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User:Fastesthe1/Sandbox/Heroes Unit Count

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By game of origin

This is going to be fun to update over time...
LAST UPDATE: Easter, Children, SS, more 3H 4/20

World Characters Data
(Heroes Original)
Portrait alfonse feh.pngPortrait sharena feh.pngPortrait anna feh.pngPortrait gustav sovereign slain feh.pngPortrait henriette overflowing love feh.pngPortrait bruno masked hare feh.pngPortrait veronica brave princess feh.pngPortrait nifl god of ice feh.pngPortrait fjorm feh.pngPortrait gunnthrá feh.pngPortrait hríd feh.pngPortrait ylgr feh.pngPortrait múspell flame god feh.pngPortrait surtr feh.pngPortrait laegjarn feh.pngPortrait laevatein feh.pngPortrait helbindi feh.pngPortrait hel death sovereign feh.pngPortrait eir feh.pngPortrait ymir life-mother feh.pngPortrait líf lethal swordsman feh.pngPortrait thrasir omnicidal witch feh.pngPortrait ganglöt death anew feh.pngPortrait thórr war god feh.pngPortrait loki feh.pngPortrait peony sweet dream feh.pngPortrait mirabilis daydream feh.pngPortrait plumeria lewd dream feh.pngPortrait freyr estival dreams feh.pngPortrait triandra nightmare feh.pngPortrait freyja lady of nightmare feh.pngPortrait reginn bearing hope feh.pngPortrait ótr kingsbrother feh.pngPortrait fáfnir fresh ambition feh.pngPortrait dagr sun's radiance feh.pngPortrait nótt moon's elegance feh.pngPortrait eitri youthful sage feh.pngPortrait askr god of openness feh.pngPortrait ash retainer to askr feh.pngPortrait embla god of closure feh.pngPortrait elm resolute grouch feh.pngPortrait letizia curse director feh.pngPortrait seiðr goddess of hope feh.png 43 units + 44 alts = 87 Total
Archanea Portrait marth feh.pngPortrait kris unknown hero feh.pngPortrait kris unsung hero feh.pngPortrait elice altean princess feh.pngPortrait jagen feh.pngPortrait cain feh.pngPortrait abel feh.pngPortrait draug feh.pngPortrait gordin feh.pngPortrait luke feh.pngPortrait roderick feh.pngPortrait norne the volunteer feh.pngPortrait caeda feh.pngPortrait ogma feh.pngPortrait barst feh.pngPortrait darros seawalker feh.pngPortrait nyna the last princess feh.pngPortrait linde feh.pngPortrait jeorge feh.pngPortrait astram midia's hero feh.pngPortrait michalis feh.pngPortrait minerva feh.pngPortrait maria feh.pngPortrait palla feh.pngPortrait catria feh.pngPortrait est feh.pngPortrait julian tender thief feh.pngPortrait lena tender angel feh.pngPortrait matthis brother to lena feh.pngPortrait rickard carefree culprit feh.pngPortrait merric feh.pngPortrait hardin the coyote feh.pngPortrait wolf coyote's loyal feh.pngPortrait sedgar coyote's dutiful feh.pngPortrait vyland coyote's justice feh.pngPortrait roshea coyote's faithful feh.pngPortrait camus feh.pngPortrait sheena feh.pngPortrait tiki dragon scion feh.pngPortrait nagi dragon avatar feh.pngPortrait gotoh white sage feh.pngPortrait xane autumn trickster feh.pngPortrait bantu tiki's guardian feh.pngPortrait eremiya bishop of woe feh.pngPortrait katarina feh.pngPortrait clarisse feh.pngPortrait legion feh.pngPortrait navarre feh.pngPortrait phina roving dancer feh.pngPortrait wrys feh.pngPortrait athena feh.pngPortrait malice deft sellsword feh.pngPortrait medeus earth-dragon king feh.pngPortrait gharnef feh.png 54 units + 33 alts = 87 Total
70 from Mystery of the Emblem, 15 from New Mystery of the Emblem, 2 from Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light
Valentia Portrait alm feh.pngPortrait lukas feh.pngPortrait gray feh.pngPortrait tobin feh.pngPortrait kliff feh.pngPortrait faye feh.pngPortrait silque adherent of mila feh.pngPortrait clair feh.pngPortrait clive feh.pngPortrait forsyth loyal lieutenant feh.pngPortrait python apathetic archer feh.pngPortrait celica feh.pngPortrait mae feh.pngPortrait boey feh.pngPortrait genny feh.pngPortrait saber feh.pngPortrait valbar open and honest feh.pngPortrait kamui wandering blade feh.pngPortrait leon feh.pngPortrait mathilda feh.pngPortrait luthier odd wayfarer feh.pngPortrait delthea feh.pngPortrait palla kind eldest sister feh.pngPortrait catria mild middle sister feh.pngPortrait est sweet baby sis feh.pngPortrait atlas forest muscle feh.pngPortrait sonya feh.pngPortrait deen bladed sandstorm feh.pngPortrait tatiana devoted saint feh.pngPortrait zeke past unknown feh.pngPortrait conrad masked knight feh.pngPortrait rudolf emperor of rigel feh.pngPortrait berkut feh.pngPortrait rinea reminiscent belle feh.pngPortrait fernand traitorous knight feh.pngPortrait duma feh.pngPortrait mila goddess of love feh.pngPortrait brigand boss known criminal feh.png 38 units + 20 alts = 58 Total
58 from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Jugdral Portrait sigurd feh.pngPortrait arden feh.pngPortrait arvis feh.pngPortrait azelle youthful flame feh.pngPortrait tailtiu feh.pngPortrait lex young blade feh.pngPortrait quan feh.pngPortrait ethlyn feh.pngPortrait ayra feh.pngPortrait jamke feh.pngPortrait lewyn feh.pngPortrait annand knight-defender feh.pngPortrait díthorba cutting knight feh.pngPortrait erinys earnest knight feh.pngPortrait eldigan feh.pngPortrait lachesis feh.pngPortrait deirdre feh.pngPortrait silvia feh.pngPortrait seliph feh.pngPortrait larcei keen kin feh.pngPortrait shannan wielder of astra feh.pngPortrait scáthach astra's wake feh.pngPortrait arthur furious mage feh.pngPortrait tine rumbling thunder feh.pngPortrait julia feh.pngPortrait ares feh.pngPortrait lene feh.pngPortrait ced hero on the wind feh.pngPortrait travant king of thracia feh.pngPortrait altena luminous rider feh.pngPortrait julius feh.pngPortrait ishtar feh.pngPortrait hilda queen of friege feh.pngPortrait ullr the bowmaster feh.pngPortrait leif feh.pngPortrait finn feh.pngPortrait nanna feh.pngPortrait eyvel mistress of fiana feh.pngPortrait mareeta sword of stars feh.pngPortrait osian scolded soldier feh.pngPortrait tanya dagdar's kid feh.pngPortrait august astute tactician feh.pngPortrait asbel windswept youth feh.pngPortrait ronan villager of iz feh.pngPortrait miranda willful princess feh.pngPortrait karin driven knight feh.pngPortrait reinhardt feh.pngPortrait olwen feh.pngPortrait saias feh.pngPortrait veld manfroy's rock feh.pngPortrait sara lady of loptr feh.pngPortrait salem dark sage feh.pngPortrait lifis terror of iz feh.pngPortrait galzus dark blade of od feh.pngPortrait kempf conniving general feh.png 55 units + 26 alts = 81 Total
