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User:PikaSamus/sandbox/names policy idea draft thing

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Just writing down some ideas here, don't take this too seriously

English names

  • Usually use the most recent English name as the primary names of topics. If there are differences between the two English versions, the North American name should always be used.
    • Fire Emblem Warriors is unreliable, and should be ignored for use as the primary name if it contradicts previous localizations of terms (such as "Evil God" instead of "Fell God" or "Lady Sword" instead of "Ladyblade").
    • English names appearing exclusively on the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends poll or the "Meet some of the Heroes" section are to be used only if there are no conflicts with other material. Even so, they are not to be given the same status as an "official name" appearing in a game or content bundled with a game (such as Legacy of Archanea).
  • In the context of games which use different English names but the same Japanese name, use the name that that game used. For example, the name of the item Boots was localized as "Swiftsole" in the English version of The Sacred Stones, but was localized as Boots in every other game, and it should be referred to as "Swiftsole" in The Sacred Stones-related material on the wiki, but "Boots" when talking about other games.
    • For games which were not localized, it is best to use English terms from the most-related of games. For example:
      • Mystery of the Emblem, and New Mystery of the Emblem-related material on the wiki should use terms from Shadow Dragon or Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light in the case of differing localizations for the same terms, such as "Barrier" instead of "Ward" for the staff known in Japanese as "Magic Shield".
        • Exceptions: the Knight Crest should be referred to as thus in Mystery of the Emblem contexts rather than "Paladin's Honor", because it is not only used to promote to a Paladin. Additionally, the class known as "Armor Knight" in Japanese should use its name from Three Houses, Armored Knight, because there is another class known as Knight in Mystery of the Emblem.
      • Gaiden-related material should use terms from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, such as using the term "Necrodragon" instead of "Draco Zombie" for the class known in Japanese as "Dragon Zombie".
      • The Binding Blade-related material should use terms from The Blazing Blade, such as "demon dragon" instead of "mage dragon" and "Poison Lance" instead of "Toxin Lance" or "Venin Lance". However, "Poleax" and "Ridersbane" should be used instead of "Halberd" and "Horseslayer" due to the Japanese terms differing between the two games.
      • Genealogy of the Holy War- and Thracia 776-related material is less clear, as no game taking place in Jugdral has been released outside Japan. Some localizations of Jugdral-specific terms differ between Awakening and Heroes, however, and the terms from Heroes should have priority when not in Awakening-related contexts (for example, "Lachesis" and "Loptous" instead of "Raquesis" and "Loptyr").

The use of terms from fan translations

Use of names from fan translations should be decided on a case by case basis.

  • Names from fan translations can be put in the eng-fan-name section of {{Names}} for characters if they originated from a Japanese-exclusive title; e.g. it would be acceptable to have the fan translation names mentioned on Draug, Seliph, or Anew, but not Chrom, Hana, or Raijinto. When the fan translation term is identical to the official English name, such as Fighter (Gaiden), the fan name should not be mentioned.
    • Undecided on this: For terms localized very early on in English, such as Heal or Armorslayer, fan names shouldn't be mentioned.

Japanese names

  • A translation of the Japanese name should be used in the lead and the etymology box.
    • Usually, we will want to use what we call the "official romanization", or English renderings of the Japanese names used in Japanese media. These should be marked in the jpn-mean section of {{Names}} as Officially romanized as '''X'''; a reference is recommended to be placed after this note.
      • In-game usage should be prioritized over the TCG or official websites; for example Wrys's Japanese name is rendered as "Riff" in the cast listing of Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, but he is referred to as "Rif" in the TCG and on the official New Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light Background website. Both should be mentioned in the etymology box, but only the former would be in the lead.
    • Internal file names should not be given the same status as "official romanizations". They often contradict "official romanizations" (or even other parts of the files themselves), and frequently have misspellings or other errors. Internal file names can still be mentioned in the jpn-mean section of {{Names}}, but they are usually best left as a simple note rather than used as the Japanese name (e.g. for Bentheon, Benson; internal files refer to him as "Bensom").