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A sandbox to test things. Also of interest may be: User:Thecornerman/Sandbox/Sort orders

Misc. pronunciations

Pronunciations for things that lack a respective article; not a comprehensive list, nor in any particular order.

/fɝdiˌæd/[key] Fhirdiad
/ˈɛnbɑɹ/ Enbarr
/ˈɑgmə/ Oghma
/ˈmɝdɪn/ Myrddin
/ˈɛɹɪmɪd/ Airmid There may be some instances of /ˈɛɹmɪd/, but /ˈɛɹɪmɪd/ is more prominent
/ɹoʊ/ Rowe
/ˈeɪ.ɪl.ɛl/ Ailell
/ˈzoʊltæn/ Zoltan I don't really know where to put this
/glɛn/ Glenn
/bɑɹˈtɛlz/ Bartels
/mɑɹˈtɹitz/ Martritz
/ʃɹɛŋ/ Sreng From memory
/ˈdɛɹdɹu/ Derdriu
/ˈkɹɪstɔf ˈgæspɑɹ/ Christophe Gaspard
/ˈdʌskɚ/ Duscur
/ˈɑɹiænˌɹoʊd/ Arianrhod
/ˈmɝsiəs/ Fort Merceus
/ˈklaɪmən/ Viscount Kleiman

Also of note, Annette pronounces Caspar as /kæsˈpɑɹ/ rather than /ˈkæspɑɹ/, and Mercedes has been observed to be pronounced in the following ways:

  • /mɝˈsɛdɛz/
  • /mɝˈsɛdɛs/
  • /mɛɹˈsɛdɛz/
  • /mɛɹˈsɛdɛs/

Mercedes introduces herself with the first one, and her nickname, "Mercie", is pronounced /ˈmɝsi/, which would imply one of the first two is correct.

Sprite Gallery template


Sprite Gallery
Small portrait karel fe06.png The Binding Blade
Portrait karel fe06.png Swordmaster Ma gba swordmaster playable.gif
Bs fe06 karel swordmaster sword.png
Small portrait karel fe07.png The Blazing Blade
Portrait karel fe07.png Ma gba swordmaster other.gif Swordmaster Ma gba swordmaster playable.gif
File:Bs fe07 npc karel swordmaster sword.png Bs fe07 karel swordmaster sword.png
Sprite Gallery
Portrait gray fe02.png Villager Ma nes02 villager playable.gif Mercenary Ma nes02 mercenary playable.gif Myrmidon Ma nes02 myrmidon playable.gif Dread Fighter Ma nes02 dread fighter playable.gif Soldier Ma nes02 soldier playable.gif Knight Ma nes02 knight playable.gif Baron Ma nes02 baron playable.gif Cavalier Ma nes02 cavalier playable.gif Paladin Ma nes02 paladin playable.gif Gold Knight Ma nes02 gold knight playable.gif Archer Ma nes02 archer playable.gif Sniper Ma nes02 sniper playable.gif Bow Knight Ma nes02 bow knight playable.gif Mage Ma nes02 mage playable.gif Sage Ma nes02 sage playable.gif
Bs fe02 villager sword.png
Bs fe02 mercenary sword.png
Bs fe02 myrmidon sword.png
Bs fe02 dread fighter sword.png
Bs fe02 soldier lance.png
Bs fe02 knight lance 01.png
Bs fe02 baron lance.png
Bs fe02 cavalier lance 01.png
Bs fe02 paladin lance 01.png Bs fe02 paladin lance 02.png
Bs fe02 gold knight lance 01.png
Bs fe02 archer bow.png
Bs fe02 sniper bow.png
Bs fe02 bow knight bow.png
Bs fe02 mage male magic.png
Black Magic
Bs fe02 sage magic.png

Potential way to lower the clutter of the villager's Sprite Galleries. Not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, but I think it works.

Sprite Gallery

Mercenary Soldier Cavalier Archer Mage

Sprite Gallery
Portrait naoise fe04.png Cavalier Ma snes02 cavalier playable.gif Paladin Ma snes02 paladin playable.gif
Bs fe04 naoise cavalier sword.png
Bs fe04 naoise cavalier lance.png
Bs fe04 naoise paladin sword.png
Bs fe04 naoise paladin lance.png
Sprite Gallery
Portrait franz fe08.png Cavalier Ma gba cavalier playable.gif Paladin Ma gba paladin playable.gif Great Knight Ma gba great knight playable.gif
Bs fe08 franz cavalier sword.png
Bs fe08 franz cavalier lance.png
Bs fe08 franz paladin sword.png
Bs fe08 franz paladin lance.png
Bs fe08 franz great knight sword.png
Bs fe08 franz great knight lance.png
Bs fe08 franz great knight axe.png

Three Houses Maddening paralogue scaling

Documenting the level scaling of Maddening paralogues in an attempt to discern how the scaling is determined. Levels are separated by slashes so as to avoid needing an exceedingly high cell count. Levels are displayed in the following order: Enemy level / boss level / NPC level / temporary unit level; if any levels are not applicable, they are represented by a hyphen (-), and if a paralogue is not attemptable in a certain chapter, the cell contains an em-dash (—). Temporary unit level is not included in the Part II table, as all units must be recruited to access the respective paralogue in Part II.

Note: Insurmountable, Tales of the Red Canyon, True Chivalry, Falling Short of Heaven, Darkness Beneath the Earth, Dividing the World, Oil and Water, and The Secret Merchant don't scale with chapter progress. Additionally, Foreign Land and Sky does not scale on the Crimson Flower route, though it does on others.

Part I paralogues

Paralogue Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11
War for the Weak 18/20/19/- 19/21/20/- 19/21/20/- 19/21/20/- 19/21/20/- 19/21/20/-
The Forgotten 20/22/-/- 21/23/-/- 21/23/-/- 21/23/-/- 21/23/-/-
Rumored Nuptials 20/-/-/21 21/-/-/? 21/-/-/? 21/-/-/? 21/-/-/?
Land of the Golden Deer 20/22/-/- 21/23/-/- 21/23/-/- 21/23/-/- 21/23/-/-
Death Toll 23/25/23/? 24/26/24/? 24/26/24/? 24/26/24/?
An Ocean View 25/27/-/27 26/28/-/28 26/28/-/28
Sword and Shield of Seiros 20/22/-/22 21/23/-/23 21/23/-/23 21/23/-/23 21/23/-/23

Part II paralogues

Note: In Silver Snow, paralogues scale as if it were one chapter sooner after Chapter 17, e.g. SS Chapter 17 has the same paralogue scaling as Chapter 18 in AM and VW.
Paralogue Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22
Eternal Guardian 38/40/- 40/42/- 40/42/- 40/42/- 40/42/- 40/42/-
The Silver Maiden 44/46/- 46/48/- 46/48/-
The Sleeping Sand Legend 40/42/- ?/?/- ?/?/- ?/?/- ?/?/-
The Face Beneath 35/37/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/-
Weathervanes of Fódlan 34/36/- 35/37/- 36/38/- 36/38/- 36/38/-
Retribution 40/42/- 42/44/- 42/44/- 42/44/- 42/44/-
Legend of the Lake 35/37/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/-
Foreign Land and Sky* 35/37/35 38/40/38 38/40/38 38/40/38 38/40/38 38/40/38 38/40/38
Forgotten Hero 35/37/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/- 38/40/-