nothing occurs to shake that confidence.

Cutscene: The Academy

(Byleth reads a book; a bell chimes and Byleth gets up and leaves the room)
(The Golden Deer are gathered in their classroom as Claude presents a map of Fódlan)
(The Black Eagles are gathered in their classroom as Edelgard presents a magical image of the Crest of Seiros)
(The Blue Lions are gathered at the Training Grounds as Dimitri spars with Dedue and Felix)
(Byleth arrives in the Audience Chamber where Rhea awaits)

Exploration (Day 24)

Second Floor

Audience Chamber

Rhea: I assume you are already aware that you will be teaching here at the Officers Academy. Correct? To start, please speak with the three house leaders. You should also take a look around the academy and acquaint yourself with your new home. That is your first task here at the monastery. Please let me know if you accept it. Once you have finished, come and speak with me.

Alois: Ha! I imagine you were a bit surprised that I recommended you as a professor here. Frankly, we had someone else in mind for the role, but they ran off during our dustup with the bandits. Can't entrust students to someone who's abandoned them once before, huh?
Seteth: You saved the lives of the students you came across. That, at least, was admirable. Now, you should make the rounds. Go around the monastery and see that you greet everyone.

Overworld dialogue
Rhea: "Your first task..." Seteth: "Be sure to greet everyone." Alois: "I imagine you were surprised."

Cyril: I'm real busy, so could you please move along now? Thanks. OK now, what else did Lady Rhea need doing today?

Tomas: Welcome to the library. Here you may find literature from the far reaches of Fódlan. I am Tomas, the librarian. If you have need of me, do not hesitate to ask. I have worked here I have lost track of the decades, it seems.

Overworld dialogue
Cyril: "Now then, what's next?" "I've never seen you before." "Blessings of the goddess upon you."
Tomas: "Welcome to the library."
Captain's Quarters

Jeralt: Here I am again, the office of the captain of the knights. That said, I'm merely here to assist. Apparently the current captain is getting on in years. I hear the captain has a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities of the job. That's where I come in.

Overworld dialogue
Jeralt: "Damn it all..."
Crest Scholar's Office

Hanneman: This is my research laboratory. I've worked hard to furnish it with the rare materials and purpose-built equipment required for my work.

Overworld dialogue
Hanneman: "This is my laboratory."

With male Byleth
Manuela: Oh, Professor! Dropping by so soon? I expected we'd take some time. Exchange a few smiles as we passed in the hall, flirt a bit, you know... Well, you're here now, and I do like a man who knows what he wants. Lock the door. Huh. That welcome didn't faze you at all, did it? What's the matter? Don't you like me? Or...are you just so innocent you don't understand me?

With female Byleth
Manuela: Hello, Professor. Dropping by so soon? Are you ill? This is the infirmary, you know. If you're ever wounded or sick, do feel free to drop by. Or if you would like a nice cup of tea. Would you? Well, some other time.

Overworld dialogue
Manuela: "Oh, here to visit?"

Reception Hall

Edelgard: So you've accepted a teaching position here... Pity. I was hoping you would lend your strength to the Empire. I never properly introduced myself, did I? My name is Edelgard von Hresvelg. I am the princess and heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire. I wonder if you'll be tasked with leading the Black Eagles...

Character descriptions

Edelgard: I hope you've had a chance to meet everyone. Would you like to know more about any of the Black Eagles?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes No
(Continue to character select) (End conversation)

Black Eagle character descriptions
Edelgard Edelgard: Me? Well...some think I'm a bit distant. Arrogant, even. But there's little to be done. One day, I must rise to become Adrestia's next emperor. What else... Well, it seems to me that we may have similar personalities.
Hubert Edelgard: Hubert is the heir of Marquis Vestra. He has served me since I was a child. You may think his blood runs a bit cold, but... Heh, actually, that's rather accurate. Still, if you can get past that, you'll see he's quite astute and reasonable.
Firdinand Edelgard: For some reason, he thinks of me as a bitter rival and is always trying to challenge me. It's terribly irritating. His house is that of Duke Aegir, which produces Adrestia's Prime Ministers. That family is...perhaps too pleased with its own status.
Linhardt Edelgard: He's remarkably intelligent, but he only wishes to apply himself to tasks that particularly interest him and nothing else. He's also fond of...well, napping. If he had any work ethic or sense of duty to speak of, I suppose he would be destined to become an official of the Empire.
Caspar Edelgard: He's the second son of Count Bergliez. He has no inheritance in his future, which is perhaps why he's always so eager to prove himself. He's overly energetic and rushes headfirst into any battle. If he ends up in your care, be sure to keep a close eye on him.
Bernadetta Edelgard: She's Count Varley's only daughter. I suppose you could say she's a bit eccentric, but she seems like a gentle soul. I believe she's shut herself away in her quarters and doesn't care to leave, but...don't worry. I'll make sure she finds her way to class.
Dorothea Edelgard: Few commoners have joined the Black Eagle House, but Dorothea is an exception. She's a songstress from a famous opera company in the Empire. I'm not entirely sure what brought her to the Officers Academy.
Petra Edelgard: To the west of Fódlan is an archipelago called Brigid. Petra is the granddaughter of their king. Brigid is a vassal state of the Empire, which is how she came to be enrolled here. She's incredibly smart and studious.

Gatekeeper: Greetings! You must be the new professor. What a pleasure! As for me, my job is to stand here at this glorious entrance and leisurely watch over the comings and goings of everyone. Make folks smile, you know? Er...and by that, I vigilantly guard this entrance with my very life! No levity whatsoever. As of now, nothing to report.

Overworld dialogue
Edelgard: "Pity..." "Lorenz is a true noble." "Bernadetta is always in her room."
Gatekeeper: "Hello there!" "Linhardt always seems laid-back!" "The songstress Dorothea, in my class?"
"Captain Jeralt has returned!" "Ashe is the best. Totally unpretentious." "Mercedes seems a bit eccentric."
"You must be a new student." "How do I get Dimitri to be my friend?" "Is that a tattoo on Petra's face?"
"Who are you?" "I bet I could take Caspar in a fight." "The professors' rooms are on the 2nd floor."
"Jeralt's a good man."

Officers Academy

Dimitri: Please accept my apologies for the other day. You came to our aid, yet I hadn't even the courtesy to properly introduce myself. I am Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Of course, at the academy I am simply a student. And I've heard word that you are to become a professor here. Delightful news. I still have much to learn, but I'm confident I could benefit greatly from your guidance. In any case, welcome to the monastery.

Character descriptions

Dimitri: I hear you're investigating the different houses here. Did any of the Blue Lions catch your attention?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes No
(Continue to character select) (End conversation)

Blue Lion character descriptions
Dimitri Dimitri: Me? Oh. Um. Please forgive me... It's difficult to open up on the spot, don't you think? I'm afraid my story has not been a pleasant one... I do hope that doesn't color your view of me, but I understand if that can't be helped.
Dedue Dimitri: Dedue was born in Duscur, and has been loyally working in my service for the past four years. He's rather taciturn, but once you get to know him, you'll see he's a kind and good-natured young man.
Felix Dimitri: Felix is the heir to House Fraldarius. He has a bit of a sharp tongue, but don't let that fool you. Deep down, he's a good guy. He gravitates toward people who are skilled. Perhaps you would enjoy a friendly competition with him sometime.
Ashe Dimitri: He's the adoptive son of Lord Lonato of Castle Gaspard, but I hear he was born a commoner. He has an extremely earnest personality, so I'm certain he will approach your lectures with great enthusiasm.
Sylvain Dimitri: Sylvain is the heir to House Gautier. He is a capable person who highly values his friends. That said... Well, he's always been a bit of a...ahem, skirt chaser, so to speak. Pardon my bluntness. I speak with him about it often, but it doesn't seem to help.
Mercedes Dimitri: I hear she was born to Imperial nobility, but a twist of fate brought her to the Kingdom. She may seem carefree on the surface, but she's actually a kind soul who pays careful attention to everyone around her.
Annette Dimitri: Annette is Baron Dominic's niece. She is a talented student who scored extremely high marks at the Royal School of Sorcery. She's cheerful and hardworking. Brilliant, really. Though she can be a bit oblivious at times. I hear she caused an explosion in the kitchen last night...
Ingrid Dimitri: Ingrid is Count Galatea's daughter. She is also a childhood friend of Felix, Sylvain, and myself. She is diligent, industrious, and principled. In truth, she is more knightly than most knights you will ever meet.

