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List of unsolved mysteries

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This list contains mysteries that are never officially solved by Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, or anyone involved with the Fire Emblem series, whether these details are either confirmed by them or debunked in any way. This page includes mysteries surrounding the characters, plots, lore, meta, gameplay, and support conversations of each and every game in the series, but does not take into account game development, prerelease information, leaks, cancelled games, and scrapped material.

Please note that everything listed here is merely speculative, and therefore has yet to be confirmed in any matter.

Archanea and Valentia

  • It is unknown as to why Bantu was in Pyrathi, and how he managed to lose his Firestone during his travels. It is also unknown what became of a villager who ended up in the location as Bantu, but it is implied that said villager was taken to prison.



  • Lilina was born with the gift of magic, but Hector and his potential wives are all melee fighters. While it is mentioned that Canas and Nino's entire families consist of magic wielders that have passed down this trait for each and every generation, how Lilina even got magic from her non-mage parents remains a mystery.
  • In Fire Emblem Heroes, Lilina's legendary variant mentions that Kiran's power is similar to that of the Dragon's Gate, but given Heroes is a spinoff title, how similar their powers are exactly compared to that of the gate's is unclear. On the other hand, it is possible that Lilina is one of the few people left in Roy's time that is aware of the Dragon's Gate's existence, though the canonicity of this is unconfirmed.[1]
  • Should Hector have an A support with Lyn, Florina, or Farina in the ending of his tale in The Blazing Blade, he would name his first son Uther after his brother. As Lilina is never stated to have any brothers, it is implied Hector never got the chance to do this.[2]
  • If the news from the messenger sent by Merlinus was of any indication, it is likely Lilina may have been captured sometime before Chapter 6, but the exact chapter of when this happened is unidentified.[3] It is also unknown how Legance managed to capture her in the first place, as the introduction to Chapter 7 is vague about it.[4]

Lilina's crest

Lilina's crest as it appears in The Binding Blade.

The crest seen on most of Lilina's outfits became a subject of some theories starting in the late 2010s, with people trying to figure out what the meaning behind it is and what purpose it has. The most popular theory is that the crest might've represented Ostia, where Lilina resides, but since this particular crest only shows up together with its bearer in official art, it is unknown if that really is the case. Other theories include it just being Lilina's magic symbol, and the crest lacking any specific purpose.

Though its most common depiction originated from its original appearance in The Binding Blade, its appearance tends to differ in a number of official material, with Heroes altering its appearance to give it a hilt-like shape, making it resemble a stylized sword. It is unknown if the differing designs of the crest are all just one crest in a different coat of paint or are simply variations of it.


Lyn was created specifically for The Blazing Blade. Because of this, her fate in the chronological sequel remains a mystery in the years after her debut.

As she was created specifically for The Blazing Blade, Lyn's fate in The Binding Blade was never solved. There are conflicting beliefs regarding what really happened to her; Many believed that she either died trying to defend Sacae, died from an illness, or died giving birth to either Roy, Lilina, or Sue. Meanwhile, others believed that she is still alive somewhere in Elibe, probably in hiding. However, since Sacae was invaded by Bern during the events of The Binding Blade, and because some of her endings have her return there, it's very likely that she may have been killed offscreen.[5]


  • Several have claimed that Dorothy could be Dorcas's daughter because they share the first three letters of their names and have slightly similar appearances, but there is currently no details in both games that back up this claim.
  • In the menu screen in both games, there is a magic circle that rotates counter-clockwise/clockwise at the bottom of the screen. When extracted, some of the runes in the circle seem to be some sort of ancient language resembling Galdrar from the Tellius games. What purpose does the magic circle serve in the lore of Elibe is unknown.
  • Aside from Lyn, the fates of many other playable characters debuting in The Blazing Blade are unconfirmed in The Binding Blade. The only characters who are confirmed dead before the events of The Binding Blade are Canas[6], Athos, Ninian (If she stayed with Eliwood), and Karla[7], with Hawkeye, Nino, Geitz, and Rath also speculated to have met the same fate. While never shown, Pent and Louise, and possibly Rebecca are known to be still alive, but are not actively participating in the Disturbance of Bern.
    • Although Lucius does not appear in The Binding Blade, his ending states he built an orphanage in Araphen. Lugh, Chad, Raigh, and other small children are stated to have lived in an orphanage in Araphen; it is possible that Lucius's orphanage and the Araphen orphanage are one and the same, and that the father that was killed in Bern's invasion was Lucius himself, though this is not confirmed.
    • Hector's vassal, Oswin, was stated to have been killed during Bern's attack on Araphen in the light novel adaptation of The Binding Blade, but the canonicity of it is left ambiguous.
  • Because both share the exact same function lore-wise, the Nohr version of the Dragon's Gate may imply that Elibe's version of the gate could be a gateway to other worlds.
  • In Chapter 24E/26H of The Blazing Blade, a girl in one of the houses mentioned that she found the tactician unconscious in Bern. It is unclear as to how the tactician ended up there.[8]
  • There is no explanation as to why Kishuna warps out when threatened during the chapters where he is fought.
  • Nils fainted during Chapter 21E/22H, but it is unknown what resulted in this. However, it's believed that this is because he transferred his energy to Ninian's, though whether this is the case or not is unconfirmed.


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