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Like most games, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones had many leftover codes and such.


Beta characters

  • A Wyvern Rider named Nate was set to appear.
  • An additional member of Grado's Six Generals was included. Jude Rubert, the Obsidian, was the boss of Chapter 8. His title was the title of Duessel's in the final version of the game.
  • A character called Demi appeared, but had no other data

Character changes

General stuff

  • Eirika battle animation
  • After Chapter 8, no more story events (no idea what this means...)
  • Monster attack with Dark Stone Shard, had Red Gem icon



In the prologue, the end result is not the same for every playthrough, as it is in the finalized version. Seth does not have any damage taken and the cutscene in the castle and with Valter do not appear. The boss is also a soldier instead of a brigand.

Chapter 6

The map, which is now the map for Chapter 11 in Eirika's route
Saleh battling Novala

At the beginning of Chapter 6, Eirika hands over her bracelet to Novala. Novala then precedes with killing the Renais family in the presence of Eirika. At the end of the chapter, Saleh appears and asks Novala if he has seen a father and daughter pass by, possibly Morva and Myrrh. Eirika warns Saleh, saying that that man is dangerous. Novala then attacks Saleh, though he does no damage. Saleh then defeats him with a critical hit.

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