50 from Genealogy of the Holy War, 31 from Thracia 776
Elibe Portrait roy feh.pngPortrait wolt sunbeam archer feh.pngPortrait merlinus pherae's clerk feh.pngPortrait lilina feh.pngPortrait gwendolyn feh.pngPortrait lugh anima child feh.pngPortrait raigh feh.pngPortrait chad lycian wildcat feh.pngPortrait perceval knightly ideal feh.pngPortrait cecilia feh.pngPortrait klein feh.pngPortrait clarine feh.pngPortrait zephiel feh.pngPortrait brunnya devoted general feh.pngPortrait narcian feh.pngPortrait guinivere princess of bern feh.pngPortrait melady crimson rider feh.pngPortrait galle azure rider feh.pngPortrait saul minister of love feh.pngPortrait zelot avowed groom feh.pngPortrait juno soaring bride feh.pngPortrait thea stormy flier feh.pngPortrait shanna feh.pngPortrait niime mountain hermit feh.pngPortrait hugh worldly mage feh.pngPortrait sue doe of the plains feh.pngPortrait bartre feh.pngPortrait fir feh.pngPortrait rutger lone swordsman feh.pngPortrait echidna unyielding idealist feh.pngPortrait larum sprightly dancer feh.pngPortrait dieck wounded tiger feh.pngPortrait geese a life at sea feh.pngPortrait gonzalez kindly bandit feh.pngPortrait sophia feh.pngPortrait fae feh.pngPortrait igrene nabata protector feh.pngPortrait idunn dark priestess feh.pngPortrait cath master thief feh.pngPortrait elimine scouring saint feh.pngPortrait mark winds of hope feh.pngPortrait eliwood feh.pngPortrait lyn feh.pngPortrait hector feh.pngPortrait matthew feh.pngPortrait leila rose amid fangs feh.pngPortrait serra feh.pngPortrait sain green lance feh.pngPortrait kent crimson shield feh.pngPortrait raven feh.pngPortrait lucius feh.pngPortrait rebecca feh.pngPortrait pent mage general feh.pngPortrait louise lady of violets feh.pngPortrait erk studious mage feh.pngPortrait priscilla feh.pngPortrait dorcas feh.pngPortrait heath wandering knight feh.pngPortrait fiora airborne warrior feh.pngPortrait farina the great wing feh.pngPortrait florina feh.pngPortrait canas feh.pngPortrait karel feh.pngPortrait karla feh.pngPortrait guy kutolah blade feh.pngPortrait rath wolf of sacae feh.pngPortrait hawkeye feh.pngPortrait ninian feh.pngPortrait nils bright bard feh.pngPortrait limstella living construct feh.pngPortrait sonia inhuman beauty feh.pngPortrait lloyd feh.pngPortrait linus feh.pngPortrait jaffar feh.pngPortrait ursula feh.pngPortrait nino feh.pngPortrait legault feh.pngPortrait bramimond the enigma feh.png 78 units + 61 alts = 139 Total
63 from The Binding Blade, 76 from The Blazing Blade
Magvel Portrait eirika feh.pngPortrait ephraim feh.pngPortrait seth feh.pngPortrait orson passion's folly feh.pngPortrait colm capable thief feh.pngPortrait neimi tearful archer feh.pngPortrait lute feh.pngPortrait artur silver saint feh.pngPortrait ross his father's son feh.pngPortrait innes feh.pngPortrait tana feh.pngPortrait syrene graceful rider feh.pngPortrait vanessa dutiful rider feh.pngPortrait gilliam wall of silence feh.pngPortrait vigarde silent emperor feh.pngPortrait lyon feh.pngPortrait duessel obsidian feh.pngPortrait selena fluorspar feh.pngPortrait riev blood beryl feh.pngPortrait valter feh.pngPortrait caellach tiger eye feh.pngPortrait cormag aloof lanceman feh.pngPortrait knoll darkness watcher feh.pngPortrait natasha sacred healer feh.pngPortrait amelia feh.pngPortrait joshua feh.pngPortrait gerik desert tiger feh.pngPortrait marisa feh.pngPortrait tethys beloved dancer feh.pngPortrait ewan eager student feh.pngPortrait l'arachel feh.pngPortrait dozla harvest attendant feh.pngPortrait rennac rich "merchant" feh.pngPortrait myrrh feh.pngPortrait saleh vernal sage feh.pngPortrait fomortiis demon king feh.png 36 units + 30 alts = 66 Total
66 from The Sacred Stones
Tellius Portrait ike feh.pngPortrait titania feh.pngPortrait soren feh.pngPortrait mist feh.pngPortrait greil heroic exemplar feh.pngPortrait oscar feh.pngPortrait boyd future great feh.pngPortrait rolf tricky archer feh.pngPortrait shinon scathing archer feh.pngPortrait gatrie armored amour feh.pngPortrait mia feh.pngPortrait elincia feh.pngPortrait nephenee feh.pngPortrait bertram dread cavalier feh.pngPortrait zihark ninja blademaster feh.pngPortrait sigrun loyal protector feh.pngPortrait tanith bright blade feh.pngPortrait marcia petulant knight feh.pngPortrait sephiran hoary sovereign feh.pngPortrait astrid resolute damsel feh.pngPortrait jill fiery dracoknight feh.pngPortrait volke man of mysteries feh.pngPortrait ashnard mad king feh.pngPortrait petrine icy flame-lancer feh.pngPortrait ilyana hungering mage feh.pngPortrait micaiah feh.pngPortrait sothe feh.pngPortrait rhys gentle basker feh.pngPortrait jorge traveling peddler feh.pngPortrait pelleas ashnard's orphan feh.pngPortrait lucia tireless advisor feh.pngPortrait geoffrey realm's protector feh.pngPortrait bastian crimea's keystone feh.pngPortrait ludveck