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User:Kristak/Sandbox/Template:Status condition

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File:Is wii poison.png Poison

File:Is gba status poison.png poison status

User:Kristak/Sandbox/Template:Status condition/doc

Is snes03 status silence.png-Is snes03 status berserk.png-Is snes03 status sleep.png-Is snes03 status poison.png-Is snes03 status petrify.png
Is wii status silence.png-Is wii status sleep.png-Is wii status poison.png-Is wii status petrify.png-Is wii status paralysis.png-Is wii status shock.png
Is 3ds03 status spellbound.png-Is 3ds03 status poison.png-Is 3ds03 status stunned.png
Is ns01 status silence.png-Is ns01 status poison.png-Is ns01 status rattled.png-Is ns01 status confusion.png-Is ns01 status impregnable wall.png-Is ns01 status sacred shield.png-Is ns01 status blessing.png-Is ns01 status stride.png-Is ns01 status torch.png-Is ns01 status frozen.png-Is ns01 status stirrings of reason.png


A template for use on items, skills and combat arts data pages. This makes adding notes on bonus damage alongside the unit category's icon more streamlined.


This template has two main parameters: the game's number in the series/console platform code, and the unit category's name.

{{Bonus damage|platform|unit category}}

For above: {{Bonus damage|gba|flying}}