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User:that girl/Unit:that_girl

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that girl (Original Character)

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Artwork of female Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates.







July 8th




Hoshidan (Flame Tribe)

Starting class


Voiced by



Fates(But not really)

I'm sorry… I did not intend to upset anyone…
— that girl


that girl, yes named that, is named well. She's that girl. If blame should be thrown, or task needs done, she is the first to be targeted. She's submissive, but stubborn, which side is shown depends on the situation. She is quick to anger and quick to forgive.

With social issues and paranoia, she is convinced that if something unpleasant happens, it automatically is probably her fault if she can be linked to it in some way. This makes her an easy scapegoat with how easily she'll accept blame for *most* things. She has a corrupt side, but it remains in the dark side of her mind, never seen by those around her.

that girl is in her mid-thirties, but looks to be in her early teens, small and petite in stature.

Game Data


Personality and character





Level up quotes:

  • (1-2) "Sorry… I'll try harder next time…"
  • (3-7) "Am I a good girl…?”
  • (8) "Is it enough…?"
  • (0/1 when nearly all stats capped.) "… Sorry, this is as strong as I can get…”

Critical/Skill activation quotes:

  • "Uh- uhm… I'm sorry…”
  • "I need to take you out… forgive me…"
  • "… am I a good girl, now…?"
  • "Forgive my transgressions…"

Confession Quote:

  • "I know it seems like I say this to everyone… But… I'm sorry… I think I love you…”
  • "Can you have my babies…? Sorry… That's not quite the way I wanted to ask…”

Death Quotes:

  • (Beaten) "Oh... I figured I was too weak..."
  • (Casual) "I’m so sorry… I don't wan't to die… See you after the fight…"
  • (Classic) "I'm sorry I... couldn't be a good girl... farewell…"

Event Quotes: Summer Snow
First fight with the named thief

  • Enemy: "You-! Get away from me!"
  • that girl: "I thought you liked cuddling me…"
  • Enemy: "Why did I have to rob this mansion!?"

First fight of event map (if she fights the named theif first, the next enemy she attacks will trigger this conversation instead)

  • that girl: "I'm sorry… but you and the other Yuki-Musume… you need to go back to the mountains…"
  • Enemy: "Can't you return with all of us?"
  • that girl: "Really wish I could… maybe after my service is done…"
  • Enemy: "Then we shall stay, the theif rejected us, so we will find another."
  • that girl: "Then forgive me… I must drive you away…"

If beaten during event map:

  • "It's so cold… I'm heading to the bedroom… I'm sorry I failed everyone."

Random chance to replace cut-in quote, but only while supporting:

  • "Don't give me the cold shoulder…"


  • that girl can S Rank either sex, but can only produce a child with a female.
  • that girl has a fear of losing those close to her.
  • that girl's initial stats and growth rates makes her a glass cannon.