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New York

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Hi, everyone!

Fire Emblem games I've played

Heroes lineup

Marth: Enigmatic Blade Fjorm: Princess of Ice Azura: Lady of Ballads Takumi: Empty Vessel

Portrait marth enigmatic blade feh.png
Level 40+8
Max HP 55
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh sword.png
Movement type infantry
Attack 55 Speed 41
Defense 30 Resistance 24
Is feh wpn spectrum bond refined.png Falchion
Is feh skill support.png Reciprocal Aid
Is feh skill special.png Aether
Is feh steady breath.pngA Steady Breath

Is feh renewal 3.pngB Renewal 3
Is feh infantry pulse 3.pngC Infantry Pulse 3
Is feh close def 3.pngS Close Def 3
Individual Values: Neutral
Blessing: Is feh blessing water.png Water
Support: Fjorm: Princess of Ice
Summoner Support

Small portrait marth fe11.png This user's first Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
Small portrait micaiah light mage fe10.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem game is Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
Small portrait takumi fe14.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem character is Takumi.
Portrait berkut status fe15.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem character is Berkut.
Bs fe11 playable soldier lance.png This user's favorite class is Soldier.