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User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Character Imagelist Entry

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For use on User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Character Imagelist to provide each characters' entries to the page's table. Each invocation includes six images, all rendered on the list at the size of Warriors's map animations: a map image (unequipped for universality), a portrait, and four artworks. Fields are provided to accommodate the grandfather clause applicable to the portraits and artworks for normal variations of characters from the game's first two years; as map images weren't available on the wiki during the game's first two years, the grandfather clause is not applicable to map images and thus all characters' map images use epithets even when their portraits and artwork do not.

Detailed with documentation Clean

{{User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Character Imagelist Entry
|name=Character name
|epithet=Character epithet
|y12norm=Invoke for most first- and second-year normal variations whose portraits and artworks exclude their epithets due to grandfather clause; never invoke for any non-primary variations, whether seasonal or not.  Any normal variant not in the game prior to the chapter "A King's Worth" should never invoke this, as that chapter's update is where normal variations started using epithets in their portraits and artworks (also do not invoke for Tiki; her normal variants' grandfather clauses were voided for the sake of convenience).
|y12variant=Invoke in conjunction with "y12norm" to denote "m" or "f" for the appropriate normal variations of Robin, Corrin, Morgan, and Kana, who have normal variations for each gender.  As Byleth, Kris, and Mark were not in Heroes at the cutoff point for "y12norm" eligibility (the last of which, FE7's tactician, is not in Heroes at the point of this template's construction), do not invoke with their normal variations; also do not invoke with normal variations of future games' avatar characters either.
|mapstop=Invoke to switch the map image to a still map sprite; leave off to keep the map image animated.