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TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles known official romanizations

This should be all playable characters plus a few NPCs (who are marked as such). From the guidebook.

Appearing in the credits

In alphabetical order. Fan translation notes are currently not comprehensive.

  • Alicia (Japanese: エリシャ)
  • Arkis (Japanese: アーキス)
  • Enteh (Japanese: エンテ)
  • Garo (Japanese: ガロ)
  • Holmes (Japanese: ホームズ)
  • Julia (Japanese: ジュリア)
  • Kate (Japanese: ケイト)
  • Katri (Japanese: カトリ)
  • Kreiss (Japanese: クライス)
  • Lionel (Japanese: ライネル)
  • Lionheart (Japanese: レオンハート)
  • Loffaru (Japanese: ロファール)
  • Lyria (Japanese: リーリエ)
  • Mahter (Japanese: マーテル)
  • Maruju (Japanese: マルジュ, current fan translation uses Maruj)
  • Mel (Japanese: メル)
  • Meriah (Japanese: メリエル)
  • Narsus (Japanese: ナルサス)
  • Narron (Japanese: ナロン)
  • Plum (Japanese: プラム)
  • Raquel (Japanese: ラケル)
  • Rennie (Japanese: レニー)
  • Roger (Japanese: ロジャー)
  • Runan (Japanese: リュナン)
  • Sasha (Japanese: サーシャ)
  • Thomas (Japanese: トムス)
  • Tia (Japanese: ティーエ)
  • Vega (Japanese: ヴェガ)
  • Xeno (Japanese: ゼノ)
  • Yuni (Japanese: ユニ)

Appearing in guidebooks

I think these count as official, the guidebooks match the credits names, as far as I can tell. I don't own either of the guidebooks (yet) so this list is not yet comprehensive.

  • Barts (Japanese: バーツ)
  • Bud (Japanese: バド)
  • Ezenbah (Japanese: エーゼンバッハ) (NPC)
  • Leteena (Japanese: レティーナ)
  • Rebecca (Japanese: リベカ)
  • Neyfa (Japanese: ネイファ) (NPC)
  • Rishel (Japanese: リシュエル)
  • Samson (Japanese: サムソン)
  • Temzin (Japanese: テムジン) (NPC)
  • Verna (Japanese: ヴェーヌ)
  • Zacharia (Japanese: ザカリア)
  • Zeek (Japanese: ジーク)

Names currently without known official romanizations

  • Alfred (Japanese: アフリード)
  • Attrom (Japanese: アトロム)
  • Billford (Japanese: ビルフォード)
  • Esther (Japanese: エステル)
  • Ezekiel (Japanese: エゼキエル)
  • Frau (Japanese: フラウ)
  • Hagar (Japanese: ハガル)
  • Krishna (Japanese: クリシーヌ)
  • Lee (Japanese: リー)
  • Maerhen (Japanese: メルヘン)
  • Mintz (Japanese: ミンツ)
  • Norton (Japanese: ノートン)
  • Raffin (Japanese: ラフィン)
  • Renee (Japanese: レネ)
  • Rina (Japanese: リィナ)
  • Ruka (Japanese: ルカ)
  • Sennet (Japanese: セネト)
  • Sharon (Japanese: シャロン)
  • Shigen (Japanese: シゲン)
  • Shirou (Japanese: シロウ)
  • Sierra (Japanese: シエラ)
  • Sun (Japanese: サン)
  • Yoda (Japanese: ヨーダ)


Monster classes

These are from the guidebook

  • Arch Ogre (Japanese: アーク オーガ)
  • Ogre (Japanese: オーガ)

Playable stats test

Portrait shigen trs01.png
Level 7
Recruitment: Chapter x, method of recruitment

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Is ps1 dullahan.png Dullahan Is ps1 continuation skill.png Continuation
Is ps1 sea fighter.png Sea Fighter
Is ps1 gladiator.png Gladiator (Lv 21)
Is ps1 wyvern skill.png Wyvern (Lv 28)
Is ps1 gale skill.png Gale (Lv 38)
Swords Spears Axes Bows Staves
Fire magic Thunder magic Wind magic Light magic Dark magic

Flipping images

Portrait forrest fe14.png
Portrait forrest fe14.png
Portrait forrest fe14.png
Portrait forrest fe14.png

Portrait henry fe13.png

Portrait henry fe13.png

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Reddit leak thread

User thanibomb on r/fireemblem posted a topic on Reddit titled "Three Houses Spoiler Thread" claiming she knew unreleased details of the game. Users asked questions in the topic and she responded to them with answers about the game. Thanibomb claimed that her information came from early in development.[1]

This leak is notable for getting a notable percentage of unreleased at the time information correct, and is detailed here.

