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Trivia points that I will add/edit later

  • Two of Lilina's Heroes-based cards in Fire Emblem Cipher classify her as a Mage Knight, even though this class is functionally replaced by the Valkyrie class in The Binding Blade.
  • Sigurd is the only main protagonist of a Fire Emblem game to die onscreen during the course of said game as part of the story. Chrom also died onscreen in Awakening, but only because his death happened in the bad future, which was prevented later on, whereas Hector dies in The Binding Blade instead of The Blazing Blade.
  • In the Game Boy Advance games, the ending for the attack animation used for mages depicts them sticking out their middle finger. This is very likely unintentional.
  • (Princess of Bern) One of the cutscenes exclusive to the title screen shows a different enemy arrangement not seen in the actual map, depicting two fighters, a soldier, a mercenary, and an archer in the same area as the starting point for the player army.


  • FE6 opera ad
    • Roy: Kenji Taniguchi (Japanese, Binding Blade Opera Commercial)[1]
    • Lilina: Eriko Moriwaki (Japanese, Binding Blade Opera Commercial)[2]
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