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Just pretend she's eating something and saying "nom" so the username makes sense


Nonbinary (they/them)



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About Me

I started playing Fire Emblem in middle school at a friend's recommendation, and I've since spiraled into the FE abyss to the point I now contribute to the wiki. How's your life going?


I've started a one person campaign to improve every chapter page for FE9, fact checking everything in sequential order as I play every difficulty on both the US and Japanese versions concurrently. Is this an insane idea? Absolutely.

Current Progress: Chapters 4-5

I also plan on adding info on the Fire Emblem crossover content in Monster Hunter Generations/Ultimate at some point, since it seems absent from the wiki.

To see what I'm currently working on specifically, go to User:Nephenom/Sandbox


I'll add more, eventually.

Discord.png This user uses Discord and their handle is xenofes.