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Fire Emblem Characters: The Binding Blade & The Blazing Blade

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Fire Emblem Characters: The Binding Blade & The Blazing Blade

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Game(s) represented
  • 4087820769 (ISBN-10)
  • 978-4087820768 (ISBN 13)




Release date

April 13th, 2004JP

Fire Emblem Characters: The Binding Blade & The Blazing Blade (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム キャラクターズ 封印の剣&烈火の剣 Fire Emblem Characters: The Sword of Seal & The Sword of Flame) is an art and guidebook featuring characters from games centered on the continent of Elibe. It features all playable characters, most non-playable characters, and major antagonists from these games, as well as relationship charts for both games. It is bundled with a soundtrack that contains 50 songs from these games.


The book's jacket has a minimalistic design, with the front cover only consisting of large black text written in English, displaying the book's titles, against a cream background with Japanese text. The back cover has a symbol that is featured prominently in The Blazing Blade, albeit colored black.

The character pages are split into two sections, one for The Binding Blade, and the other for The Blazing Blade. All character pages are treated as files, with each file containing basic info and details about the character. Each one is color-coded; blue denotes a playable character, red denotes a major antagonist (not necessarily a boss), and green denotes an ally or non-playable character. The files are also numbered (e.g. Cecilia is No.040, and Raven is No.087). Eliwood, Hector, Marcus, Merlinus, Bartre, Karel, Zephiel, and Guinivere all have one file each for both games, one describing their appearance in The Binding Blade, and the other for The Blazing Blade. The files contain full artwork for all of the characters from both games, including those whose art were never used in promotional material up until that point.

The book contains all supports across both games

Table Of contents


  • Though her age was officially confirmed to be the same as Roy's as of The Blazing Blade, effectively placing her at 15 in The Binding Blade, Lilina's age in her profile is still listed as being estimated in her teens. This is likely due to The Blazing Blade's extended epilogue not being taken into account.
  • Cath and Merlinus's files in the Binding Blade section are not placed in the order for when they're recruited. Cath's was placed after Dorothy's, listing her as No.018 despite her estimated recruitment chapter being Chapter 12, while Merlinus's was placed after Karel's, listing him as No.054 despite joining very early, at Chapter 2.
  • Zephiel and Guinivere's files in the Blazing Blade section are the only ones to share the same page. They are still separately listed as No. 117 and 118 respectively.

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