Claude: Well, well. Scored a teaching gig here, did ya? Talk about a great first impression. I guess that means I'd better introduce myself properly. I'm Claude von Riegan. I'm from the ruling house of the Leicester Alliance, but don't worry too much about all that madness. I'm guessing you don't know which class you'll be teaching yet, do you? I bet you'd like ours. We're not as...difficult as the other two.

Character descriptions

Claude: Have you met the folks from the Golden Deer House yet? Care to know more about anyone?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes No
(Continue to character select) (End conversation)

Golden Deer character descriptions
Claude Claude: Piqued your interest, have I? As luck would have it, I'm pretty curious about you as well. But what's life without a bit of mystery? Let's just spend the next year or so learning about each other, little by little.
Lorenz Claude: He's the heir of Gloucester territory. If you haven't already picked up on it, he's a bit arrogant and fancies himself a lady's man. That said, deep down he's really devoted and honest... Though I wouldn't mind never hearing him talk about his noble obligations ever again.
Raphael Claude: He comes from a merchant family, but his parents died in an accident. Seems like he's had a rough life. Despite all that, he's just about the most cheerful guy you'll ever meet. His passions are training, eating, and... Actually, that's about it.
Ignatz Claude: He's the second son of a merchant family. Since his brother will inherit the business, he's training to become a knight. If you ask me, doesn't seem like he truly wants to be a knight... He's probably just doing it to please his parents.
Lysithea Claude: Lysithea is the daughter of Count Ordelia, and is probably the youngest student here. But watch out! She gets angry if you treat her like a child. As for me, I do it on purpose. You have to make your own fun in this place, you know?
Marianne Claude: Marianne is Margrave Edmund's daughter... and that's pretty much all I know about her. She doesn't interact much with other students, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of folks here have never even heard her speak.
Hilda Claude: Hilda is the only daughter of Duke Goneril. It seems her father and brother coddle her quite a bit. If you look up "lazy" in the dictionary...her picture won't be there because she never got around to submitting it. Not too unusual for a noble, I guess.
Leonie Claude: Leonie enrolled because she wants to be a mercenary. I think she said that her father is a hunter. She's pretty blunt and as stingy as they come. A habitual saver, too. I think she's hoping to repay her village for helping to send her here.

Jeritza: What do you want? I am Jeritza. I teach here. Weapon instruction. These are the training grounds. Good-bye.

Sudent: This is the classroom of the Black Eagle House, which is for students from the Adrestian Empire. Our house leader is Princess Edelgard. There are many other nobles among our ranks as well.

Student: This classroom belongs to the Blue Lion House. Our house leader is Prince Dimitri. All of us here hail from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

Student: The Golden Deer House is for students of the Leicester Alliance. Our house leader is heir to the Alliance's leadership, House Riegan. We have plenty of other prominent nobles as well!

Overworld dialogue
Dimitri: "My apologies..." Student: "Have some business with the Blue Lions?" "I like Dedue's calm attitude."
Claude: "Scored a teaching gig, eh?" Student: "This is the Golden Deer homeroom." "Lysithea is the youngest student here."
Jeritza: "What do you want..." "Goddess, let there be harmony here..." "I like Annette's positive attitude."
Student: "This is the homeroom of the Black Eagles." "Felix is a lone wolf."
Black Eagle classroom

Hubert: I am Hubert. A humble servant of Lady Edelgard. I heard you came to the aid of Her Highness. You have my most sincere thanks. This is Petra. She has come all the way from Brigid to study in the Empire. Back on her archipelago, she is actually a princess. In Fódlan terms, she would be called heir to the throne.
Petra: Hello. I am called Petra. I am pleased to be meeting, I am pleased to have met you.

Bernadetta: Ah! What?! I don't talk to strangers!
Ferdinand: Bernadetta, this is no stranger! Our house leader owes this person a great debt. Is that not right? I am Ferdinand von Aegir, legitimate son of the Aegir family, the Empire's foremost house. Are you going to join our class? I look forward to getting better acquainted with you.

Caspar: Is it true that you saved Edelgard? That's incredible! The name's Caspar, by the way. Pleased to meet ya!
Linhardt: Linhardt. Good-bye.
Caspar: Yeesh, Linhardt. How'd you get into the academy with those manners? So, are you a student here too? Maybe we'll be in the same class!

With male Byleth
Dorothea: Well, aren't you just lovely. Is this your first time in the monastery? Shall I show you around? Oh, my name is Dorothea. Before I joined the academy, I was a member of an opera company in the Empire. You should hear me sing sometime.

With female Byleth
Dorothea: Well now, you don't have a familiar face. What brings you here? Oh, my name is Dorothea. Before I joined the academy, I was a member of an opera company in the Empire. You should hear me sing sometime.

Overworld dialogue
Hubert: "I am most grateful" Caspar: "Is it true?" Petra: "I am pleased..."
Ferdinand: "Oh, you must be..." Bernadetta: "Um..." "Ferdinand's smile makes me melt."
Linhardt: "Need more sleep..." Dorothea: "Oh, an unfamiliar face." "Hubert's so cute. I love broody boys."
Blue Lions classroom

Ashe: Hi, there! You must be the one everyone's talking about. I'm Ashe. Great to meet you. This here is Dedue. He serves Prince Dimitri.
Dedue: I have heard that you rescued His Highness. Words cannot express my gratitude. Should you ever require my strength, please know that I will hasten to repay this debt.

Ingrid: I have heard all about what you did from Prince Dimitri. As a citizen of Faerghus, I thank you.
Felix: He also said you're quite skilled. And he doesn't just say things like that. I look forward to sparring with you and beating you.
Ingrid: Felix, must you always speak of fighting right away? Oh! And, may call me Ingrid. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

With male Byleth
Sylvain: Hey there. Are you the mercenary who saved His Highness? It's an honor to meet you. I'm Sylvain Jose Gautier. Feel free to say hi whenever you like.

With female Byleth
Sylvain: Well, well! It must be my lucky day today, being approached by such a beauty. I'm Sylvain Jose Gautier. Feel free to say hi whenever you like.

Mercedes: And who's this? You don't look familiar at all. Do you work here at the monastery?
Annette: Oh, Mercie! Do you think this is that mercenary people have been talking about?
Mercedes: Now that I think about it, that does sound like something Dimitri may have said... I suppose you'll be enrolling at the Officers Academy too, then? Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Mercedes, and this is my best friend—
Annette: I'm Annette! It's nice to meet you.

Overworld dialogue
Dedue: "Words cannot express..." Sylvain: "You must be..." Ingrd: "I've heard about you."
Felix: "They say you're a skilled fighter." Mercedes: "And who's this?" "Felix, Ingrid, and Sylvain are old friends."
Ashe: "You're the one..." Annette: "Could it be..."
Golden Deer Classroom

With male Byleth
Lorenz: Ah. You must be the renowned mercenary who rescued Claude. Honestly, you should not have troubled yourself over the likes of him. My name is Lorenz Hellman Gloucester. You will want to remember it.

With female Byleth
Lorenz: Ah. You must be that renowned mercenary. Perhaps you'd like to join me for a cup of tea sometime. My name is Lorenz Hellman Gloucester. You will want to remember it.

Raphael: Are you someone's guest? The dining hall's that way if that's what you're looking for.
Leonie: No, Raphael. That's Captain Jeralt's kid. Hi, I'm Leonie Pinelli—Captain Jeralt's first and greatest apprentice! I'm sure he's told you about me?
Raphael: Nice to meet you! I'm Raphael Kirsten. Who are you again?

Lysithea: So you're the skilled mercenary who saved Claude, are you?
Ignatz: Oh, you are? It's such an honor to meet you! Ignatz Victor. My parents are Alliance merchants.
Lysithea: And I am Lysithea von Ordelia. Please do not forget it.

Hilda: Hey, are you that mercenary? Everyone's been talking about you. I'm Hilda Valentine Goneril. And her name is...
Marianne: M-Marianne von Edmund...
Hilda: Are you joining the Knights of Seiros or something? Well, I look forward to seeing more of you!

