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Lyrics of Emblem Engage

(Copypasted from the FE Fandom wiki)

Rise from a thousand years ago.
Shaking off a hazy dream.

Meet the flower who cares for everyone.
The rising force of blacken steel.
Fighting in the desert sand.
Meet the snow that sweeps across the field.
The light and dark restore our skies.
Tonight, heal the wounds and learn from yesterday.

You calling out their names.
Crossing paths again.
Twelve are coming through.
Bless us from another place, do you remember me?

Memories of red and blue.
Reigniting you.
Bare your fangs and all.
Free yourself forever more here and now.

Emblem Engage!

Bonds of fire connect us.
Love provides, protects us.
Like the heroes from the pages.
Like the stories of the ages.

Bonds of hope unite us.
Shining on to guide us.
Skies above embrace the beauty.
The time is now for you and me.