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Brave Youth

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Cover date

December 6, 2001

MSJ issue

No. 12 2001

Adapted game(s)

The Binding Blade

Next chapter(s)

Graizel Prison

Al... Be yourself and go ahead. Follow a path as straight as that blade.
— Magough, to Al

Brave Youth is the first chapter of Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi.


Hasha no Tsurugi begins with some brief narration on The Scouring. During the war between humanity and dragons, a hero amongst men wielding a shining blade apparently tipped the scales of the war in humanity's favour and eliminated the dragons. It is said that the emblem that man created contains massive power and will be used when Elibe enters another crisis.

After 1000 years of peace, the Kingdom of Bern begins a sudden and devastating invasion on the other countries of Elibe, among them house Tania of the Lycian League. In Tania's castle, Princess Tiena reluctantly attempts to escape the march through a plan concocted by the knight Gant, but the plan fails when their transport team is massacred by Bern's forces. Gant and Tiena's plight is exacerbated when a dragon reveals itself to be part of Bern's forces.

Sometime later, a youth named Al, having recently reached his 15th birthday, decides to go out of the mountainside home he and his father, Magough, are living in and explore he outside world. After being given a sword and some words of encouragement by his father, Al sets out and reaches the town of Alta, which is under the despotic rule of Lord Richten following Bern's invasion. Al's sheltered life causes him to be naive about certain parts of the outside world, such as sales, much to the annoyance of a market vendor when Al consumes her apples without paying her.

This moment is interrupted when


Main article: Al
FEHT v01c01 al portrait.png
Level 1
Max HP 18 Luck 6
Strength 7 Defense 3
Skill 4 Resistance 0
Speed 8 Constitution 6
Movement 5 Aid --
Weapon Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows
Anima magic Light magic Dark magic Staves