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Help: Contents

Welcome to Fire Emblem Wiki's help page. Here you can find the links to several pages which contain all sorts of information for Fire Emblem Wiki, such as a detailed list of the Staff of Fire Emblem Wiki as well as helpful pages regarding using and editing Fire Emblem Wiki. Suggestions to help add onto this can be placed: here.


Basic Editing

  • Getting Started - Contains information on creating and editing pages, as well as basic Wiki coding.
  • Citing Sources - How to locate, add, and display references in articles.
  • Images - How to upload images and add them to pages.
  • Protected Pages - General information concerning protected pages.
  • Redirects - How to use redirects.
  • Talk Pages - How to edit talk pages properly.
  • Templates - How to create and use templates for pages.
  • Userboxes - How to add userboxes to your user page, and how to make a userbox.
    • Userbox List - A list of all userboxes with the coding for each listed next to them.

Editing Guidelines

  • Canon Policy - How to differentiate between non-canon, ambiguous, and canonical sources.
  • Featured Content - How to support, oppose, and nominate articles or pictures for Featured status.
  • Guidelines for Nintendo Articles - What to and what not to do in a non-Zelda article.
  • Image Deletion Policy - Some of the most common reasons an image will be deleted from the Wiki.
  • Interwiki Policy - Caveats on issues concerning relations with other wikis hosting similar content.
  • Quality Standards - The general expectations of an article.
  • User Accounts - Wondering about user preferences, ban reasons, or anything pertaining to users? Jump in here.

Advanced Editing

  • Archiving Talk Pages - If a talk page is getting too long, it should be archived. Find out how here.
  • Article Reorganization - How to properly re-arrange the content and images of an article.
  • Coding Help:
    • CSS - Listing of used CSS prompts.
    • HTML - Listing of used HTML prompts.
  • Making a Custom Signature - All of those cool custom signatures you see people with? Here's how you make one of your own.
  • Merging Pages - Combining several pages into one article.
  • Moving Pages - How to move a page to a different name, and why the situation may ever arise.
  • Patrolling Edits - How to check, fix, and mark edits from the Recent Changes as "patrolled". (Patrollers, Admins, Bureaucrats)
  • Tables - How to implement tabular coding and parameters.
  • User Navigation Bars - How to create a personal navigation bar for your userpage.
  • WikiExclusives - A creative, unique way to contribute to the wiki!

Other Information

  • Administrators - Who are they and what do they do?
  • User Group Rights - What is expected of a Bureaucrat on this wiki? How about a Patroller? Find out here.
  • Skype - The "water cooler" of the wiki, per se, where editors and staff alike hang out and discuss everything and anything.
  • About - A general overview of the wiki, the Masterminds, and how to become a part of this online collaboration.
  • Glossary - What is a Permaban? How about the difference between a JPG, PNG, and OGG file? Find out in our comprehensive dictionary.