rebellious duke feh.pngPortrait caineghis gallia's lion king feh.pngPortrait ranulf friend of nations feh.pngPortrait mordecai kindhearted tiger feh.pngPortrait lethe gallia's valkyrie feh.pngPortrait kyza tiger of fortune feh.pngPortrait lyre lap cat of luxury feh.pngPortrait dheginsea harvest goldoan feh.pngPortrait kurthnaga autumn goldoan feh.pngPortrait ena autumn tactician feh.pngPortrait tibarn feh.pngPortrait rafiel blessed wings feh.pngPortrait reyson feh.pngPortrait leanne feh.pngPortrait naesala feh.pngPortrait muarim raw instinct feh.pngPortrait vika sea-dark wing feh.pngPortrait nailah feh.pngPortrait altina dawn's trueblade feh.pngPortrait sanaki feh.pngPortrait zelgius feh.pngPortrait oliver feh.pngPortrait haar black tempest feh.pngPortrait ashera order goddess feh.pngPortrait yune chaos goddess feh.png 58 units + 39 alts = 97 Total
41 from Path of Radiance, 56 from Radiant Dawn
Ylisse Portrait chrom feh.pngPortrait robin m feh.pngPortrait robin f feh.pngPortrait lissa feh.pngPortrait emmeryn gentle exalt feh.pngPortrait frederick feh.pngPortrait sully feh.pngPortrait stahl feh.pngPortrait sumia feh.pngPortrait maribelle feh.pngPortrait miriel rapier intellect feh.pngPortrait ricken shepherd novice feh.pngPortrait cordelia feh.pngPortrait phila pegasus master feh.pngPortrait libra feh.pngPortrait gaius feh.pngPortrait donnel feh.pngPortrait basilio feroxi west-khan feh.pngPortrait flavia feroxi east-khan feh.pngPortrait lon'qu feh.pngPortrait olivia feh.pngPortrait gangrel plegia's mad king feh.pngPortrait henry feh.pngPortrait tharja feh.pngPortrait mustafa plegian champion feh.pngPortrait aversa feh.pngPortrait walhart feh.pngPortrait cervantes invincible general feh.pngPortrait yen'fay blade legend feh.pngPortrait say'ri chon'sin's blade feh.pngPortrait virion feh.pngPortrait cherche feh.pngPortrait tiki naga's voice feh.pngPortrait gregor swell sword feh.pngPortrait nowi feh.pngPortrait panne proud taguel feh.pngPortrait priam radiant hero feh.pngPortrait anna secret seller feh.pngPortrait lucina feh.pngPortrait owain feh.pngPortrait inigo indigo dancer feh.pngPortrait brady daunting priest feh.pngPortrait gerome feh.pngPortrait yarne timid taguel feh.pngPortrait morgan m feh.pngPortrait morgan f feh.pngPortrait severa bitter blossom feh.pngPortrait noire shade seeker feh.pngPortrait nah little miss feh.pngPortrait kjelle fair fighter feh.pngPortrait cynthia hero chaser feh.pngPortrait naga dragon divinity feh.png 52 units + 45 alts = 97 Total
97 from Awakening
Portrait corrin m feh.pngPortrait corrin f feh.pngPortrait azura feh.pngPortrait gunter feh.pngPortrait felicia feh.pngPortrait jakob feh.pngPortrait lilith astral daughter feh.pngPortrait mikoto caring mother feh.pngPortrait ryoma feh.pngPortrait saizo feh.pngPortrait kagero feh.pngPortrait hinoka feh.pngPortrait azama feh.pngPortrait setsuna feh.pngPortrait takumi feh.pngPortrait hinata feh.pngPortrait oboro feh.pngPortrait sakura feh.pngPortrait hana feh.pngPortrait subaki feh.pngPortrait kaze feh.pngPortrait orochi merry diviner feh.pngPortrait rinkah scion of flame feh.pngPortrait kaden kitsune braggart feh.pngPortrait garon feh.pngPortrait xander feh.pngPortrait laslow feh.pngPortrait peri feh.pngPortrait camilla feh.pngPortrait selena feh.pngPortrait beruka feh.pngPortrait leo feh.pngPortrait odin feh.pngPortrait niles feh.pngPortrait elise feh.pngPortrait arthur feh.pngPortrait effie feh.pngPortrait silas feh.pngPortrait benny sensitive soul feh.pngPortrait charlotte wily warrior feh.pngPortrait iago nohr's tactician feh.pngPortrait hans ambitious brute feh.pngPortrait flora feh.pngPortrait keaton lupine collector feh.pngPortrait nyx rulebreaker mage feh.pngPortrait kana m feh.pngPortrait kana f feh.pngPortrait shigure feh.pngPortrait dwyer sleepy butler feh.pngPortrait midori reliable chemist feh.pngPortrait shiro feh.pngPortrait kiragi upbeat archer feh.pngPortrait selkie free spirit feh.pngPortrait caeldori perfect angel feh.pngPortrait rhajat feh.pngPortrait siegbert feh.pngPortrait forrest fashion forward feh.pngPortrait velouria wolf cub feh.pngPortrait ophelia feh.pngPortrait soleil feh.pngPortrait nina feh.pngPortrait arete requiem's beauty feh.png 62 units + 66 alts = 128 Total
128 from Fates
Fódlan Portrait byleth tested professor feh.pngPortrait byleth proven professor feh.pngPortrait sothis girl on the throne feh.pngPortrait rhea loving matriarch feh.pngPortrait edelgard the future feh.pngPortrait hubert sinister servant feh.pngPortrait ferdinand noblest of nobles feh.pngPortrait linhardt hevring's heir feh.pngPortrait caspar summer intensity feh.pngPortrait bernadetta eternal loner feh.pngPortrait dorothea solar songstress feh.pngPortrait petra princess of brigid feh.pngPortrait dimitri the protector feh.pngPortrait dedue dimitri's vassal feh.pngPortrait felix lone-wolf blade feh.pngPortrait ashe fabled sea knight feh.pngPortrait sylvain consummate flirt feh.pngPortrait mercedes kindly devotee feh.pngPortrait annette overachiever feh.pngPortrait ingrid galatea's heir feh.pngPortrait claude the schemer feh.pngPortrait lorenz highborn heat feh.pngPortrait raphael muscle-monger feh.pngPortrait ignatz snowscape artist feh.pngPortrait lysithea child prodigy feh.pngPortrait marianne adopted daughter feh.pngPortrait hilda idle maiden feh.pngPortrait leonie relentless rays feh.pngPortrait yuri ashen valiant feh.pngPortrait balthus king of grappling feh.pngPortrait constance fallen noble feh.pngPortrait hapi drawn-out sigh feh.pngPortrait aelfric custodian monk feh.pngPortrait seteth seiros adherent feh.pngPortrait flayn playing innocent feh.pngPortrait manuela silver caroler feh.pngPortrait catherine thunder knight feh.pngPortrait shamir archer apart feh.pngPortrait jeralt blade breaker feh.pngPortrait gatekeeper nothing to report feh.pngPortrait kronya gleaming blade feh.pngPortrait solon church shadow feh.pngPortrait cornelia saint consumed feh.pngPortrait death knight the reaper feh.pngPortrait nemesis king of liberation feh.pngPortrait shez rising mercenary feh.pngPortrait shez keen mercenary feh.pngPortrait arval cycle keeper feh.pngPortrait monica favored vassal feh.pngPortrait holst hero of leicester feh.png 50 units + 42 alts = 92 Total
