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Hej, Jag heter Raltseye på nätet men inte i verkligheten.


For reference, these are the names used in the official SSBU website:

Japanese English Dutch French German Italian Spanish Chinese Korean Russian
マルス Marth Marth Marth Marth Marth Marth 馬爾斯 / 马尔斯 마르스 Марс
ルキナ Lucina Lucina Lucina Lucina Lucina Lucina 露琪娜 / 露琪娜 루키나 Луцина
ロイ Roy Roy Roy Roy Roy Roy 羅伊 / 罗伊 로이 Рой
クロム Chrom Chrom Chrom Chrom Chrom Chrom 庫洛武 / 库洛姆 크롬 Кром
アイク Ike Ike Ike Ike Ike Ike 艾克 / 艾克 아이크 Айк
ルフレ Robin Robin Robin
Daraen Daraen Robin
魯弗萊 / 鲁弗莱 러플레 Робин
カムイ Corrin Corrin Corrin Corrin Corrin Corrin 神威 / 神威 카무이 Коррин
攻城戦 Castle Siege Belaagde Burcht Château assiégé Die belagerte Burg Il castello assediato Castillo asediado 攻城戰 / 攻城战 공성전 Осада замка
フェリア闘技場 Arena Ferox Ferox-Arena Arène de Ferox Feroxer Arena Arena Ferox Coliseo de Regna Ferox 菲利亞鬥技場
페록스 투기장 Арена Ферокс
闘技場 Coliseum Arena Arène Kolosseum Arena Coliseo 鬥技場 / 斗技场 투기장 Колизей
キルソード Killing Edge Dodelijke degen Fer létal Schnitter Lama letale Espada asesina 必殺劍 / 必杀剑 킬 소드 Клинок погибели
リン Lyn Lyn Lyn Lyn Lyn Lyn 琳 / 琳 Лин

*If there's a break in a French or Spanish column that means the top one is the name used in the Americas and the lower one is used in Europe. The Chinese names uses a score to seperate Traditional from Simplified Chinese, if the name five or more letters long, or how many that is in Latin letters, a break is used instead.