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User:Shiningpikablu252/Cipher Booster Aid

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An aid to ease creation of Fire Emblem Cipher booster series and promotional series card lists. For use between a regular header copy-pasted from another booster series card list, and standard footer code of |}.

{{subst:User:Shiningpikablu252/Cipher Booster Aid
|promo=Invoke to denote a promotional card on the "Fire Emblem Cipher/Promotional cards" page; leave off to denote a booster series card.
|set=The set number.  If less than 10, lead with a 0.
|no=The card number.  If less than 10, lead with two 0s.  If 10 or higher but less than 100, lead with one 0.
|rarity=N, N+X, HN, R, R+, SR, or SR+ for booster series cards; PR, PRr, PR+, or PRX for promotional series cards.  If N+X, R+, SR+, PRr, or PR+, will accomodate both the N and N+X/R and R+/SR and SR+/PR and PRr/PR and PR+ versions.
|name=The card's epithet, followed by the character's name.