82 from Three Houses, 10 from Warriors: Three Hopes
Tokyo, Japan Portrait itsuki finding a path feh.pngPortrait tsubasa madcap idol feh.pngPortrait mamori microwavin' idol feh.pngPortrait kiria cool façade feh.pngPortrait eleonora shooting starlet feh.png 5 Total
5 from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore
Elyos Portrait alear dragon child feh.pngPortrait lumera dragon monarch feh.pngPortrait alfred floral protector feh.pngPortrait etie fitness fighter feh.pngPortrait céline joyous royal feh.pngPortrait chloé fairy-tale flier feh.png 6 Total
6 from Engage
Aytolis Currently none :( 0 from Warriors
Cipher Currently none :( 0 from Cipher
Stats 537 different characters + 406 alternates = 943 Different Units


  • This list is meant to match the units shown within the Catalog of Heroes.
    • As such, the Summoner and Resplendants are not counted, as they are not in the Catalog of Heroes.
  • The order mostly matches to the "Catalog of Heroes" presented in the game itself. (Tellius is a mess to work with...)
  • Only one version of each character is used in the table above. The default is used unless the character only exists as a seasonal unit in the game thus far.
    • Some exceptions exists, like with units with gender variances (Robin and Corrin), and those with incarnations across "worlds" (Tiki and Anna).
      • Yes, this includes Archanea and Valentia, as stated below.
    • Duo units will be counted under the lead unit, even if the partner(s) has yet to exist as their own unit (currently does not apply).
    • Characters who are listed in multiple games that exist across "worlds" (Naga) will be listed under the world they are closest to in the in-game catalog, namely the default form if alts are spread out.
      • The above two rules also applies to Harmonized Duo units, with only the lead unit being counted.
    • Note that "alternates" in the data section refer to units that are not in the table, like seasonals and legendaries. If only a seasonal of them exist, they are not counted as an alternate.
      • If a unit appears as multiple seasonals but yet has a default (Inigo and Dorothea), the first one will count as the "default" until the actual one is added.
  • Games that are direct sequels/prequels are grouped together, since some characters are shared between them.
    • An exception is made for Archanea and Valentia, which are considered separate worlds.

List of alts by unit

Maybe this will help keep easier track of all the alts they keep adding, lol. Needless to say, this WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.
Also note that the below will match the order of their default in the above table, even in the alts themselves appear elsewhere in the Catalog of Heroes (particularly for Tellius). This isn't perfect and could be up for debate, but I'm doing my best and what I feel like it should look like.
Note about defaults and alts that can be defaults: Unmasked/true identity versions are consider the default UNLESS the are also a seasonal, in which case if the masked version is NOT a seasonal they are considered the default. This mainly applies to Conrad, Brigid/Eyvel, Black Knight/Zelgius, and Rhea/Seiros. They can possibly swap without prior notice. Yes I am very much winging it.

World Name Default Alts and alternate identities Data
Zenith Alfonse Portrait alfonse feh.png Portrait alfonse spring prince feh.pngPortrait alfonse askran duo feh.pngPortrait alfonse uplifting love feh.png 3 alts
Veronica* Portrait veronica brave princess feh.png Portrait veronica spring princess feh.pngPortrait veronica harmonic pirates feh.pngPortrait veronica bestowed love feh.pngPortrait veronica princess rising feh.png 4 alts
Fjorm Portrait fjorm feh.png Portrait fjorm new traditions feh.pngPortrait fjorm bride of rime feh.pngPortrait fjorm ice ascendant feh.png 3 alts
Gunnthrá Portrait gunnthrá feh.png Portrait gunnthrá year's first dream feh.pngPortrait gunnthrá beaming smile feh.png 2 alts
Laegjarn Portrait laegjarn feh.png Portrait laegjarn new experiences feh.pngPortrait laegjarn burning sun feh.pngPortrait laegjarn flame ascendant feh.pngPortrait laegjarn flame and frost feh.png 4 alts
Laevatein Portrait laevatein feh.png Portrait laevatein kumade warrior feh.pngPortrait laevatein bonfire's blaze feh.pngPortrait laevatein ninja of múspell feh.png 3 alts
Eir Portrait eir merciful death feh.png Portrait eir renewed life feh.pngPortrait eir life ascendant feh.png 2 alts
Líf Portrait líf lethal swordsman feh.png Portrait líf undying ties duo feh.pngPortrait líf arcane blade feh.png 2 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait sharena spring princess feh.pngPortrait anna wealth-wisher feh.pngPortrait gustav majestic love feh.pngPortrait bruno masked reveler feh.pngPortrait nifl tropical ice god feh.pngPortrait hríd resolute prince feh.pngPortrait ylgr breaking the ice feh.pngPortrait múspell raging inferno feh.pngPortrait surtr pirate of red sky feh.pngPortrait helbindi seaside scourge feh.pngPortrait thórr sun-kissed gods feh.pngPortrait loki spring trickster feh.pngPortrait peony álfar dream duo feh.pngPortrait mirabilis sugarplum vision feh.pngPortrait triandra sunlit nightmare feh.pngPortrait plumeria temptation anew feh.pngPortrait freyja lady of nightmare feh.pngPortrait reginn bearing dawn feh.pngPortrait dagr new year jötnar feh.pngPortrait askr renewed gods feh.pngPortrait ash earnest greetings feh.png 21 alts