Overworld dialogue
Lorenz: "You're that mercenary." Lysithea: "I see. So you're..." Leonie: "You're Captain Jeralt's kid?"
Raphael: "Who are you?" Marianne: "Um, do I know you?" "Leonie is so friendly."
Ignatz: "Hello!" Hilda: "Well, look who it is!" "That's the noble lady Hilda, isn't it?"

Upon completing the Informal Introductions quest

Note: This dialogue also appears after speaking to every student at least once and upon interacting with either of the return points to the Audience Chamber.

Byleth: (I suppose I should return to Rhea...)

Choice 1 Choice 2
Continue exploring Return to the audience chamber
(Continues exploration) (Ends exploration)

Event - A Critical Choice

Audience Chamber

Rhea:How are you enjoying your time at the academy thus far? I hope you have found our halls brimming with the vitality of well-intentioned souls.
Seteth: Hm. I suppose it is time for you to take charge of one of our three houses of students. I must note that I am personally against entrusting someone as lacking in trackable history as yourself with such a task, but it is as the archbishop desires.
Manuela: The Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deer... All so different. I hope you've made it a point to get to know each of them.
Hanneman: Since you are new here, we have decided to allow you first pick. Manuela and I will take charge of the remaining two houses.
Byleth: (Which house will I choose...)

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Adrestian Empire
Black Eagle House
A house for students from the Adrestian Empire.
Many are nobility, and most of them use magic.
Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Blue Lion House
A house for students from the Kingdom of Faerghus.
Most value chivalry and excel at military arts.
Leicester Alliance
Golden Deer House
A house for students from the Leicester Alliance.
As per regional tradition, many are skilled archers.
Rhea: So, you have chosen the Black Eagles, led by Edelgard. Correct? Rhea: So, you have chosen the Blue Lions, led by Dimitri. Correct? Rhea: So, you have chosen the Golden Deer, led by Claude. Correct?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes. No.
Rhea: Are you having trouble deciding? Please, open your heart to the will of the goddess and choose carefully.
Byleth: (Which house will I choose...)
Note: If "No." is chosen, returns to house selection; cannot proceed until a house is selected.

Rhea: Your heart has made its choice, then. All I ask is that you guide these open minds with virtue, care, and sincerity. They are all promising youths who bear the weight of Fódlan's future upon their shoulders. I hope you appreciate what an honor it is to lead them.
Flayn: Brother? Oh! I am so sincerely sorry! I did not mean to interrupt.
Seteth: I am in the middle of something, Flayn. Is it urgent?
Flayn: No, no, it's nothing. More importantly... Who is this?
Seteth: This is our newest professor at the academy.
Flayn: Oh my! A new addition to the Officers Academy! I am so very pleased to meet you, Professor. I am Seteth's little sister, Flayn. I am so happy to make your acquaintance.
Seteth: Let us focus on the topic at hand. There is something you should be aware of. In a few days' time, there will be a mock battle between the three houses, intended to gauge the current progress of the students. We will be using this battle as an opportunity to ascertain your own abilities as well. Please do not disappoint the archbishop. That is all.

Event - Students of the Black Eagles

Black Eagle Classroom

Caspar: Wait. So our new professor! I didn't see that one coming.
Dorothea: Easy, Caspar. Aren't you being a bit rude?
Linhardt: You know it's a waste of time to expect politeness from him. It will be a pleasure learning from you, Professor. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a nap.
Bernadetta: Ah! Don't look at me like that! Oh, and...please don't talk to me too much either.
Dorothea: I'm sorry for the chaos you've walked into...
Ferdinand: I hear we are rather close in age, Professor. I hope you do not mind if we treat you like one of us. In our class, we try to treat each other as equals, despite any differences in age or status. Personally, I would love to include you in that inner circle.

I don't mind at all.

Petra: You have a gut, Professor. I will take great joy from your teachings.
Dorothea: Petra, I believe you mean to say that our professor has guts. That's a bit different from having a gut. You can't go around saying someone so slim and attractive has a gut!
Petra: Oh? Please take my apologies. I have not yet mastered this language.
Edelgard: Professor, I want you to know that it's perfectly acceptable for you to treat me as you do the others. I may be the Imperial princess, but here at the academy, I'm just another student. That said, know that I have high expectations of you. And high hopes. But I'm certain you can lead the Black Eagle House to greatness.
Caspar: Sure, sure. Now, let's break the ice with a training session! I want to see our new teacher in action.
Petra: Why will the ice be broken? Is this a custom I have missed in my studies?
Caspar: Not real ice, just the ice Well, it just means let's get to know each other.
Bernadetta: I don't want to train! Let's stay in the classroom and...learn from a book.
Dorothea: Let's all calm down and have a nice cup of tea, how about? Doesn't that sound lovely, Professor?
Linhardt: Zzz...
Ferdinand: I know we all agreed to treat each other as equals, but there is a limit to what I can tolerate. The esteemed Black Eagle House requires order.
Hubert: Looks like your first job will be to quiet down this racket. I don't envy you.
Edelgard: Ugh, they're not normally this...rowdy. I do hope you can manage, Professor.

Event - Students of the Blue Lions

Blue Lions Classroom

Annette: Wait! Does this mean our new professor is... No, I really can't believe it! But I was speaking to you so casually, as though we were companions! Oh, I am so sorry, Professor! You just look the same age as the rest of us, and... Oh, and I'm sorry I just said that too! I really must watch my tongue...

I don't mind if you treat me as a friend.

Annette: You say that, but...I just don't know about all of this!
Dimitri: I'll admit, it doesn't sit well with me either. After all, we wish to show you due respect.
Sylvain: Sure, but if the professor says it's OK, shouldn't that be enough? That is...if Your Highness can consent to such a thing. After all, we're already speaking this way to our future king, so we may as well relax our speech with our professor too, right?
Dimitri: Well, we're not in the Kingdom, so it only goes to follow that we should all speak companionably... I concede. If the professor says it's fine, we ought to accept that kindness gratefully.
Ingrid: As for me, I'm not sure I can manage...
Mercedes: You don't have to force yourself if it's too difficult. You're fine with that too, right, Professor?

If Byleth is female

Sylvain: Such benevolence is a sight to behold! I don't suppose you would care to join me for tea? We could discuss education...and marriage.
Felix: Control yourself, Sylvain. I have more important matters to discuss with our new professor. Having heard of your skills, I'm eager to meet you in battle.

Felix: Come to the training ground later. There, you will show me what you're capable of.
Dimitri: You aren't wasting any time, are you, Felix? As it were, count me in for any such battle.
Felix: Hmph.
Ashe: Pardon me, but I would also love to observe you in battle, for future reference. If that's OK with you...
Dimitri: Ashe, I won't have you speak of merely watching. You should join us as well.
Mercedes: If you get injured, simply say the word and I'll patch you up straight away!
Dedue: Your Highness. Do take care not to go overboard.
Dimitri: You worry too much, Dedue. I'll be fine. I promise.
Sylvain: My companions! Is there not something inherently wrong with crossing blades as a way to bond with each other?
Ingrid: Huh, I never thought of it that way. Well, if that's how you feel, I suppose you'll just stay behind while the rest of us are at the training ground?
Sylvain: Ingrid, my dearest friend! You really are too harsh on me.
Dimitri: Well then, Professor, what do you think? As you can see, the Blue Lion House is a lively bunch, but you'll find none who work harder. I'm certain we'll cause our fair share of trouble, but I'm very much looking forward to the year ahead.

Event - Students of the Golden Deer

Golden Deer Classroom

Hilda: Wait. What?! Are you really our new homeroom professor?
Ignatz: Is that true? You aren't quite what I had pictured... Oh! Sorry! I didn't mean that the way it sounded.
Hilda: I was sure you'd be roped into joining the knights!
Claude: Don't tell me. You chose this class just to get to know me better, right? I'm flattered, really. Heh, whoops. Now that you're our professor, maybe I should choose my words more carefully.

I don't mind.

Claude: Oh? Well, then! Since we're pretty close in age and all, I suppose formalities aren't all that necessary.
Lorenz: One must truly marvel at the exceptionality of this appointment. Becoming a teacher to students almost the same age as yourself. How...unusual. I've heard you are a skilled mercenary, but I cannot shake my discomfort at your new position.
Raphael: Are you really as strong as they say? Let's see your biceps! I bet I've packed on more muscle than you!
Ignatz: I doubt that. Apparently our new professor was personally recommended by Alois, one of the knights.
Claude: As far as skill goes, I saw it with my own eyes. What's more, Teach here is the child of the most renowned former captain of the Knights of Seiros.
Leonie: I heard! There's no way a child of the captain isn't worthy. It's simply not possible.
Lysithea: The captain? Who are you talking about?
Leonie: Captain Jeralt, of course! The most notable captain of the Knights of Seiros and a peerless mercenary.

