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User:Luke/Staff of Fire Emblem Warriors

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This list of staff members worked on the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS game Fire Emblem Warriors. The games were published by Koei Tecmo in Japan and Nintendo in other regions and developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja. All names are given in Western order.



  • Hiroya Usuda

Project Manager

  • Taiyo Aramaki

Game Design Lead

  • Makoto Ishizuka

Engineering Lead

  • Shuhei Sato

Art Director

  • Yuta Matsunaga

Sound Director

  • Yosuke Kinoshita

Character Design Lead

  • Yuuki Kubota

Character Art Lead

  • Naoko Matsumoto

Environment Art Lead

  • Kazuhiro Shoji

Animation Art Lead

  • Toshiaki Kondo

Cinematics Lead

  • Ryo Sagai

User Interface Lead Design

  • Kazutaka Kato

VFX Lead

  • Takehiko Kanaoka

Technical Art Lead

  • Naoyo Okamoto