44 alts across 29 units for Zenith
Archanea Marth Portrait marth feh.png Portrait marth altean groom feh.pngPortrait marth hero-king feh.pngPortrait marth royal altean duo feh.pngPortrait marth legacied hero feh.pngPortrait marth prince of light feh.png 5 alts
Caeda Portrait caeda feh.png Portrait caeda talys's bride feh.pngPortrait caeda princess of talys feh.pngPortrait caeda sea-blossom pair feh.pngPortrait caeda beloved queen feh.png 4 alts
Linde Portrait linde feh.png Portrait linde summer rays feh.pngPortrait linde bound by fate feh.png 2 alts
Minerva Portrait minerva feh.png Portrait minerva princess-knight feh.pngPortrait minerva verdant dragoon feh.png 2 alts
Palla Portrait palla feh.png Portrait palla eldest bun-bun feh.pngPortrait palla sisterly trio feh.png 2 alts
Tiki Portrait tiki dragon scion feh.png Portrait tiki beachside scion feh.pngPortrait tiki legendary dragon feh.pngPortrait tiki torpid dragon feh.pngPortrait tiki harmonic hope feh.pngPortrait tiki awakened blood feh.png 5 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait kris ardent firebrand feh.pngPortrait norne seaside volunteer feh.pngPortrait ogma blade on leave feh.pngPortrait michalis fruiting ambition feh.pngPortrait maria sunny smile feh.pngPortrait catria spring whitewing feh.pngPortrait est springtime flier feh.pngPortrait merric changing winds feh.pngPortrait hardin dark emperor feh.pngPortrait sirius mysterious knight feh.pngPortrait xane desert mirage feh.pngPortrait katarina torchlit wanderer feh.pngPortrait navarre scarlet ninja feh.png 13 alts
33 alts across 19 units for Archanea
Valentia Alm Portrait alm feh.png Portrait alm saint-king feh.pngPortrait alm imperial ascent feh.pngPortrait alm lovebird duo feh.png 3 alts
Celica Portrait celica feh.png Portrait celica imprisoned soul feh.pngPortrait celica warrior priestess feh.pngPortrait celica queen of valentia feh.pngPortrait celica valentia's hope feh.png 4 alts
Delthea Portrait delthea free spirit feh.png Portrait delthea tatarrah's puppet feh.pngPortrait delthea prodigy in bloom feh.png 2 alts
Berkut Portrait berkut feh.png Portrait berkut purgatorial prince feh.pngPortrait berkut debonair noble feh.png 2 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait lukas buffet for one feh.pngPortrait faye drawn heartstring feh.pngPortrait silque selfless cleric feh.pngPortrait genny dressed with care feh.pngPortrait luthier spring hopes feh.pngPortrait catria azure wing pair feh.pngPortrait sonya dazzling rabbits feh.pngPortrait conrad unmasked knight feh.pngPortrait duma strength and love feh.png 9 alts
20 alts across 13 units for Valentia
World Name Default Alts and alternate identities Data
Jugdral Sigurd Portrait sigurd feh.png Portrait sigurd destined duo feh.pngPortrait sigurd fated holy knight feh.png 2 alts
Seliph Portrait seliph feh.png Portrait seliph scion of light feh.pngPortrait seliph enduring legacy feh.png 2 alts
Julia Portrait julia feh.png Portrait julia crusader of light feh.pngPortrait julia heart usurped feh.pngPortrait julia scion of the saint feh.png 3 alts
Ishtar Portrait ishtar feh.png Portrait ishtar echoing thunder feh.pngPortrait ishtar thunder's waltz feh.png 2 alts
Leif Portrait leif feh.png Portrait leif unifier of thracia feh.pngPortrait leif destined scions feh.png 2 alts
Nanna Portrait nanna nordion princess feh.png Portrait nanna mystletainn scion feh.pngPortrait nanna beloved princess feh.png 2 alts
Mareeta Portrait mareeta sword of stars feh.png Portrait mareeta the blade's pawn feh.pngPortrait mareeta astra awakened feh.png 2 alts
Reinhardt Portrait reinhardt feh.png Portrait reinhardt thunder's sword feh.pngPortrait reinhardt lightning's rondo feh.png 2 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait quan lightfoot prince feh.pngPortrait ethlyn glimmering lady feh.pngPortrait lewyn wind-song scion feh.pngPortrait eldigan strutting lion feh.pngPortrait lachesis ballroom bloom feh.pngPortrait deirdre fated saint feh.pngPortrait larcei scion of astra feh.pngPortrait brigid orgahil pirate feh.pngPortrait olwen righteous knight feh.png 9 alts
26 alts across 17 units for Jugdral
Elibe Roy Portrait roy feh.png Portrait roy brave lion feh.pngPortrait roy youthful gifts feh.pngPortrait roy blazing lion feh.pngPortrait roy blazing bachelors feh.png 4 alts
Lilina Portrait lilina feh.png Portrait lilina blush of youth feh.pngPortrait lilina beachside bloom feh.pngPortrait lilina firelight leader feh.pngPortrait lilina beaming bride feh.png 4 alts
Cecilia Portrait cecilia feh.png Portrait cecilia festive instructor feh.pngPortrait cecilia etrurian bride feh.png 2 alts
Sophia Portrait sophia feh.png Portrait sophia cobweb prophet feh.pngPortrait sophia prescient bride feh.png 2 alts
Fae Portrait fae feh.png Portrait fae holiday dear feh.pngPortrait fae childlike dragon feh.png 2 alts
Idunn Portrait idunn dark priestess feh.png Portrait idunn dragonkin duo feh.pngPortrait idunn divine demon feh.png 2 alts
Eliwood Portrait eliwood feh.png Portrait eliwood devoted love feh.pngPortrait eliwood blazing knight feh.pngPortrait eliwood marquess pherae feh.pngPortrait eliwood pledged friend feh.png 4 alts