He's not that well known...

Leonie: Hmph! It doesn't matter what you think of him. Captain Jeralt deserves nothing but respect.
Lysithea: Hm. Well, after working as a mercenary alongside a father figure such as he, I have high hopes for our professor.
Hilda: Just because someone is special doesn't mean their children are special too, Lysithea. Assuming that a child is going to be exceptional just because of their lineage is a bad idea. Don't you agree, Marianne?
Marianne: Huh! Oh... Um, yes. I suppose so.
Leonie: Well, we can find out for ourselves in battle. I can't wait to see what tactics you've learned from the captain.
Raphael: A battle? Shouldn't we have a welcome party or something first? I'll get the meat!
Lorenz: How savage. I propose a nice conversation over tea instead. I am more than willing to procure some high-quality leaves.
Raphael: Tea? You can't get to know someone over tea. If there's no meat involved, it's not a party!
Lorenz: Your common sensibilities are grating to my noble ears. Please quiet yourself.
Claude: Sorry for the bickering, Teach. As you can see, the Golden Deer House is a rowdy bunch. We're not especially unified. You'll find nobles and commoners alike here. Those who are dedicated to their studies alongside slackers. But, hey, that just makes your life more exciting, right? I really hope you're looking forward to the year ahead as much as I am.

Event - The Crest Scholar's Office

Crest Scholar's Office, Daytime

Hanneman: Say, while you're here...I'd like to use this device I designed to determine whether the power of a Crest resides within you. Won't hurt a bit. Promise. You don't know about Crests? Well, allow me to tell you everything—absolutely everything—about them. Is your calendar clear? This will take a while. Crests are a fascinating topic, but before one can dive deeply into said topic, one must first understand what Crests are. They are power incarnate. They are said to have been bestowed upon humans by the goddess countless ages ago. They exist within the flesh, and are passed down through bloodlines. Those who carry Crests may excel at magic, display exceptional strength, or any number of boons. Each Crest has its own power, the nature of which is beyond mortal understanding. For now.

And you believe I have a Crest?

Hanneman: I suspect as much, yes. But we won't know for sure unless I look into the matter. As I said, Crests are passed down through the blood. However, just because someone carries a Crest does not necessarily mean their descendants will inherit it as well. Only a scarce few descendants of a Crest's bloodline end up inheriting that Crest's power. Perhaps one of your ancestors bore a Crest, and you just happened to inherit it. That is how a Crest usually presents itself, after all.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Do what you can to find out. There's no need to look into it.
(Support up with Hanneman)
Hanneman: Yes, of course. I'll get to the bottom of it straight away.
Hanneman: I most strongly disagree! There absolutely is a need. My Crest research is of critical importance to the church, I'll have you know. Since you are now a professor here, I must insist that you aid in my research. Of course...there are those who lack the foresight to aid in my endeavors, such as that stubborn Seteth. But such individuals are the rare exception.

Hanneman: Now then, please go ahead and hold out your arm over this device here.
(Byleth holds his/her arm over the device, a crest appears)
Hanneman: What is this?! A pattern I've never seen before... Is it possible an as-yet undiscovered Crest has been detected? To think there are still Crests out there that even I am unaware of! How thrilling! Ahem... Pardon my unrestrained jubilation. I have much to consider. You may leave now. I have more research to do in regard to this Crest. Yes, so very much more research. But for now, your work here is done. Hmm... What could this line here be indicating? Perhaps it represents a lack of symmetry... or perhaps... What in the world? Oh, I see... It may be connected to that, but to a greater degree than usual...
Byleth: ...

Exploration (Day 27)

Personal Quarters

Byleth: (So, this is my room...) (I thought I heard a girl's voice...but I must have been imagining things.)

Dormitory - 1F

Seteth: These are the students' quarters. To better help you supervise them, you also have a room here. Your room is here at the end. Commoner students also reside on the first floor, while the second is primarily for students of noble birth. As a rule, we try to avoid discrimination based on social status here. But the nobility can be quite insistent when it comes to matters of propriety. Speaking of, it would be best for you to avoid improper conduct. I expect you to set a good example for the students.

If Byleth joined the Blue Lions
Dimitri: I hear there will be a mock battle soon. We must not neglect our training. I trust that you will carefully study the strengths and weaknesses of each of your students, that you may provide effective guidance. Regardless of the results, this battle will be a great learning experience. Even so... What is the point of competition if the aim isn't to win? As this is your first time at the monastery, please allow me to show you the ropes.

Guide for Facilities, Bulletin Board and Quests, Activity Points, and Professor Level.

If Byleth did not join the Blue Lions
Dimitri: I heard about the upcoming mock battle. I want you to know, Professor, that I do not intend to lose. I hereby declare my intention to prevail at... Goodness, listen to me. The thrill of competition has carried me away. I won't speak so formally of a class assignment in the future.

If Byleth joined the Golden Deer
Claude: Did you hear the news, Teach? Looks like we're gonna have a good ol' mock battle between the houses! The Golden Deer House isn't exactly what you'd call an elite group just yet, so you may want to whip everyone into shape with some extra training. After all, competition is only fun if you win. To that end, I'd better prepare as well. You know, I was researching what it's like to live here long before I even enrolled. Want me to fill you in, Teach?

Guide for Facilities, Bulletin Board and Quests, Activity Points, and Professor Level.

If Byleth did not join the Golden Deer
Claude: Hey, Teach! I hear there's gonna be a mock battle between the houses. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit concerned about facing an elite mercenary like you. Maybe take it easy on us, what do you say?

Linhardt: The Great Tree Moon is the best time of the year for naps. I could just forget all about my assignment...
Choice 1 Choice 2
That's not a good idea. Now I'm feeling sleepy too...
(Support up with Linhardt)
Linhardt: Yeah...

If Byleth did not join the Black Eagles
Bernadetta: Um. I, ah, was just heading back to my room—bye!
(Bernadetta returns to her room)
Byleth: ...

Bernadetta: I don't like to come out unless I really have to. Hope you're OK with that, Professor!

If Byleth joined the Blue Lions
Dedue: His Highness has said that he trusts you, and I have no cause for doubt. But if you mistreat him in any way, I will take action.

If Byleth did not join the Blue Lions
Dedue: Let me know when you are hungry. I will make you a quality meal, as thanks for your service to His Highness.

If male Byleth joined the Blue Lions
Sylvain: Hey, Professor. If you've got spare time, want to join me for a trip into town? We could try to pick up beautiful girls... Or not. I'm kidding! Don't look at me like that.

If female Byleth joined the Blue Lions
Sylvain: Hey, Professor. If you've got spare time, want to join me for a trip into town? There's an inn that serves the most amazing food. It's one of my favorite places to eat. You simply must come try it with me.

If Byleth did not join the Blue Lions
Sylvain: Well, there's Dorothea, Hilda, and Mercedes. Lady Rhea's quite the beauty too. And I must admit, I've even checked out Professor Manuela once or twice. You know, Professor, I think I'm going to like it at the Officers Academy. There are beautiful girls as far as the eye can see...

If Byleth joined the Golden Deer
Hilda: So, about the mock battle that's coming don't mind me sitting it out, do you? As a fragile maiden, I'm useless in battle. I'll just cheer everyone on instead!

If Byleth did not join the Golden Deer
Hilda: Oh, Professor! Have you adjusted to life at the academy yet? Me, I'm still not used to it. I'm not one for all this studying and training.

Leonie: I'm Captain Jeralt's first and best apprentice. I can beat anyone, Professor. Even you, if I have to! It may have been only for a short time, but I learned from the absolute best.

Gatekeeper: Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report! By the by, have you ever regretted a decision and wished you could go back and undo it? It's too bad there's no lesson for how to turn back the ol' clock, huh? But I suppose a bad decision isn't worth all that fuss anyhow!

Student: I'm not too keen on the professor of my class. I really hoped to focus more on strategy. Hmm, maybe I should talk to my professor about transferring to a different class...

