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User:Shiningpikablu252/TMSFE Carnage Scratchlist

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A scratchlist of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Carnages. In order to get the Carnages properly covered:

  1. This scratchlist page is to be initially created. The initial creation is strictly based on the Mirage Masters; the scratch navboxes presented in the lower portion of the initial creation of the scratchlist (based around the Mirage Masters; ex. a navbox for Itsuki Aoi's carnages, a navbox for Tsubasa Oribe's carnages, etc.) may not be the navboxes that ultimately enter service (i.e. a different sorting-order that isn't Mirage Master-specific). (Due to flak over the test page, the navboxes have been hide-coded. The hide code that was previously present have had slashes inserted into the invocations to not interfere with the wide hide code, the exception being the last closing invocation in the Yashiro nav as that invocation is being reused as the closing invocation for the wide hide code.)
  2. The names of the Carnages should be ideally checked to ensure that the names listed are indeed the official English names. A general lack of information to scrounge up may make this task more difficult than it otherwise could have been; even more well-known resources (*cough*) tend to have some information based on the Japanese versions not fully updated to English.
    • If a listed name is not the official English name, it should be corrected. If the "after" name involves diacritics, expect a non-diacritic version to become available as a redirect, as not everybody has either the know-how or correct hardware in order to properly type diacritics.
    • Listed names for stuff not already listed as pre-existing should be ideally Japanese-name-checked to see if it is actually pre-existing under a different name (i.e. "Hama Ya", as used in Heroes, being the untranslated Japanese name of the Spellbane Yumi); such an instance should ideally see the information placed on the pre-existing page. If pre-existing but only otherwise exists in Japan-only form, the subject's page should ideally be moved to the official English name as presented here (ex. the Wing Clipper being moved from "Wingslayer" based on Warriors' localization; the Cleave Bow didn't need moving in the same situation as the names already matched); examples where a different official English title than presented here should be generally evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but if the other official English title is from the newer titles Heroes, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, or Warriors, the newer title should take precedence as the page name. On the other hand, if the Japanese name and the Carnage's effect are both vastly different from an existing weapon or weapon skill from core/Heroes/Warriors, creating a new page in the vein of "<name> (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)" should be considered, but not necessarily required.
  3. As Carnages are equivalent to weapons in the main Fire Emblem series, ideally each one should be represented on an individual page, newly-created if not already-existent in either the core series, Heroes, or Warriors.(Due to flak over the test page, no more new articles are currently being created at least for the time being.)

Text lists

Itsuki Aoi

Weapon type: Swords

Tsubasa Oribe

Weapon type: Lances

Touma Akagi

Weapon type: Lances

Kiria Kurono

Weapon type: Rods

Eleonora Yumizuru

Weapon type: Bows

Mamori Minamoto

Weapon type: Axes

Yashiro Tsurugi

Weapon type: Swords