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Utah, USA

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53366-63508 (NA)

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Oh shoot... wait, DON'T!
— Fastesthe1, when an Archer is about to shoot down her Pegasus Knight

Hello! I am Fastesthe1! I'm a huge fan of the Fire Emblem series, with my first (and favorite) installment being Fire Emblem Awakening after having been introduced to its main characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Ever since then, I've been hooked to the series and I hope to play all (or at least most) of the games someday!

My knowledge of Fire Emblem is heavily focused on the 3DS releases as of right now, so I tend to work on the pages associated with those games. This is especially true with their music; if you have any questions about "what song is playing?" in Awakening or Fates, just ask!

I also apparently share my name with that character to the right. I'm nothing like her, though...

My sandbox

Games I have played

I greatly love every Fire Emblem game I have played thus far regardless of other people's opinions on them. ;)


Small portrait avatar f-default fe13.png This user's first Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem Awakening.
Small portrait lucina fe13.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem game is Fire Emblem Awakening.
Small portrait chrom l fe13.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem character is Chrom.
Small portrait azura fe14.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem character is Azura.
Ma 3ds01 dark flier playable.gif This user's favorite class is Dark Flier.