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User:Moydow/Timeline of Fódlan

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Timeline of Fódlan
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The land of Fódlan and its surrounding territories occupy their own Fire Emblem series story universe, with no known ties to any other universe (aside from the existence of the Three Regalia and Hauteclere from Archanea, though it is not explained how these came to appear in Fódlan). Much of the history of Fódlan is recounted in documents stored in the library at Garreg Mach Monastery; it should however be noted that falsified versions of history were widely propagated by the Church of Seiros, so it is possible these documents are not completely accurate.

Fódlan uses a calendar known as the "Imperial calendar" whose epoch is the establishment of the Adrestian Empire, with the years counted relative to the empire's foundation in Imperial Year 1. The new year of this calendar begins in the fourth month, the Great Tree Moon.


Pre-history of Fódlan
History of Fódlan
Events of Part I: White Clouds


Year Events in Fódlan
Sometime before -41 • The dragon Sothis descends upon Fódlan from afar, adapting a humanlike form.
• Sothis' descendants, the Children of the Goddess, are born from Sothis' blood.
• Sothis and the Children of the Goddess share their knowledge and powers with humanity, and human civilisation flourishes.
• As humans grow ever stronger, they eventually clash with Sothis and the Children of the Goddess. Humanity is almost wiped out in the ensuing battle, and their survivors are driven underground to Shambhala; their descendants eventually become known as those who slither in the dark.
• Sothis creates new life to repopulate the now mostly vacant Fódlan. Sothis retires to the Holy Tomb to recuperate, and the Children of the Goddess base themselves in Zanado.
• Sothis is killed by Nemesis, and her remains are taken by those who slither in the dark. Her bones are used to create the Sword of the Creator, her heart is used to create its Crest Stone, and her blood is taken by Nemesis, who obtains the Crest of Flames as a result.
The Red Canyon Tragedy
• Nemesis launches an attack on Zanado, killing almost all its citizens. As with Sothis, their remains are taken by those who slither in the dark to create weapons and Crest Stones, and their blood taken by the warriors who would become known as the 10 Elites.
• The few surviving Children of the Goddess go into hiding across the world.
-41 • A survivor of the Children of the Goddess appears in Enbarr under the name Seiros, seeking allies in her pursuit of revenge against Nemesis.
• The deeds Seiros performs during this time become known as "miracles", and her followers later establish the Church of Seiros in her name.
1 Founding of the Adrestian Empire
• Seiros forms a blood bond with Wilhelm Paul Hresvelg, who becomes the first Emperor of the Adrestian Empire, initially covering only the southern regions of Fódlan.
32 The War of Heroes
• The Adrestian Empire declares war in pursuit of unifying Fódlan under its rule.
46 The Battle of Gronder
• The Imperial army clashes with allies of Nemesis at Gronder Field, and emerges victorious.
Before 91 Maurice, one of the Elites, loses control of his power and is transformed into the Wandering Beast, a bloodthirsty, savage monster. Maurice's name and story is eventually erased from history by the Church of Seiros.
91 The Battle of Tailtean
• The Imperial army, led by Seiros, attacks the forces of Nemesis and the 10 Elites at the Tailtean Plains, and Nemesis is killed in battle by Seiros.
• Following the battle, Seiros takes possession of the 10 Elites' weapons.
98 End of the War of Heroes
• Wilhelm's successor as Emperor, Lycaon I, dies suddenly of illness. With the Empire having conquered most of the land of Fódlan, the war ends shortly after.
185 Garreg Mach Monastery, headquarters of the Church of Seiros, is established at the centre of Fódlan.
721 The First Mach War
• The army of Dagda attempts to invade Fódlan, but are driven back by the Imperial army.
728 The Invasion of Brigid
• The Imperial army occupies the Brigid archipelago, an allied nation of Dagda.
731 The Invasion of Dagda
• The Imperial army, using Brigid as a foothold, mounts an attack on Dagda, but the attack fails.
747 The Faerghus Rebellion
• An anti-Imperial revolt begins in the Faerghus region of northern Fódlan, led by Loog von Blaiddyd.
• Loog's forces claim victory against the Imperial army at Gronder Field, in a clash that becomes known as the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.
751 Founding of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
• With the assistance of the Church of Seiros, Loog secures Faerghus' independence from the Adrestian Empire, and is crowned its first king.
• In return for their assistance, the Church of Seiros becomes the official religion of the new Kingdom, and are permitted to openly proselytise within Faerghus.
801 The Leicester Rebellion
• A rebellion begins in the region of Leicester, in the eastern regions of the Empire, and the Imperial army fails to suppress it.
• Leicester is occupied by Faerghus and absorbed into the Kingdom.
861 • Following the death of King Klaus I of Faerghus, the Kingdom is divided into separate territories by three of his heirs, who rule over each territory as archdukes.
881 The Crescent Moon War
• The Archduke of Leicester dies, but the lords of the region refuse to acknowledge his successor, instead plotting to separate from the Kingdom and rule the territory as an Alliance. 20 years of hostilities follow.
901 Founding of the Leicester Alliance
• With all opposition in the eastern regions of Faerghus eliminated, the lords of Leicester declare the official formation of the Leicester Alliance.
961 The Almyran Invasion
• The army of Almyra crosses Fódlan's Throat and launches an invasion of Alliance territory.
• With assistance from the Imperial army, the Alliance army are barely able to defeat the Almyran army and secure the border.
approx. 961 • In response to the invasion of Fódlan by Almyra, the Officers Academy is established at Garreg Mach Monastery, with the aim of raising a generation of strong military leaders.[1]
1101 • The fortress of Fódlan's Locket is built upon Fódlan's Throat by the combined efforts of the Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance, to help secure the eastern border against Almyran invasion.
approx. 1164 Seteth begins working at Garreg Mach Monastery.[2]
1175 The Brigid and Dagda War
• The joint forces of Dagda and Brigid attempt to invade the Adrestian Empire.
• The Imperial forces led by Count Bergliez successfully repel the attack at an Imperial port town, with the prince of Brigid counted among the casualties.
• Following their defeat, Brigid is occupied by the Empire as a vassal state.
Petra Macneary, princess of Brigid, is taken to the Empire as a hostage to ensure Brigid's subservience.


  1. "I hear the Officers Academy of the monastery was founded about two centuries ago. The eastern region of Fódlan was being invaded by Almyra, and so the archbishop of the time took measures to prevent the border from being taken. In order to ensure Fódlan would be safe from potential threats, she deemed it necessary to raise a generation of excellence. That is how the establishment was founded, though its purpose has changed over the years." — Student, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  2. "Hanneman: Ah, Seteth! Have you finally decided to cooperate with my research?!
    Seteth: Absolutely not. For 16 years, I have refused your requests. I have no intention of changing my mind.
    " — Hanneman and Seteth's C support, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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