Overworld dialogue
Seteth: "These are the students' quarters." Bernadetta: "♪Hm hm-hm...♪" Hilda: "Getting the hang of it?"
Dimitri: "The time of battle approaches..." Dedue: "I will trust you." Leonie: "I won't lose."
Dimitri: "About this mock battle..." Sylvain: "Hey, Professor." Gatekeeper: "It is what it is."
Claude: "Did you hear?" Sylvain: "All these lovely ladies..." Student: "Maybe I should ask."
Linhardt: "Nice weather for a nap." Hilda: "I'll sit this one out." "I'm nervous about the mock battle!"

Officers Academy

If Byleth joined the Black Eagles
Edelgard: Some believe the dignity of the Empire rests on the results of the mock battle. That's an overstatement, of course. Still, we must do our best to prevail. You should take the time to learn each student's abilities. Perhaps some extra lessons and training sessions are in order? You look as if you have no idea what's going on here. I know my way around, so I'm happy to help you find your footing.

Guide for Facilities, Bulletin Board and Quests, Activity Points, and Professor Level.

If Byleth did not join the Black Eagles
Edelgard: I trust you're eager to face the Black Eagles in battle. Enjoy the thrill of anticipation while it lasts. Soon you'll wish you had chosen to lead our house instead.

If Byleth joined the Black Eagles
Hubert: Dimitri and Claude are the leaders of the other two houses. Do not underestimate them. When we take the field, it would be best not to engage the both of them at once.

If Byleth did not join the Black Eagles
Hubert: If you continue to insist on distracting me, I will have no choice but to get rid of you. Joking, of course.

Caspar: Wow, Jeritza sure seems strong. I kinda thought he was gonna be the new professor assigned to our class. After that teacher ran away during our outdoor training, I figured Jeritza was a natural replacement. I was surprised when you were suddenly appointed professor instead. I don't think I could hold my own against Jeritza in battle. I could probably take you though.
Choice 1 Choice 2
Not a chance. Probably.
(Support up with Caspar)
Caspar: You really think so? With enough training, I'm sure I'll beat you someday!
Caspar: Hah! Seriously? You should really work on your self-confidence if you're planning on being a professor.

If Byleth joined the Black Eagles
Dorothea: Hi, Professor. How're you doing? If you're not busy, would you like to join me on a little trip into town? If I'm cooped up in this dusty old monastery for too long, it drives me absolutely crazy.

If Byleth did not join the Black Eagles
Dorothea: Yes, it's true that I'm the only commoner in the Black Eagle House. I knew that before the first day of class. Those people are simply exhausting.

Jeritza: I care nothing of friendship. If you have no business here, leave.

Overworld dialogue
Edelgard: "We must do our best." Caspar: "That Jeritza..." "I've never met anyone with a Major Crest."
Edelgard: "You must be excited." Dorothea: "How're you doing?" "Thanks for all your hard work!"
Hubert: "Do not underestimate them." Jeritza: "What now..." "Good luck with the mock battle."
Hubert: "Distracting."
Black Eagle Classroom

Ferdinand: Let me tell you the provenance of our class name. Do you know the provenance of our class name? The eagle, that refers to the twin-headed eagle on the Adrestian Empire's coat of arms. And black is the traditional color of the Empire's armor, hence, "Black Eagles."

Overworld dialogue
Ferdinand: "Let me tell you..."
Blue Lion Classroom

Mercedes: Before I came to the Officers Academy, I attended a school of magic in the Kingdom capital. That's where I met Annie! That's what I call Annette. Oh. I guess Lorenz was at the school of magic too? But Annie was always just so nice to me, even though I was older. She's my best friend in the world.

Ingrid: The Blue Lion House derived its name from the honorary title of the first king of Faerghus. Loog, the King of Lions, wore brilliantly blue garments. His chivalric exploits are recorded in multiple legends. The library holds various historical accounts regarding him and the Blue Lions. If you find time, you should read them. They're filled with insights.

Overworld dialogue
Mercedes: "Before I came here..." Ingrid: "The Blue Lion name comes from..." "What's my next class again?"
Golden Deer Classroom

Lorenz: Our house is that of the Golden Deer. Do you know the significance of that name, Professor? Golden Deer are sacred creatures said to have protected Leicester since time immemorial. All three of the houses have a meaning behind their name. You should feel free to ask around, if that sort of knowledge interests you.

If Byleth joined the Golden Deer
Ignatz: Have you memorized everyone's names yet? I'm Ignatz, in case you forgot. I'm looking forward to learning from you.

If Byleth did not join the Golden Deer
Ignatz: This is the Golden Deer House. You're in charge of a different class, right? Too bad we won't see more of each other. I'm happy to learn from you, if the opportunity comes up!

Overworld dialogue
Lorenz: "Do you know?" Ignatz: "Remember me? I'm Ignatz!"

Reception Hall

Annette: Hello, Professor! Uh, I have a teeny tiny question for you, if that's all right... You haven't seen a man with hair the same color as mine, a scowling face, and a generally gloomy demeanor...have you?
Choice 1 Choice 2
Looking for someone? Can't say that I have.
(Support up with Annette)
Annette: Well, yes. It's a bit difficult to explain... Please just let me know if you do see him, OK?
Annette: I suppose it was silly to ask. Sorry for wasting your time!

Lysithea: Hi, Professor. Have you gotten around to visiting the library yet? It's absolutely loaded with valuable information. I only wish I wasn't burdened with the necessity of sleep, so I could spend all my hours there.
Choice 1 Choice 2
You like reading? You ought to get some rest.
(Support up with Lysithea)
Lysithea: In a manner, yes. But it's more that I want to learn as much as I possibly can.
Lysithea: Please don't treat me like a child. I may be a bit younger than the others, but that really shouldn't factor in.

Knight of Seiros: As part of our commitment to the goddess, the knights undertake various missions across all of Fódlan. Assisting with the education of young nobles is also a part of our sacred duty.

Monk: There are two types of Crests. Major Crests manifest their power most effectively, while Minor Crests are slightly weaker. It is said that the closer a person's blood relation is to various saints and Heroes, the higher their chance of bearing a Major Crest. Of course, there are also examples of Major Crests manifesting in children whose parents bear no Crest whatsoever. The exact nature of how and why Crests are inherited is still a mystery.

Priest: I hear a member of House Hresvelg, the ruling family of the Empire, has entered the Officers Academy for the first time in ages. It is said that the Adrestian Empire's very founding was aided by none other than Saint Seiros. That is why the Crest of Seiros is on the Imperial flag. In recent years, a rift has developed between the Empire and the church... Let us hope this will be a good opportunity for both parties to reforge their close relationship of years past.

Overworld dialogue
Annette: "I know I saw him..." Monk: "There are two types of Crests." "Students giving you a hard time?"
Lysithea: "Have you visited the library?" Priest: "The goddess smiles upon us." "Make sure no one gets hurt."
Knight of Seiros: "It's my duty."

Dining Hall

If Byleth joined the Black Eagles
Petra: Professor. I hope you know I am having great abilities for reading and writing. With sadness, I still have struggles with speaking. If my ways of speak...of speech are causing a burden, I hope you will have forgiveness.

If Byleth did not join the Black Eagles
Petra: Here at the monastery, I have had many great learnings from many great people. I am hopeful to have learnings from you too. As forever, I will do my best trying!

Felix: I'm busy. Do you want something?
Choice 1 Choice 2
I was hoping to spar with you. Nothing in particular.
(Support up with Felix)
Felix: I can't right now, but let's fight soon. I look forward to beating you.
Felix: Then get out of my way.

Raphael: Ugh. I really need to eat. I can't hold out until the next meal! Why can't the dining hall stay open all the time? I need to keep eating if I want to get stronger!

Flayn: Hello there, Professor. Well, I call you that, but I am afraid I am not a student here myself...
Choice 1 Choice 2
That's a shame. Where can I visit you, then?
(Support up with Flayn)
Flayn: Should the opportunity arise, I would love to become a student and begin my studies in earnest.
Flayn: My brother would not be pleased if he heard you saying such things.
Flayn: The monastery is kind enough to provide a sanctuary for my brother and I. He's the only family I have.

Overworld dialogue
Petra: "I hope you will have forgiveness." Raphael: "So hungry..." "I should probably be praying..."
Felix: "It's you." Flayn: "Hello there."