Lyn Portrait lyn feh.png Portrait lyn bride of the plains feh.pngPortrait lyn brave lady feh.pngPortrait lyn wind's embrace feh.pngPortrait lyn lady of the wind feh.pngPortrait lyn lady of the beach feh.pngPortrait lyn ninja-friend duo feh.pngPortrait lyn blazing whirlwind feh.png 7 alts
Hector Portrait hector feh.png Portrait hector just here to fight feh.pngPortrait hector marquess of ostia feh.pngPortrait hector brave warrior feh.pngPortrait hector dressed-up duo feh.pngPortrait hector sworn friend feh.png 5 alts
Karla Portrait karla sword vassal feh.png Portrait karla sun-piercing steel feh.pngPortrait karla spring reveries feh.png 2 alts
Ninian Portrait ninian feh.png Portrait ninian bright-eyed bride feh.pngPortrait ninian frozen heart feh.pngPortrait ninian ice-dragon oracle feh.png 3 alts
Ursula Portrait ursula blue crow feh.png Portrait ursula clear-blue crow feh.pngPortrait ursula royal-blue crow feh.png 2 alts
Nino Portrait nino feh.png Portrait nino pale flower feh.pngPortrait nino flower of frost feh.pngPortrait nino spirited sorcerer feh.png 3 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait zephiel winter's crown feh.pngPortrait narcian vernal general feh.pngPortrait bartre earsome warrior feh.pngPortrait fir student of spring feh.pngPortrait larum dancing bride feh.pngPortrait shanna bridal novice feh.pngPortrait igrene ninja of nabata feh.pngPortrait cath caper captain feh.pngPortrait leila keen lookout feh.pngPortrait lucius calming light feh.pngPortrait rebecca breezy scamp feh.pngPortrait pent fancy fiancé feh.pngPortrait louise eternal devotion feh.pngPortrait dorcas pumpkin smasher feh.pngPortrait heath wyvern ninja feh.pngPortrait fiora defrosted ilian feh.pngPortrait florina azure-sky knight feh.pngPortrait nils wandering star feh.pngPortrait jaffar angel of night feh.png 19 alts
61 alts across 32 units for Elibe
World Name Default Alts and alternate identities Data
Magvel Eirika Portrait eirika feh.png Portrait eirika anamnesis lady feh.pngPortrait eirika graceful resolve feh.pngPortrait eirika gentle as snow feh.pngPortrait eirika twin refulgence feh.pngPortrait eirika pledged restorer feh.pngPortrait eirika beach restorer feh.png 6 alts
Ephraim Portrait ephraim feh.png Portrait ephraim legendary lord feh.pngPortrait ephraim sacred twin lord feh.pngPortrait ephraim sparkling gallantly feh.pngPortrait ephraim dynastic duo feh.png 4 alts
Innes Portrait innes feh.png Portrait innes flawless form feh.pngPortrait innes frelian moonlight feh.png 2 alts
Tana Portrait tana feh.png Portrait tana noble and nimble feh.pngPortrait tana frelian starlight feh.pngPortrait tana soothing warmth feh.pngPortrait tana soaring princess feh.png 4 alts
Lyon Portrait lyon feh.png Portrait lyon demon king feh.pngPortrait lyon grado's gaze feh.pngPortrait lyon sunlit prince feh.png 3 alts
Joshua Portrait joshua feh.png Portrait joshua tropical gambler feh.pngPortrait joshua resolute tempest feh.png 2 alts
L'Arachel Portrait l'arachel feh.png Portrait l'arachel harvest princess feh.pngPortrait l'arachel seeker of justice feh.png 2 alts
Myrrh Portrait myrrh feh.png Portrait myrrh spooky monster feh.pngPortrait myrrh spring harmony feh.pngPortrait myrrh guardian dragon feh.png 3 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait seth silver-sea knight feh.pngPortrait lute summer prodigy feh.pngPortrait selena sandbar fluorspar feh.pngPortrait marisa crimson rabbit feh.png 4 alts
30 alts across 12 units for Magvel
Tellius Ike Portrait ike feh.png Portrait ike brave mercenary feh.pngPortrait ike stalwart heart feh.pngPortrait ike close-knit siblings feh.pngPortrait ike vanguard legend feh.pngPortrait ike zeal unleashed feh.png 5 alts
Soren Portrait soren feh.png Portrait soren addled strategist feh.pngPortrait soren hushed voice feh.pngPortrait soren wind of tradition feh.png 3 alts
Mia Portrait mia feh.png Portrait mia budding blade feh.pngPortrait mia moonlit witch feh.pngPortrait mia harmonic blades feh.png 3 alts
Elincia Portrait elincia feh.png Portrait elincia estival princess feh.pngPortrait elincia seaside queen feh.pngPortrait elincia devoted queen feh.png 3 alts
Ilyana Portrait ilyana hungering mage feh.png Portrait ilyana treat harvester feh.pngPortrait ilyana awakened appetite feh.png 2 alts
Micaiah Portrait micaiah feh.png Portrait micaiah summer's dawn feh.pngPortrait micaiah queen of dawn feh.pngPortrait micaiah dawn wind's duo feh.pngPortrait micaiah radiant queen feh.pngPortrait micaiah wavecrest maiden feh.png 5 alts
Nailah Portrait nailah feh.png Portrait nailah blessed queen feh.pngPortrait nailah hatari scorcher feh.png 2 alts
Zelgius Portrait zelgius jet-black general feh.png Portrait black knight feh.pngPortrait black knight the night's blade feh.png 2 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait titania warm knight feh.pngPortrait mist purest spirit feh.pngPortrait shinon sharptongue ninja feh.pngPortrait nephenee sincere dancer feh.pngPortrait sigrun steadfast bride feh.pngPortrait tanith forthright heart feh.pngPortrait sothe rushing dawn feh.pngPortrait mordecai gentle firetender feh.pngPortrait lethe new year's claw feh.pngPortrait tibarn shipless pirate feh.pngPortrait naesala sea's shadow feh.pngPortrait altina cross-time duo feh.pngPortrait sanaki apostle in white feh.pngPortrait haar tempest runner feh.png 14 alts
39 alts across 22 units for Tellius
World Name Default Alts and alternate identities Data
Ylisse Chrom Portrait chrom feh.png Portrait chrom spring exalt feh.pngPortrait chrom gifted leader feh.pngPortrait chrom knight exalt feh.pngPortrait chrom crowned exalt feh.pngPortrait chrom fate-defying duo feh.pngPortrait chrom fated honor feh.png 6 alts
