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Fire Emblem Character File 001: Roy
FEFT Roy.png Gender: Male Estimated Age: 15 Title: Young Lion Origin: Lycia
Status: Leader of the Pheraen Army Weapon: Sword (Exclusive: Rapier, Binding Blade)

The young leader who carries the next generation of Lycia on his shoulders. The son of Eliwood, who is the head of Pherae, a kingdom in the eastern area of the Lycian League. When Bern invaded, he took the place of his sickly father as leader of the Pherae Army. Although young, he lead the army with excellent judgement and leadership to quell the rebellion against Pherae. Afterwards, he completely devoted himself to the devotion of Lycia.

Roy lacks combat experience, as he is still young. He leads the Pherae army against the rebellion and succeeds despite that, using nothing more than his sword and arm. Not only did he surprass a leader's quick thinking and judgement, but also skill with a sword arm.

Roy's way of thinking is neither like a noble or soldier. He gives hope and empathy to not just nobles or soldiers, but to everyone alike. With that skill as a driving force, Roy was able to gather talent from all over and build up a great army.

Profile translation by Kantopia
Fire Emblem Character File 002: Marcus
FEFT Marcus.png Gender: Male Estimated Age: 60's Title: Loyal Paladin Origin: Lycia
Status: Pherae Retainer Weapon: Sword/Lance/Axe

The loyal retainer who supports Pherae's young leaders.

Born in a household of Knights who have served Pherae for generations, he personally taught the previous generation of Pharae nobility in ways of war and as a martial arts instructor. In the same way, he taught Roy the ways of fencing. He retired after the end of the war with Bern, but serves Pherae as a loyal retainer with his life.

Marcus has served over three generations of parents and children of the Pherae household -truly a model vassal. Thanks to his guidance, the young vassals Alan, Lance, and Wolt are growing to be strong men. On the other hand, he often chides Roy's actions, as he strictly abides by tradition and observers organizational structure.

Nontheless, he serves within Roy's army of gathered individuals of many talents as Roy's primary advisor.

Profile translation by Kantopia
Fire Emblem Character File 024: Lilina
FEFT Lilina.png Gender: Female Estimated Age: Teens Title: Beautiful Duchess Origin: Lycia
Status: Leader of Ostia Weapon: Anima, Staves

Can the secret she holds deep in her heart ever reach that person? A noble lady of Ostia, part of the Lycia Alliance and Roy's childhood friend. She was imprisoned for a short time during the Ostia rebellion, but was saved by the one she cares deeply for, Roy. Even though she is aware of the death of her father; Hector, she does not let the sadness show no matter what. She is incredibly gifted in the ways of magic, enough to even astonish the mage-general Cecilia.

Lilina quickly ended up carrying the weight of Ostia on her shoulders because of the sudden death of her father, Hector. Though she often says she still cannot do anything to help, her extraordinary magic ability along with listening to her subjects intently gives a glimpse of the hidden potential as the current head of the Ostian family. That being said, she confides in Marcus about her expected age-appropriate love troubles. Will her true feelings be reciprocated by Roy...?

Profile translation by Kantopia
Fire Emblem Character File 063: Eliwood
FEFT Eliwood.png Gender: Male Estimated Age: 30's Title: None Origin: Lycia
Status: Marquess of Pherae Weapon: None

Roy's father, a famed Knight of Lycia.

The Marquess of Pherae, part of the Lycian League. Despite being in medical care due to an illness, he was once known as a great Knight of Lycia, a knight his son Roy aims to be like. He forms an Allied Army to oppose Bern's invasion, and sends Roy as his proxy representative. He felt tantalized by his inability inability to participate in the war.

Eliwood had decided to raise an army in Lycia in order to oppose Bern, however he felt he did not have the stamina to go to the front lines. He summoned Roy, who was studying abroad in Etruria, to represent him as Marquess of Pherae, and sent him off with great encouragement. Those who knew Eliwood as the gallant figure of decades past would feel sad looking upon the withered figure he had become. However, his unwavering, pure spirit was inherited by his son Roy, who would certainly be the driving force in ending the war with Bern.

Profile translation by Kantopia
Fire Emblem Character File 078: Eliwood
FERK Eliwood.png Gender: Male Estimated Age: 17 Title: Lycian Knight Origin: Lycia
Status: Young Noble of House Pherae Weapon: Sword, Lance (Exclusive: Rapier, Durandal)

The Prince of Pherae who has deep faith in his subordinates.

The Prince whose personality is the very embodiment of sincerity. He sets out on a journey to solve the mystery behind his father's disappearance. As a result, he became involved in a battle that would determine mankind's fate. He is able to gather support from colleagues and citizens thanks to his tendency of talking to people the same way regardless of status. He succeeds his father Elbert afterward.

Eliwood is kind to all people around him regardless of their gender or age. Starting with Marcus, who has served since his father's generation, Lowen, Harken, his best friend Hector, and Lyn -he is always surrounded by people. It is this virtue that has allowed him to gather so many people. Despite that, without relying on his friends, he is able to realize his full potential in his strong will. Even as Marquess Pherae, his skill was said to be incredible.

Profile translation by Kantopia
Fire Emblem Character File 58: Murdock
FEFT Murdock.png Gender: Male Estimated Age: 40's Title: None Origin: Bern
Status: Best of Bern's three Wyvern Generals Weapon: Axe (Special: Tomahawk)

The King's right hand man and Bern's strongest Knight. The strongest of Bern's Three Wyvern Generals. He is always serving Zephiel's side, as a devoted retainer who is deeply trusted. He led the northern army to attack Ilia, and had it conquered for Zephiel in a flash. After seeing Bern's army face a negative turn of events, he returned to support the domestic army, encountering Roy, who was leading the charge. He is a brave of dignified leader.

Murdock is Zephiel's greatest teacher and confidant, having been tending to him since he was a child. Having learned of a plot from the former king to assassinate Zephiel, Murdock has helped save Zephiel's life. Murdock became an enemy to the king due to foiling his assassination attempt, but due to a plan Zephiel had formulated, the king was murdered. Despite having deep loyalty to Zephiel, Murdock could not stop the new king running rampant after his father's murder, eventually leading to his defeat at the hands of the allied forces.

Profile translation by Kantopia