Ashe: Oh, did you come to look at the plants too? The greenhouse here is really incredible. There are so many rare flowers I'd never seen back home. And herbs I never even knew existed!
Choice 1 Choice 2
I've never had much interest in plants. You seem well-informed on the subject.
Ashe: That's normal. They all looked the same to me before I really studied them. (Support up with Ashe)
Ashe: My adoptive father is the real expert. He taught me everything I know about herbs, including how to tell them apart and how to make medicines. You should try looking around the greenhouse sometime, if the mood strikes you. Maybe something will catch your eye!

Cyril: I'm a little busy.
Choice 1 Choice 2
Oh, sorry. Can't we talk just a little?
Cyril: If you're looking for the greenhouse, it's right there. See it? Looks like a greenhouse? That's it. (Support up with Cyril)
Cyril: I really can't right now, I got a lot of things to do. Work and stuff like that. Why don't you look at the flowers in the greenhouse instead? They're pretty.

Overworld dialogue
Ashe: "These plants..." Cyril: "Where'd I leave the broom?"

Fishing Pond

Marianne: Goddess, I pray to thee... Please protect us... ...

Knight of Seiros: The Imperial princess, the crown prince, and the heir to the Alliance's leading house... This is one exceptional year, that's for sure. If you're a teacher here, you'd better watch your step. If anything were to happen to those kids... Well, suffice to say that it could harm the reputation of the Church of Seiros, which we've spent almost a millennium establishing.

Overworld dialogue
Marianne: "Dear Goddess..." "I love this time of year." "I wish I had a Crest."
Knight of Seiros: "This is sure to be an exceptional year."

Second Floor

Alois: Captain Jeralt has hardly changed since 20 years ago. I've aged at least three times as much as he has! Why am I talking about this? Oh, right, it was because I just overheard Tomas remarking on the subject. The leader of a legendary group of knights, returned. People are bound to be talking about the ol' captain!

Overworld dialogue
Alois: "He's barely changed." "Do you have a Crest too?"
Audience Chamber

Rhea: Do bear in mind that even as you are appraising your students, they are appraising you as well. I hope that you will do your best to form lasting bonds with your flock. Oh, and I look forward to witnessing your prowess in the mock battle.

Overworld dialogue
Rhea: "I expect greatness from you..."
Captain's Quarters

Jeralt: The church has changed a lot since my time. Seteth, Hanneman, Manuela, Jeritza, and many of the knights... None of them were around 20 years ago.

If Byleth joined the Golden Deer

Jeralt: Have you met Leonie yet? Apparently it was my influence that inspired her to leave her village. Sorry to burden you, but could you watch over her for me? She's the only apprentice I've ever had.

Overworld dialogue
Jeralt: "It's so different now..."
Crest Scholar's Office

Hanneman: Apparently there is to be a mock battle between the houses. Interesting, but I hope you understand that I have far more important things on my mind. My research is proceeding slower than I would like. Your Crest is something of a challenge. Frustrating. Yet, also, quite intriguing. I was wondering if I might get a sample of your flesh. A couple square inches would do. No? Perhaps some blood? A couple of drops on the device are all I need.

Upon interacting with the Crest Analyzer
Byleth: (It's some kind of experimental apparatus...)
Choice 1 Choice 2
I might as well assist by providing a blood sample... I had better keep my distance.
(Support up with Hanneman)
Hanneman: Oh, thank you, Professor. Those few drops of blood are invaluable to my research! Oh, so much more to learn!
Note: the choice to provide a blood sample or not is only available after speaking to Hanneman at least once; after providing a sample, the Crest Analyzer returns to its original function.
Overworld dialogue
Hanneman: "Have you heard?"

With male Byleth
Manuela: A mock battle? This early? Wow, Professor. They're not giving you any time to settle in, are they? Don't you worry though! Should you get injured, I will care for you all through your recuperation. I will see to you oh-so very, very, personally.
(Support up with Manuela)

With female Byleth
Manuela: A mock battle? This early? Wow, Professor. They're not giving you any time to settle in, are they? Well, no need to worry. If you get hurt, I am more than capable of healing you. You'll not even have a scar.
(Support up with Manuela)

Overworld dialogue
Manuela: "You haven't had time to settle in, have you?"


Tomas: Professor, I hear you are lacking in knowledge of the Church of Seiros. The library contains countless documents about the teaching and the history of the church. I encourage you to make good use of them.

Monk: Tomas has served as the monastery's librarian for decades. Actually, he was away from Garreg Mach for a spell, but he returned to his post last year. There is no one as familiar with the monastery's archives as he is.

Overworld dialogue
Tomas: "I've heard about you." Monk: "Tomas..."

Rivalry of the Houses

Event - The Black Eagles Rise

Training Grounds, Daytime

Edelgard: It's finally time for the mock battle. This is my chance to measure your worth as an instructor. Do you think you can rise to the challenge?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Leave it to me. I'm concerned...
(Support up with Edelgard)
Edelgard: So confident. This will be interesting.
Edelgard: That doesn't inspire much confidence, does it?

Edelgard: Each of us has undergone strict training. We're prepared for anything that comes our way. That means there's no need to hold back. Show us what you're capable of.
Claude: Hey there! Did we miss our invite to this strategy meeting? Oh, no worries—we'll just join in now.
Edelgard: Simply tell me your weaknesses, and you're welcome to stay. But is there enough time to cover them all?
Claude: Ah, so you can't win unless you know my weakness? Poor princess. You really should believe in yourself more.
Edelgard: I spare no effort when pursuing victory. As a master of schemes, I should think you would understand.
Claude: Schemes? Me? I have no idea what you're talking about! I plan to fight fair and square, as ever.
Dimitri: Hearing the words "fair and square" from Claude can only be a bad omen.
Claude: Your Highnesses haven't known me for very long, but you already have me figured out, don't you?
Dimitri: No need to poke fun. I will fight with honor. That said, I will fight to win.
Edelgard: Yes, and the same is true of us. Right, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Don't go too hard on us. I don't intend to lose.
Claude: No use trying to hide how you really feel, Teach. I can see it in your eyes—you don't intend to lose. Dimitri: If that is how you feel, then I will not hold back.

Manuela: Aw, how precious. Looks like you and the students have become fast friends.
Hanneman: While I am pleased that you are taking the initiative to acquaint yourself with the students, I'm afraid it's about time for the faculty strategy meeting.
Claude: Ah, how time flies! In that case, I'll see you later.
Dimitri: Edelgard. Professor. Be careful out there.

Event - The Blue Lions Rise

Training Grounds, Daytime

Dimitri: Ah, it's finally time for the mock battle. I'm eager to put my skills to use. And you, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm looking forward to it. I hope we can win.
(Support up with Dimitri)
Dimitri: Excellent. I have high expectations for your command. That said, I've no doubt it will take everything we've got to pull a victory.
Dimitri: I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you command us as you did back in the village, I have no doubt we'll be fine.

Dimitri: Our opponents are mighty, that much is certain. But I'm positive we can win.
Claude: Hey there! Did we miss our invite to this strategy meeting? Oh, no worries—we'll just join in now.
Dimitri: Nice try, Claude, but I do not intend to let slip our strategies. Especially when we are up against such strong opponents as you two.
Claude: Well now! Kind words from his kingliness. If that's the case, we'd better come up with some clever schemes so as not to disappoint. Right, Princess?
Edelgard: Right. No matter the tactics you devise, we will destroy you. The best you can hope for is to learn a thing or two.
Dimitri: Haha, there's nothing wrong with a friendly rivalry, but let's not get carried away. A rash attitude could be your undoing, after all.
Edelgard: Hmm... Perhaps your time would be better spent preparing instead of worrying about the competition's mindset.
Claude: Hey, now! If you two are getting this fired up before the battle even'll make it that much easier for my class to sweep up a win. So please, carry on.
Dimitri: A good point, Claude. I apologize—that wasn't my intention. At any rate, let's vow to make this a productive battle, shall we?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Don't go too hard on us. I don't intend to lose.
Claude: No use trying to hide how you really feel, Teach. I can see it in your eyes—you don't intend to lose. Edelgard: Oh? In that case, I won't hold back.