Quote Notes
Q: Alright, here's my biggest one: do you fight the students from the routes you don't take at some point?
A: Yes. And they die.[1]
The fact that Claude gains a wyvern in his canon promotion![2] --
He gets unique facial hair and is quite flashy![3]
Try sideburns. :P[4]
Correct; Claude gains facial hair that can be described as sideburns after the five year timeskip.
Edelgard, Dorothea, Sothis, and a few more. [5] These characters are in reference to being able to form a romantic relationship either a male or female partner.
Q: Sothis? Sothis is an actual unit?
A: Surprise![6]
Q: Will Rhea be the twist villain like everybody expects?
A: She should actually be recruitable.[7]
Q: Do the students not in your house get corrupted into monsters by their family crests?
A: Potentially![8]
Q: How is Dimitri's character and promotion? I'm guessing he gains a horse?
A: I actually LOVE all the lords in terms of character and design from what I've been told so far. Dimitri's "shadow" actually has to do with the trauma he faces prior to and as the story progresses. He is the sole survivor of his family's massacre and suffers greatly because of it. Much of his storyline revolves around this and his battle with his own mental health. Thank you to my source for telling me this if you're reading this! I thought Dimitri would be my least favorite of the three, but his story is actually just as good as the other two's.

In regards to promotion, he gains swords and authority (the flag icon). No mount from what I recall. He does lose an eye though...[9]

Dimitri losing an eye is correct.
I don't know about the first two questions, but Claude's appearance will definitely be hit or miss for many people. His wyvern is very cool though. It's white with orange hair.

There should be a pegasus class that could wield bows as well.[10]

I can reveal very little of Edelgard's backstory for spoiler reasons. I can tell you that her father is the emperor (obviously) and that her mother married into Dimitri's family, making them stepsiblings. The fourth path is actually a branching path from her original path.[11] --
You can recruit one member from another house. Not a lord or retainer though.[12] Partially correct; the player can indeed recruit characters to their chosen house from other houses, but it is not limited to only one.
Q: Will Manuela and Hanneman be playable? If so, on what routes
A: Yes. I don’t know which routes exactly.[13]
There is a 5 year timeskip though, and a new form of "skinship."[14] Timeskip is correct.
The story is more akin to Radiant Dawn's, where each chapter is a small part of a greater "part." Part 1 has a heavy focus on the academy, for example, while Part 2 does not.[15] Part 1 is confirmed
Almyra plays a big role in Claude’s path.[16] --
I don't know the names, but the weapons should be linked to the crests. The game has very close connections to Genealogy of the Holy War, from the darker storyline to the characterization. Each noble "house" has access to certain crests + weapons. The weapons are wieldable by units who don't have the respective crests IIRC, but there are very dire consequences...[17] --
Q: What does Edlegard get when she promotes?
A: To her canon class? Axes, armor, authority. Think the Emperor class from FE4 but cooler. She'll definitely be armor whale bait in Heroes.[18]
IIRC, certain levels of supports are unlocked after certain story points.[19] --
Cyril is the non generic looking knight next to Geralt in the trailer. [20] Incorrect, though she may have gotten two characters' named swapped accidentally. The man seen in the trailer next to Jeralt is Alois.
A character named Alois that works in the monastery that is from Almyra I believe. A student of Geralt named Cyril.[21] --
Q:Who's the blonde lady knight from the trailer?
A:Catherine “The Thunder.”[22]
Her advisor? It’s Setes. He should be recruitable as a wyvern rider.[23] Mostly correct; however Setes is known by the name Seteth in the English release. Both "Seteth" and "Setes" are valid interpretations of how his Japanese is written.
Yes to dragons, unsure about beasts.

She promotes to a Kaiser(?) class and yes, she still focuses on axes.[24]

I’m not sure, but a unique addition in this game is that you can potentially S support non-playable characters.[25] --
Around a dozen chapters.[26] --
There are different factions of the church. Some are noble in their intentions while some are not. Think of the Begnion Senate but less... black and white?

There’s a certain “flame” you have to deal with early in the game as well.[27]

"flame" may refer to the Flame Emperor
Q:Sothis being a romance option worries me, but I'll treat it like Nowi and pretend it isn't an option. Also please let there be no 2nd generation unless we're getting a Genealogy style timeskip.
A:Your opinion of Sothis might change dramatically.[28]
  1. Also note that much of my information comes from very early in the game's development. I don't know many things that have been changed upstream (i.e. Hilda's or the lords' designs) so it may not all be 100% accurate to the game on release.[29]