Robin Portrait robin m feh.png Portrait robin festive tactician feh.pngPortrait robin fell reincarnation feh.pngPortrait robin fall reincarnation feh.pngPortrait robin exalt's other half feh.png 4 alts
Robin Portrait robin f feh.png Portrait robin seaside tactician feh.pngPortrait robin fell vessel feh.pngPortrait robin fall vessel feh.pngPortrait robin tactful deliverer feh.pngPortrait robin fell tactician feh.png 5 alts
Lissa Portrait lissa feh.png Portrait lissa pure joy feh.pngPortrait lissa sweet celebrant feh.png 2 alts
Cordelia Portrait cordelia feh.png Portrait cordelia perfect bride feh.pngPortrait cordelia knight paradise feh.pngPortrait cordelia unyielding snow feh.png 3 alts
Olivia Portrait olivia feh.png Portrait olivia festival dancer feh.pngPortrait olivia sky-high dancer feh.png 2 alts
Henry Portrait henry feh.png Portrait henry happy vampire feh.pngPortrait henry peculiar egg feh.png 2 alts
Tharja Portrait tharja feh.png Portrait tharja "normal girl" feh.pngPortrait tharja obsessive bride feh.pngPortrait tharja florid charmer feh.png 3 alts
Tiki Portrait tiki naga's voice feh.png Portrait tiki summering scion feh.pngPortrait tiki fated divinity feh.png 2 alts
Lucina Portrait lucina feh.png Portrait lucina spring exalt feh.pngPortrait marth enigmatic blade feh.pngPortrait lucina brave princess feh.pngPortrait lucina glorious archer feh.pngPortrait lucina future fondness feh.png 5 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait frederick horizon watcher feh.pngPortrait gaius thief exposed feh.pngPortrait cherche shaded by wings feh.pngPortrait nowi eternal witch feh.pngPortrait panne welcoming dawn feh.pngPortrait owain devoted defender feh.pngPortrait inigo festival flower feh.pngPortrait yarne hoppy new year feh.pngPortrait morgan fated darkness feh.pngPortrait morgan devoted darkness feh.pngPortrait naga harvest divinity feh.png 11 alts
45 alts across 21 units for Ylisse
Corrin Portrait corrin m feh.png Portrait corrin enjoying tradition feh.pngPortrait corrin dream prince feh.pngPortrait corrin bloodbound beast feh.pngPortrait corrin daylight ninja act feh.pngPortrait corrin celestial sorcerer feh.png 5 alts
Corrin Portrait corrin f feh.png Portrait corrin novice vacationer feh.pngPortrait corrin dream princess feh.pngPortrait corrin wailing soul feh.pngPortrait corrin child of dusk feh.pngPortrait corrin nightfall ninja act feh.pngPortrait corrin starry seer feh.png 6 alts
Azura Portrait azura feh.png Portrait azura lady of ballads feh.pngPortrait azura celebratory spirit feh.pngPortrait azura young songstress feh.pngPortrait azura vallite songstress feh.pngPortrait azura hatari duet feh.png 5 alts
Ryoma Portrait ryoma feh.png Portrait ryoma supreme samurai feh.pngPortrait ryoma dancing samurai feh.pngPortrait ryoma samurai at ease feh.png 3 alts
Kagero Portrait kagero feh.png Portrait kagero spring ninja feh.pngPortrait kagero beverage ninja feh.png 2 alts
Hinoka Portrait hinoka feh.png Portrait hinoka blue sky warrior feh.pngPortrait hinoka relaxed warrior feh.pngPortrait hinoka fair pirate pair feh.png 3 alts
Takumi Portrait takumi feh.png Portrait takumi prince of soup feh.pngPortrait takumi empty vessel feh.pngPortrait takumi prince at play feh.pngPortrait takumi troubled heart feh.png 4 alts
Sakura Portrait sakura feh.png Portrait sakura gentle nekomata feh.pngPortrait sakura hot-spring healer feh.png 2 alts
Hana Portrait hana feh.png Portrait hana focused ninja feh.pngPortrait hana striving heart feh.png 2 alts
Xander Portrait xander feh.png Portrait xander spring prince feh.pngPortrait xander student swimmer feh.pngPortrait xander dancing knight feh.pngPortrait xander gallant king feh.png 4 alts
Camilla Portrait camilla feh.png Portrait camilla spring princess feh.pngPortrait camilla holiday traveler feh.pngPortrait camilla tropical beauty feh.pngPortrait camilla flower of fantasy feh.pngPortrait camilla steamy secrets feh.pngPortrait camilla light of nohr feh.pngPortrait camilla midnight bloom feh.png 7 alts
Leo Portrait leo feh.png Portrait leo seashore's prince feh.pngPortrait leo extra tomatoes feh.pngPortrait leo shrouded heart feh.png 3 alts
Elise Portrait elise feh.png Portrait elise tropical flower feh.pngPortrait elise bubbling flower feh.pngPortrait elise sweetheart royals feh.png 3 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait felicia off the menu feh.pngPortrait jakob devoted monster feh.pngPortrait lilith silent broodling feh.pngPortrait hinata samurai groom feh.pngPortrait oboro fierce bride-to-be feh.pngPortrait rinkah consuming flame feh.pngPortrait kaden refreshed kitsune feh.pngPortrait niles forbidden tease feh.pngPortrait effie dedicated heart feh.pngPortrait charlotte money maiden feh.pngPortrait flora signature dish feh.pngPortrait keaton resolved wolfskin feh.pngPortrait shigure dark sky singer feh.pngPortrait selkie new year's spirit feh.pngPortrait velouria renewed wolfpup feh.pngPortrait ophelia starlit maiden feh.pngPortrait nina shadowy figures feh.png 17 alts
66 alts across 30 units for Fates
World Name Default Alts and alternate identities Data
Fódlan Byleth Portrait byleth tested professor feh.png Portrait byleth the fódlan star feh.pngPortrait byleth fount of learning feh.png 2 alts
Byleth Portrait byleth proven professor feh.png Portrait byleth fell star's duo feh.pngPortrait byleth the fódlan light feh.pngPortrait byleth sublime light feh.png 3 alts
Sothis Portrait sothis girl on the throne feh.png Portrait sothis silver specter feh.pngPortrait sothis bound-spirit duo feh.png 2 alts
Rhea Portrait rhea loving matriarch feh.png Portrait seiros saint of legend feh.pngPortrait rhea witch of creation feh.pngPortrait rhea immaculate one feh.png 3 alts