Manuela: Aw, how precious. Looks like you and the students have become fast friends.
Hanneman: While I am pleased that you are taking the initiative to acquaint yourself with the students, I'm afraid it's about time for the faculty strategy meeting.
Claude: Ah, how time flies! In that case, I'll see you later.
Edelgard: I look forward to assessing your abilities. I hope you don't disappoint.

Event - The Golden Deer Rise

Training Grounds, Daytime

Claude: Time for a mock battle, eh? Hmm, how should we go about this... Well, you'll be our commander, that much is for sure. Just don't screw it up and everything'll be great. Got it, Teach?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm not concerned. Leave it to me.

Claude: Right. I'll do whatever I can to help too. I mean, I'm kind of obligated to. For example! If I add a little something to their food to upset their stomachs...

Don't even think about it.

Claude: Yeah, yeah, wink, wink. I read you. You can't officially condone that sort of thing, right? But say, hypothetically speaking, students from the other houses started racing to the infirmary... As far as anyone knows, it could just be a harmless little stomach bug making the rounds.
Edelgard: Well, well. What a fascinating conversation you two are having. May we join?
Dimitri: Claude, I can't believe you would stoop to such crooked schemes to gain the advantage. Have you no honor?
Claude: If that was really my scheme, I wouldn't be talking about it out in the open. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until our battle to see what's really in store.
Edelgard: It's irrelevant anyhow. Whatever you have planned won't save you from a crushing defeat.
Dimitri: She has a point. Still, I'm rather eager to see what sort of schemes that mind of yours conjures up.
Claude: You heard ‘em, Teach. We can't let these fine folks down.

Choice 1 Choice 2
It will be a fair fight. If they insist.
Claude: Heh, of course. A fair fight, as all fights are. Good one, Teach. Play innocent now so they won't see it coming. (Support up with Claude)
Claude: Are you serious, Teach? Well, if a crooked scheme is really what you're after, I've got more than a few of those up my sleeve.

Manuela: Aw, how precious. Looks like you and the students have become fast friends.
Hanneman: While I am pleased that you are taking the initiative to acquaint yourself with the students, I'm afraid it's about time for the faculty strategy meeting.
Dimitri: I'm sorry, Professors. It's about time I returned to my training anyway. Claude. Edelgard. Until we meet again on the battlefield, farewell.
Edelgard: I look forward to assessing your abilities. I hope you don't disappoint.

After Battle Preparations

Edelgard: The mock battle is finally here. Will you lead us to victory?

Claude: So, this is the stage for the mock battle... The command's all yours, Teach!

Turn one player phase

Jeralt: I'm sure you already understand, but the house that defeats the other two is declared the winner. Incidentally, I'll be overseeing this mock battle. So listen well if you want to win.

Turn one enemy phase

Lorenz: None of your shallow tactics are required, Claude. Ignatz and I will dismantle he opposition.
Ignatz: Me?! But I'm not ready!
Claude: Are you making light of our new professor? If you drop your guard, you're going to get hurt...
Dimitri: Ashe, can you move to the front lines? I want to lure the enemy this way.
Ashe: Got it, Your Highness! Leave it to me!
Dimitri: Once you've finished preparing, make you move. Dedue. Mercedes. Keep our enemy occupied until then.
Dedue: I'm on it.
Mercedes: Oh my! We'll try our best!

Lorenz: None of your shallow tactics are required, Claude. Ignatz and I will dismantle he opposition.
Ignatz: Me?! But I'm not ready!
Claude: Are you making light of our new professor? If you drop your guard, you're going to get hurt...
Edelgard: Dorothea, will you head toward the front lines? I wish to draw the enemy toward us.
Dorothea: You got it, Edie. Leave it to me.
Edelgard:Ferdinand. HUbert. If the enemy comes, stop them.
Ferdinand: Leave it to us, although I could do this on my own.
Hubert: Heh. Clearly not, or Her Highness would not ask me to watch your back.

Ferdinand: I will fight on the front lines! I can stop the enemy's advance with grace.
Hubert: Do you have Lady Edelgard's permission to—hmph. I suppose I've no choice but to provide cover.
Edelgard: Thank you, Hubert. We are off to a terrible start.
Dimitri: Ashe, can you move to the front lines? I want to lure the enemy this way.
Ashe: Got it, Your Highness! Leave it to me!
Dimitri: Once you've finished preparing, make you move. Dedue. Mercedes. Keep our enemy occupied until then.
Dedue: I'm on it.
Mercedes: Oh my! We'll try our best!

Enemy phase after defeating any of the Golden Deer/Black Eagles

Claude: Well done, Teach. I may have to take this seriously after all!

Edelgard: Hm, you are performing as expected, Professor. We will have to face you with our full might!

Enemy phase after entering the western area

Claude: Let's use the forest to set up an ambush. I'm counting on your support, everyone!

Edelgard: We will use the forest to ambush our enemy. Everyone, I am counting on your support!

Player phase after entering the western area

Jeralt: If they're waiting in the forest, we'd do well to take a detour.

Enemy phase after reaching the western border

Claude: Welp, we're surrounded. All we can do is fight back with all our might!

Edelgard: It seems we're surrounded... At a time like this, our only option is to cut a path through!

Enemy phase after defeating all the Golden Deer/Black Eagles

Dimitri: Beautiful work, professor. But the true challenge starts now!

Edelgard: Flawless tactics, Professor. Our only choice in this situation is a head-on attack!

Enemy phase after entering the northeastern area

Claude: Are you really gonna fight two houses at once? Heh, an impressive display of confidence.
Dimitri: This is a good opportunity for us. Let's forge ahead!

Claude: Are you really gonna fight two houses at once? Heh, an impressive display of confidence.
Edelgard: Victory is in sight, Black Eagles. Do not let up!

Edelgard: Are you planning on fighting two houses at once? I will admit, that is favorable for us.
Dimitri: This is a good opportunity for us. Let's forge ahead!

Upon defeating Hanneman

Manuela: Hey! You didn't compliment me like that when my class won last year!

Upon defeating Manuela

Hanneman: So, you've made it past Manuela, eh? I see now I must focus, and then make my move.

Battle quotes

Byleth and Edelgard

Edelgard: There can be no victory unless I defeat you. So be it!

Byleth and Dimitri

Dimitri: You're a tough opponent, but I refuse to yield. Do not fool yourself into believing I will hold back!

Byleth and Claude

Claude: Coming up with brilliant schemes, I can handle. No problem. But I'm not much for fighting. Go easy on me!
Byleth: ...
Claude: You know that was a joke, right? Jeez, not so much as a smile...

Edelgard and Dimitri

Edelgard: Dimitri... It's time! We can finally settle the question of who's stronger.
Dimitri: Very well. I accept your challenge. With you as my opponent, I won't hold anything back.
Edelgard: I would expect no less!

Edelgard and Claude

Claude: Look at that, a real-life princess! I'll have to be careful not to scar that little face of yours.
Edelgard: Careful, Claude. I'll win no matter what, but you're only making things harder for yourself.
Claude: Losing hasn't even crossed your mind, has it? Ooh, this'll be a bit of a shock, then.
Edelgard: To show was your intention to begin with, was it not?

Dimitri and Claude

Claude: Psst, Your Princeliness. You've got a thing for Edelgard, right? Com on, fess up. You'll feel better.
Dimitri: Claude, please. This is no time for idle banter. Your defenses are wide open.
Claude: That didn't get to him, huh? What a shame. I'll find a better way to ruffle him up next time.

Defeat quotes

Hubert: Hmm. The new professor's rather strong. Suppose I'll have to call it a day.

Ferdiand: I am the son of House Aegir! How did I fail? I must need to train harder...

Dorothea: My, my... The new professor seems very capable.

Dedue: Ngh. Apologies, Your Highness. I can go no further.

Ashe: Ah—so strong! Have to do better next time...

Mercedes: Oh no... This is as far as I can go...

Lorenz: I've lost?! Oh! Unthinkable!

Ignatz: I've lost. The new professor is quite a commander.

Hilda: Ouch! Was that really necessary?

Hanneman: My goodness. The leadership of someone with actual battle experience is... Well! I was as good as useless.

Manuela: Well done. I nearly wound up a patient in my own infirmary.

If there are other Black Eagles on the map
Edelgard: Forced to retreat... Well, things will only get tougher from here on out.

If there are no other Black Eagles on the map
Edelgard: To think that the Black Eagle House could lose so readily...

