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User:Lost in Hyrule

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Lost in Hyrule

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Portrait eirika fe08.png This user's first Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

About Me

I go by Lost in Hyrule most places on the internet. I'm a practicing Christian living in Indiana along with my lovely wife, and I work as a web developer.

I first got Sacred Stones roughly when it came out, and started several playthroughs, though I only made it 10 or so chapters in each time. I also got Path of Radiance near its release, but the story was much the same, petering out about 10 chapters in. Years later, my now brother-in-law gave me Awakening, and history repeated, only making it to Mustafa's chapter, but no further.

The story finally changed in 2020 when I got Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on Switch. That was the first Fire Emblem I finally finished! Now, I'm on to Awakening and already to chapter 15, breaking my previous curse. The rest of the series looms before me, and it shall all be conquered!

Series Progress
Completed Played Unplayed
1. Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light 8. The Sacred Stones 2. Gaiden
9. Path of Radiance 3. Mystery of the Emblem
13. Awakening 4. Genealogy of the Holy War
Heroes 5. Thracia 776
6. The Binding Blade
7. The Blazing Blade
10. Radiant Dawn
11. Shadow Dragon
12. New Mystery of the Emblem
14. Fates
15. Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
16. Three Houses
Archanea Saga
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE