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User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Weapon Skill Boilerplate/Personal

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This is a boilerplate intended to create articles for new Heroes weapon skills apart from staves, specifically of the personal variety. Basic Weapon Refinery information is included in hide code in case the weapon turns out to be compatible with that mechanic, but the numbers inserted by this boilerplate may be wrong; these can be corrected when the refinery data becomes known.

Annotated version:

{{subst:User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Weapon Skill Boilerplate/Personal
|wpnname=The skill's name.
|wpntype=Sword, Lance, Axe, Red tome, Blue tome, Green tome, Colorless tome, Red breath, Blue breath, Green breath, Colorless breath, Red bow, Blue bow, Green bow, Colorless bow, Red dagger, Blue dagger, Green dagger, Colorless dagger, Red beast, Blue beast, Green beast, Colorless beast.  Make sure to capitalize the first letter of the string.  As personal weapons need only factor a single wielder in most cases, only the wielder's weapon type need be factored, not any other weapon types that a non-personal weapon skill can be cross-color-inherited with; in the rare event a weapon is announced with two or three wielders of different colors, invoke one color in creation and a second edit can be made to accommodate all colors involved; in the extremely rare event a weapon is announced with four wielders all of different colors, it can be invoked like the equivalent field on the Normal boilerplate.
|regaila=Invoke to denote the weapon as a regalia; leave out to denote the weapon as a simple personal.
|wielder=Name the weapon skill's wielder here.  A simple link to the character's article will do in most cases; in the event the wielder is a variant character (ex. the "Brave Heroes" variants), use something along the lines of "the [[<chapter and/or focus>]] variation of [[<character>]]".  In the event more than one character is introduced in the same update with the same personal, all such characters can be named in this fashion.
|leadsummary=A description of the skill as would be explained in a lead paragraph.  Do not include information about the skill's wielder here; that information is automatically included and filled in by the "wielder=" field.
|refinery=Invoke to include dummy Weapon Refinery data; leave out to include only the simple information.
|mt=The skill's Might.  Optional, in case a weapon skill is announced without a known Might.
|rng=The skill's Range.
|SP=The skill's SP.  Optional; will normally insert a representation of unknown value with a hide-coded guess of 400.
|effect=The skill's base effect.
|enemyonly=Invoke if using for an enemy-exclusive weapon; leave out for player-usable weapons.
|units=The initial wielder of the skill.  Different from "wielder=" in that linking of the character's name and Heroes title is encouraged for the Availability section of the page filled in by this field.  The form is [[Article|Name:  Epithet]].  In the event more than one character introduced in the same update wields the skill (as actually happened with Dire Thunder), arrange them alphabetically and separate the instances with a {{subst:dot}} (ex. "[[Murdock|Murdock:  Heavyweight Retainer]] {{subst:dot}} [[Niime|Niime:  Mountain Hermit]]").
|flavortext=To be used to include English flavor text.  Optional.
|flavortextjp=To be used to include Japanese flavor text.  Optional.
|trivia=To be used to include trivia.  Optional.
|seealso=To be used to link additional similar weapons.  Optional.

Clean version:

{{subst:User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Weapon Skill Boilerplate/Personal