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Hello! I'm Stormy, but I am also known as Kelly or EmblemQueen. Kelly is my real name, though. And I hate it. But anyway, I'm 20 years old, and I've been a huge Fire Emblem fan ever since I first picked up Path of Radiance a few years ago. I played Radiant Dawn sometime after, and then The Sacred Stones followed. The Blazing Sword came last until Shadow Dragon was released and I got that too. I also like Mario, Smash Bros., Zelda, and Pokemon, but FE is my all time favorite.

I am also a writer, artist, and spriter, and people tell me I'm very good at all three. They also say my persistence and dedication to what I love is admirable. Heck, I've actually surprised myself at how dedicated I am to some things.

Fire Emblem Info

I currently have copies of all the internationally released Fire Emblem games and I'm hoping that New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow gets a US release soon. I also really want to see some 3DS Fire Emblem games with graphics like those in Radiant Dawn. They'd just look plain awesome with the 3D effect, if you ask me! Radiant Dawn is currently my favorite game in the series and is my favorite game of all time.

Game Statuses

  • The Blazing Sword - Have yet to complete. Currently somewhere in the middle of Eliwood's story.
  • The Sacred Stones - Have yet to complete. Currently at chapter 14 in Ephraim's route.
  • Path of Radiance - Completed twice, halted third playthrough because Ike was terribly strength-screwed. Going to restart.
  • Radiant Dawn - Completed once, currently at the beginning of part 4 in current playthrough, though I do not plan to actually complete this game again since I hate the ending.
  • Shadow Dragon - I only played a little of this. Haven't touched it much. Dunno if I'll ever go back to it.

Favorite Characters

As many people who know me know, Ike is my favorite character. I'm a major Ike fangirl and I love him to bits. <3 I am also a Kieran fangirl and a Boyd fangirl as well. But I have a whole list of characters I really like! Bold are top favorites.

Yeah, I'm not really into female characters that much. It's mainly men for me. Sain is my favorite character in Blazing Sword while Ephraim is my favorite out of Sacred Stones.

Oh, as a bonus, the characters I hate are Geoffrey, Micaiah, Soren, and Mia, in the order from most hated to least hated.

Preferred/Favorite Pairings

Yeah, I'm also a pairing nut when it comes to FE. In fact, I'm honestly a real sucker for romance for the most part, hehe. My all-time favorite pairing is IkexElincia, but I have a bunch more that I like as well. I'll list them here, and as with the favorite character list, the top favorites will be bolded.

Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

  • IkexElincia
  • KieranxMarcia
  • RolfxMist
  • OscarxTanith
  • BoydxMia (yes, I know these two never interacted, but they should have!)
  • RhysxTitania
  • RanulfxLethe/Lyre
  • KyzaxLethe/Lyre
  • GatriexAstrid
  • HaarxJill
  • ZiharkxIlyana
  • RenningxLucia
  • TormodxSanaki
  • AranxLaura
  • GeoffreyxNephenee/Sigrun (somehow, I don't mind pairing the idiot knight with someone)

Sacred Stones

  • SethxEirika
  • EphraimxTana
  • JoshuaxNatasha
  • FranzxAmelia

Blazing Sword

  • SainxFiora
  • EliwoodxLyn
  • HectorxLyn
  • ErkxSerra

Also, watch out, I'm a hater of yaoi, yuri, GeoffreyxElincia, and IkexMia.

Other FE Info

I have a few other FE favorites I don't mind sharing as well. My favorite song in the series is Eternal Bond, also known as Ike's Theme since it is named so in Brawl and it only plays in Ike's chapters in Radiant Dawn, as well as in the game's epilogue (and the ending was primarily about Ike). But I love lots of other songs in the series too!

And my favorite weapon is Ragnell Is wii ragnell.png. I think it's one kickass sword!

Wiki/Website Info

I've only been helping out on this wiki for a short time, but I have a good deal of knowledge about wiki coding as well as HTML. I am also building my own wiki, Dawn of Darkness Wiki, as an information hub for my popular-so-far FE fanfiction, Fire Emblem: Dawn of Darkness. I'd be honored if you visited it! I am known as EmblemQueen there. I did all of the original sprites and artwork found there too, including the character concept art.

I also began a hybrid FE and DoD fan forum, also called Dawn of Darkness. You don't have to have read my fanfiction to join either, you can just treat it as a regular FE forum if you want.

Also, you can find the actual fanfiction itself on (I'm EmblemQueen there), Zelda (my username is Sonic Rainboom there, though I also go by Stormy), Fire Emblem Planet (I'm Anacybele there), and (I'm Great-Aether there). So far, it is 25 chapters long and also has a related group of short stories. These stories are only found on In order of occurrence, the short stories are so far: A Mercenary's Tale, Ashes of War, and Knight in Shining Armor. A direct sequel to Ashes of War, called The Secret Sword, has also been started!

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