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User:Master Snake/Heroes units

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This here is my current Fire Emblem Heroes roster now shown here instead of my user page. Take a look.


Clair: Highborn Flier Fjorm: Princess of Ice Tana: Winged Princess Ninian: Oracle of Destiny Ninian: Bright-Eyed Bride Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn Olwen: Blue Mage Knight Morgan: Lass from Afar Ephraim: Legendary Lord Camilla: Tropical Beauty Lucina: Glorious Archer Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall

Portrait clair feh.png
Level 40+1
Max HP 35
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh lance.png
Movement type flying
Attack 46 Speed 36
Defense 28 Resistance 33
Is feh wpn rhomphaia refined.png Rhomphaia
Is feh skill assist.png Harsh Command
Is feh skill special.png Buckler
A Armored Blow 2

B Hit and Run
C Spur Spd 2
S Spur Res 1
Asset/Flaw: -HP/+Atk
Blessing: Fire Blessing


Camilla: Bewitching Beauty Dorcas: Serene Warrior Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams Lilina: Blush of Youth Myrrh: Great Dragon Julia: Naga's Blood Sanaki: Apostle in White Elincia: Estival Princess Azura: Young Songstress Surtr: Ruler of Flame Fjorm: New Traditions


Mia: Lady of Blades Siegbert: Future King Tharja: Dark Shadow Tharja: Normal Girl Chrom: Exalted Prince Camilla: Holiday Traveler Camilla: Flower of Fantasy Lyn: Lady of the Plains Gray: Wry Comrade Karla: Sword Vassal Aversa: Dark One Celica: Warrior Priestess Gunnthrá: Year's First Dream Palla: Eldest Whitewing

Portrait mia feh.png
Level 40
Max HP 45
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh sword.png
Movement type infantry
Attack 51 Speed 41
Defense 30 Resistance 22
Is feh skill weapon.png Resolute Blade
Is feh skill assist.png --
Is feh skill special.png Glowing Ember
A HP Def 2

B Vantage 3
C Hone Spd 1
S Initiate Seal Spd 1
Asset/Flaw: +HP/-Res
Blessing: Is feh blessing fire.png Fire Blessing


Lyn: Brave Lady Veronica: Brave Princess Loki: The Trickster Mia: Moonlit Witch Cecilia: Festive Instructor Eirika: Gentle as Snow Camilla: Steamy Secrets Olivia: Festival Dancer