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This page contains information on numerous minor characters in the Fire Emblem series. Characters on this page are often only mentioned in dialogue or designers notes and lack a volume of information to support a full page of content. If at some point a large amount of new information becomes known about one of these characters, such as from a remake or developer notes, feel free to create a full page for them and remove them from this one.



Marius was the son of Marcellus, the father of Cornelius, and the grandfather of Marth. He is mentioned in developer notes.[1][2]



Matthaus was a Zofian astronomer that proposed the Valentian calendar to Mila. He is only mentioned by name in Valentia Accordion's complete timeline, though he is also mentioned, though not explicitly named, in the Japanese official website's Echoes: Shadows of Valentia timeline.




Iris is Nino's birth mother. She is possibly the sister of Canas's wife and was killed by Nergal and Sonia.


Mary's portrait from The Binding Blade.

Mary is the older sister of Ward. She lives in the Western Isles. She can be encountered in one of Chapter 10B's villages.

Her portrait would later be edited and reused for Natalie, a character appearing in The Blazing Blade.


Myu is the younger sister of Lot. She lives in the Western Isles. She can be encountered in one of Chapter 10B's villages.


Marquess of Thria and Hector's half-brother. He is only mentioned during chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He does not appear in person and is killed by his advisor Wagner before he is seen by Roy and his companions.



Melina (Japanese: ミリアーナ) is Amelia's mother. When Amelia was young she was abducted by bandits. She was rescued by Duessel some time afterwards, though she was amnesiac and barely able to walk. If Amelia reaches an A support with Duessel she reunites with Melina in their paired ending.


Mia (Japanese: マイア Maya) is the sister of Kyle. She is married to someone from Frelia.


Saaga (Japanese: サーガ) is a court troubadour from Rausten. His tales are what inspired L'Arachel to start her travels across Magvel.


Zabba (Japanese: ザッパー) was Gerik's friend and mercenary companion, and was slain by Saleh in battle. He inspired Gerik to start Gerik's Mercenaries.


Zethla (Japanese: ゼルヅァ) was Neimi's grandfather. He was known as "Single-Arrow Zethla", as he would only take one arrow with him when hunting. Renais tried to recruit him but he would always refuse. He owned a golden-eagle-embroidered gauntlet that he passed on to Neimi.






Menja was Helbindi's younger sister. Surtr used her as a bargaining chip for Helbindi's loyalty. Surtr eventually found Helbindi's performance against Askr and Nifl unsatisfactory and burned her and the rest of Helbindi's home to the ground.