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This page contains information on numerous minor characters in the Fire Emblem series. Characters on this page are often only generic units with no real name or title, mentioned only in dialogue or designers notes and lack a volume of information to support a full page of content. If at some point a large amount of new information becomes known about one of these characters, such as from a remake or developer notes, feel free to create a full page for them and remove them from this one.



Marius was the son of Marcelus, the father of Cornelius, and the grandfather of Marth. He is mentioned in developer notes.[1][2]


An unnamed Ruffian appearing in Prologue 5 of New Mystery of the Emblem was an affiliate or member of Eremiya's assassins and was employed by Legion to wreak havoc in Altea's villages so as to distract the 7th Platoon while the main force of assassins aimed for Marth. Though the Ruffian was killed by Kris's platoon, he died laughing knowing that his mission had been completed.

The Ruffian, or more accurately, characters with the same portrait as him, also appear in:

Boss stats in Prologue 5 of New Mystery of the Emblem

Stats with a decimal can vary randomly; the decimal represents the chance for the stat to increase to the nearest integer, or otherwise be truncated.

Normal Hard Maniac Lunatic

Generic portrait barbarian fe12.png
Ma ds02 barbarian enemy.gif Barbarian
Level 5
Movement --
Max HP 25 Speed 10
Strength 11 Luck 0
Magic 0 Defense 5
Skill 7 Resistance 0
Hand Axe
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes D
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --


Slave trader

The slave trader is a minor NPC in the original Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and Mystery of the Emblem, both times appearing in the Knorda Market chapter. The slaver worked in the markets of Knorda at the edge of town and claimed to sell a variety of slaves. By the time of the map's beginning, the slaver only had a bunch of kidnapped young boys left to sell.

When Marth arrived to the slaver's dwelling, the trafficker attempted to sell Marth some children, but when Marth made his opposition on slavery clear and upon realizing that Marth was the leader of the Archanean League, the slaver fled the scene.

Marth subsequently released all the young boys only to find out that one of them, was in-fact, a teenage girl in disguise. The teenage girl subsequently revealed herself as Linde, the daughter of the legendary pontifex, Miloah. Linde had disguised herself as a young boy, but had been captured by the slaver until Marth freed her.

In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the slaver and the whole slavery market plot line is removed, instead it is replaced by a ruffian (who uses the same portrait as the above Ruffian) capturing Archanean citizens for unknown reasons.

In Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, the slaver is an edit of the portrait used by Manakete bosses, whilst in Mystery of the Emblem the Slaver has a unique portrait that resembles an old woman.


Shady Man

An unnamed shady man in Knorda Market that appears in Episode III of Archanea Saga. When Lena was left alone in the market as Rickard went to look for mercenary to hire, she was approached by this man whom claimed that he needed her for something. Lena tried to politely tell the man to leave, but he refused and grabbed her.

Navarre arrived and told the man to leave Lena alone, when the man refused, Navarre brought it out his Killing Edge and the man now realized he was dealing with Navarre and scurried off, never to return. Based on his behavior and location, it can be inferred the man was a slaver or involved in some sort of shady business.

This character is voiced by Hideyuki Hori.



Matthaus was a Zofian astronomer that proposed the Valentian calendar to Mila. He is only mentioned by name in Valentia Accordion's complete timeline, though he is also mentioned, though not explicitly named, in the Japanese official website's Echoes: Shadows of Valentia timeline.


Lady of the Lake

In both Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776, the Brave Axe is obtained from a mysterious woman who emerges from bodies of water, as a nod to the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian mythology. Lex is seen getting his Brave Axe from this woman in an event in Chapter 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War, while in Thracia 776, Halvan's sister Patricia got hers off-screen after encountering this woman in a mountain lake.[3] Lex's reception of the Brave Axe is also based on the fable of the Honest Woodman, as Lex receives it as a reward for honesty when presented golden and silver axes.

In Genealogy of the Holy War, the only game where this character physically appears in, she shares her portrait with Lahna.



Iris is Nino's birth mother. She is possibly the sister of Canas's wife and was killed by Nergal and Sonia.



Melina (Japanese: ミリアーナ) is Amelia's mother. When Amelia was young she was abducted by bandits. She was rescued by Duessel some time afterwards, though she was amnesiac and barely able to walk. If Amelia reaches an A support with Duessel she reunites with Melina in their paired ending.


Mia (Japanese: マイア Maya) is the sister of Kyle. She is married to someone from Frelia.


Saaga (Japanese: サーガ) is a court troubadour from Rausten. His tales are what inspired L'Arachel to start her travels across Magvel.


Zabba (Japanese: ザッパー) was Gerik's friend and mercenary companion, and was slain by Saleh in battle. He inspired Gerik to start his mercenary group.


Zethla (Japanese: ゼルヅァ) was Neimi's grandfather. He was known as "Single-Arrow Zethla", as he would only take one arrow with him when hunting. His reputation led to him being constantly offered to join Renais's army, though he would always refuse. He owned a golden-eagle-embroidered gauntlet that he passed on to Neimi.



The Hierarch (Japanese: 神官 Priest) is an NPC appearing in Chapter 7 of Fire Emblem Awakening. He assisted Emmeryn after her ascension to Exalt.[4] When Emmeryn flees Ylisstol, he escorts her and the Shepherds to the eastern palace, but secretly informs the Plegians. When a Plegian Army ambushes them, the Hierarch asks to be taken into their protection, but is instead executed by the army's leader.

Chrom's father

Chrom's father is a background character in Fire Emblem Awakening; he was the exalt of Ylisse before Emmeryn. At least fifteen years before the start of Awakening, Chrom's father launched an invasion of Plegia in an attempt to eradicate the Grimleal. The invasion ended unsuccessfully with his death, leaving Emmeryn to become exalt at ten years old; the invasion resulted in lasting resentment between the Ylissean royalty and their subjects, and between Ylisse and Plegia.



Menja was Helbindi's younger sister. Surtr used her as a bargaining chip for Helbindi's loyalty. Surtr eventually found Helbindi's performance against Askr and Nifl unsatisfactory and burned her and the rest of Helbindi's home to the ground.



  3. "It's a nice axe, isn't it? I got it from a strange old lady who came out of the lake in the mountain. But I can't really use it, so take it." — Patricia, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  4. "The hierarch? He's been a friend of House Ylisse for many years. He guided Emmeryn during the early years of her rule." — Chrom, Fire Emblem Awakening