Edelgard Portrait edelgard the future feh.png Portrait edelgard flame emperor feh.pngPortrait edelgard adrestian emperor feh.pngPortrait edelgard hegemon husk feh.pngPortrait edelgard sun empresses feh.pngPortrait flame emperor bringer of war feh.png 5 alts
Bernadetta Portrait bernadetta eternal loner feh.png Portrait bernadetta frosty shut-in feh.pngPortrait bernadetta late hibernator feh.png 2 alts
Dorothea* Portrait dorothea solar songstress feh.png Portrait dorothea twilit harmony feh.pngPortrait dorothea yuletide dancer feh.png 2 alts
Dimitri Portrait dimitri the protector feh.png Portrait dimitri king of faerghus feh.pngPortrait dimitri savior king feh.pngPortrait dimitri savage boar feh.pngPortrait dimitri sky-blue lion feh.png 4 alts
Ingrid Portrait ingrid galatea's heir feh.png Portrait ingrid solstice knight feh.pngPortrait ingrid beacon of honor feh.png 2 alts
Claude Portrait claude the schemer feh.png Portrait claude almyra's king feh.pngPortrait claude king of unification feh.pngPortrait claude tropical trouble feh.png 3 alts
Lysithea Portrait lysithea child prodigy feh.png Portrait lysithea earnest seeker feh.pngPortrait lysithea gifted students feh.png 2 alts
Hilda Portrait hilda idle maiden feh.png Portrait hilda holiday layabout feh.pngPortrait hilda deer's two-piece feh.pngPortrait hilda helping hand feh.png 3 alts
Heroes with only 1 alt Portrait felix icy gift giver feh.pngPortrait ashe budding chivalry feh.pngPortrait sylvain hanging with tens feh.pngPortrait mercedes unfussed basker feh.pngPortrait annette festive helper feh.pngPortrait marianne serene adherent feh.pngPortrait yuri underground lord feh.pngPortrait shamir lone-moon ninja feh.pngPortrait shez sharpest blades feh.png 9 alt
42 alts across 21 units for Fódlan
Tokyo, Japan Currently none :( 0 alts
Elyos Currently none (probably short term...?) 0 alts
Aytolis Currently none :( 0 alts
Cipher Currently none :( 0 alts
Type Units Data
Heroes with Resplendent costumes
(not counted as alts)*
Portrait marth altean prince r feh.pngPortrait gordin altean archer r feh.pngPortrait caeda talys's heart r feh.pngPortrait linde light mage r feh.pngPortrait jeorge perfect shot r feh.pngPortrait minerva red dragoon r feh.pngPortrait palla eldest whitewing r feh.pngPortrait est junior whitewing r feh.pngPortrait merric wind mage r feh.pngPortrait tiki dragon scion r feh.pngPortrait alm hero of prophecy r feh.pngPortrait lukas sharp soldier r feh.pngPortrait faye devoted heart r feh.pngPortrait celica caring princess r feh.pngPortrait saber driven mercenary r feh.pngPortrait delthea free spirit r feh.pngPortrait sonya vengeful mage r feh.pngPortrait tailtiu thunder noble r feh.pngPortrait eldigan lionheart r feh.pngPortrait lachesis lionheart's sister r feh.pngPortrait deirdre lady of the forest r feh.pngPortrait seliph heir of light r feh.pngPortrait julia naga's blood r feh.pngPortrait ishtar thunder goddess r feh.pngPortrait leif prince of leonster r feh.pngPortrait reinhardt thunder's fist r feh.pngPortrait olwen blue mage knight r feh.pngPortrait roy young lion r feh.pngPortrait roy brave lion r feh.pngPortrait lilina delightful noble r feh.pngPortrait shanna sprightly flier r feh.pngPortrait sophia nabata prophet r feh.pngPortrait fae divine dragon r feh.pngPortrait eliwood knight of lycia r feh.pngPortrait lyn lady of the plains r feh.pngPortrait lyn brave lady r feh.pngPortrait hector general of ostia r feh.pngPortrait matthew faithful spy r feh.pngPortrait serra outspoken cleric r feh.pngPortrait raven peerless fighter r feh.pngPortrait florina lovely flier r feh.pngPortrait karla sword vassal r feh.pngPortrait jaffar angel of death r feh.pngPortrait nino pious mage r feh.pngPortrait eirika restoration lady r feh.pngPortrait ephraim restoration lord r feh.pngPortrait innes regal strategician r feh.pngPortrait tana winged princess r feh.pngPortrait amelia rose of the war r feh.pngPortrait l'arachel princess of light r feh.pngPortrait ike young mercenary r feh.pngPortrait ike brave mercenary feh.pngPortrait mia lady of blades r feh.pngPortrait elincia lost princess r feh.pngPortrait micaiah priestess of dawn r feh.pngPortrait sothe zephyr r feh.pngPortrait sanaki begnion's apostle r feh.pngPortrait chrom exalted prince r feh.pngPortrait robin high deliverer r feh.pngPortrait cordelia knight paragon r feh.pngPortrait gaius candy stealer r feh.pngPortrait lon'qu solitary blade r feh.pngPortrait aversa dark one r feh.pngPortrait nowi eternal youth r feh.pngPortrait lucina future witness r feh.pngPortrait lucina brave princess r feh.pngPortrait corrin fateful prince r feh.pngPortrait corrin fateful princess r feh.pngPortrait azura lady of the lake r feh.pngPortrait ryoma peerless samurai r feh.pngPortrait kagero honorable ninja r feh.pngPortrait takumi wild card r feh.pngPortrait odin potent force r feh.pngPortrait niles cruel to be kind r feh.pngPortrait elise budding flower r feh.pngPortrait effie army of one r feh.pngPortrait ophelia dramatic heroine r feh.png 77 units have resplendent costumes
Heroes who are the support unit in Duos
(not counted as their alts)
Sharena, Fjorm, Thrasir, Loki, Peony, Triandra, Plumeria, Freyja, Nótt, Embla, Elice, Catria and Est, Celica, Mila, Deirdre, Seliph, Lene, Sara, Fae, Lilina, Thea, Eliwood, Lyn, Florina, Ninian, Ephraim, Lute, Lyon, Mist, Sothe, Leanne, Altina, Sanaki, Robin (male), Tharja, "Marth", Nah, Kagero, Sakura, Xander, Camilla, Selena, Elise, Byleth (male), Rhea, Marianne 47 units are the supporting one in Duos
Stats 406 alternates across 216 units for all of Heroes