If there are other Blue Lions on the map
Dimitri: My training was insufficient... I am so sorry, everyone. The rest is up to you.

If there are no other Blue Lions on the map
Dimitri: I suppose that does it for the Blue Lion House...

If there are other Golden Deer on the map
Claude: Argh, I hate losing! I guess I'll just have to settle for cheering the others on.

If there are no other Golden Deer on the map
Claude: I must have let my guard down. I guess that's a loss for the Golden Deer House.


Jeralt: All right, that's that! The winner of this mock battle is... The Black Eagle House!
Edegard: Even though it was just a mock battle, we defeated both houses masterfully. Take pride in our victory, everyone!

Jeralt: All right, that's that! The winner of this mock battle is... The Blue Lion House!
Dimitri: This victory is the result of everyone's hard work. Thank you, my friends. You did well.

Jeralt: All right, that's that! The winner of this mock battle is... The Golden Deer House!
Claude: Great work, everyone! Even if it's just a mock battle, the taste of victory is sugary sweet!

Event - The Mock Battle (Black Eagles)

Reception Hall, Afternoon

Edelgard: Excellent work today, Professor. Though our victory should come as no surprise.

Choice 1 Choice 2
It was a close call. It was easy.
Edelgard: Was it? I'm not sure I agree with that. Edelgard: Yes, it was. Further proof that you're well qualified to guide the Black Eagles.

(Other students enter)
Petra: That was impressing, Professor! I mean...impressive. We gained a victory because of your great leadership.
Dorothea: We certainly did. We all tried our best, of course, but we couldn't have won without you.
Ferdinand: I was curious what it would look like if you did not hold back. And you did not disappoint!
Hubert: Hmph. I daresay we owe our victory to Lady Edelgard.
Linhardt: How so? For that battle, she was only a soldier following our professor's command. Sure, she was an incredibly powerful soldier...
Caspar: Don't worry about it too much, Linhardt. All that matters is that we won!
Bernadetta: I'm all done with being on the battlefield, OK? I'd rather stay back than pursue victory out there.
Edelgard: You are all as ridiculous as always. We only managed to win because we worked together. Was it something I said? Is it so odd, me talking about togetherness? If so, that perception must change. In fact, I'm canceling the festivities so we can discuss this topic further. I'm kidding, of course. Come on, everyone! We've earned this celebration.

Event - The Mock Battle (Blue Lions)

Reception Hall, Afternoon

Dimitri: Professor! I've been looking for you. I was hoping we could all share a meal together. It could serve as both a victory celebration and a post-battle analysis. What do you think?

Choice 1 Choice 2
A victory celebration? I'm invited?
Dimitri: Of course. After all, we fought hard out there. Such exertion is bound to make anyone hungry for respite, don't you agree? Dimitri: Of course. Why wouldn't you be?

Sylvain: Come now, Professor! We can't very well celebrate without the key to our victory present.
Annette: He's right! He really is! We were only able to win because we had your help, Professor!
Felix: Yes. Compared with that boar who knows nothing save frontal attacks, your tactics were nearly decent.
Ingrid: Felix! You really ought to stop picking fights with His Highness.
Dimitri: Don't worry, Ingrid. I encourage all to speak freely. And I must agree that the professor's tactics were truly extraordinary. I have much to learn.
Mercedes: Oh, sure, but today was exhausting. I'm so hungry I can barely stand...
Ashe: To be honest, so am I. Let's head to the dining hall. Together.
(All but Dimitri and Byleth leave)
Dimitri: Professor. I'm sorry to intrude, don't look too happy for someone who just won.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You're mistaken. Is that so...
Dimitri: You say that, but your eyes tell a different story. Dimitri: Hm. Well, I understand how hard it can be to accept joy sometimes. I'm sorry for prying.

Dimitri: I know we only just met, so this may be difficult for you, but... I'd love nothing more than to share our happiness with you. Joy can be so fleeting, after all. We're all in this I hope you will consent. I'm sure the rest of the class feels the very same. Well...come along, Professor. Let's enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Event - The Mock Battle (Golden Deer)

Reception Hall, Afternoon

Claude: Great work, Teach! That was a brilliant win.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm glad we won. Everyone did well.
Claude: I've been anticipating that magic moment when your tactics and my schemes entwined, and you did not disappoint. That composed expression you always sport like a permanent mask is a perfect complement to my ruthless schemes. That's a joke, of course. Mostly. Claude: Huh. Playing ignorant as to the quality of your command and deflecting the praise to your students. You really are a model professor, Teach.

Claude: To be honest, I had a bunch of other schemes planned as well, just in case the situation called for it. But I didn't have to resort to any of them. I suppose our opponents lucked out.
(Other students enter)
Lorenz: Well met, Professor! The breadth of your skill was on full display today. I must admit that your tactics were masterful. I shudder to think what may have transpired had it been Claude leading us into battle.
Raphael: I noticed that too! We just did what you told us, and we won! I love it!
Lysithea: As expected from a child of the former captain of the knights. Thank you for today, Professor. I have much to consider.
Hilda: I never doubted that our professor would be amazing! It was way too obvious. Don't you agree, Marianne?
Marianne: Huh? Me? Oh, um, yes. Of course. Well done, Professor.
Leonie: Captain Jeralt taught his child well. It would have been more of a surprise had our professor proved lacking.
Ignatz: Don't you think it's a bit harsh to give Jeralt all of the credit, Leonie? In any case, it's clear that we only won because of our new mentor's guidance.
Claude: A mercenary's wisdom and techniques are forged in battle. Those are the sorts of things you can only learn through experience. Right, Teach? But more importantly, it's time to celebrate our victory! Teach here has yet to try my well renowned home cooking. I really do hope you'll join us. After all, I swiped some finely aged cheese from the dining hall for just this occasion.

Event - Report: Great Tree Moon

Audience Chamber

Rhea: Your work with the students was remarkable. I can see Jeralt trained you well. I do hope you were able to use the occasion to bond with the students.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I did. Not really.
Rhea: I am so happy to hear it. Nothing would please me more than if you used this coming year to grow closer still. Rhea: Oh? Well, you have only just met them, so I suppose that should come as no surprise.

Seteth: Of course, the mock battle was mere practice. The real fight is the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, which will take place during the Wyvern Moon. You are expected to properly train your students so as not to humiliate the academy during the long-held tradition that is the coming battle.
Rhea: As for today, I have called you here to tell you of your mission for the month ahead. Your class is to dispose of some bandits causing trouble nearby.

Choice 1 Choice 2
My mission? Bandits?

Seteth: Those affiliated with Garreg Mach Monastery have a moral obligation to help those in need, regardless of social standing. Students are no exception. Each month, before the newly birthed moon departs, each house of students must complete their assigned mission. You shall work to complete the task at hand alongside your students and report back to the archbishop before the deadline. Understood? I will soon provide you with the necessary details for your first mission. If I told you now, I expect you would only forget, and I despise repeating myself.
Rhea: I can sense something special within your heart... I have high hopes for you.
(Seteth and Rhea leave)
Sothis: Bandits, they say...
Byleth: ?!
Sothis: Do you recall when we first met? You shall not fall so shamelessly again, correct?
Byleth: ...
Sothis: Have you no words for me? Do not tell me that you are shocked to hear from me! You ought to know that I am always with you now. To hear my voice should not come as a shock.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Right. I don't understand...
Sothis: Whatever shall I do with you? I am alive within the confines of your heart. I am unknown to all but you. But through your eyes and ears, I see and hear. Just listen to your heart, as you are doing now, and we may speak like this. That is all that I know.

Byleth: ...

Zanado, the Red Canyon, Daytime

Kostas: What is this nonsense?! All I was told was to kill as many noble pipsqueaks as possible! No one said anything about the Knights of damned Seiros being on our trail!
???: You have proven yourself worthless. Distracted by something so trivial. I had hoped you would achieve your goal despite the setback. But now a child of the knights' former captain is in play. How interesting.
Kostas: Hey! This isn't what I agreed to!
???: Hiring a mercenary as a professor. What was that woman thinking...
Kostas: Are you listening to me?! How do we finish this?!
???: You die.
Kostas: Wh— What?!
???: Underestimating the knights was an amateur mistake. One you will pay for. The road to eternal torment awaits you all. Now I must locate your replacements...
(??? teleports away)
Kostas: Wait! Get back here! Damn you!