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Hey there! I'm Espyo from other NIWA wikis, mostly active on Pikipedia. I bought Awakening in the summer of 2015, and I grew to love it very quickly. Every once in a while, you'll spot me on this wiki adding this or that, mostly about Awakening.

Mistakes I found in the games

A collection of mistakes and typos I found while playing (or have been told about by others). If a page with mistakes in the series is ever made, I feel this compilation will be a good help.


Text Source Mistake Version
US European
"Do you have a better idea, oaf?!"


"Do you have a better idea, oaf?!
...The problem is we have no catapults."


Before the battle in chapter 14 After pressing A at the first block, the second block (with repeat text) and the third block appear, and the second one scrolls automatically on top of the third.[1] Unknown. Mistake present.
"Do you speak of connubial relationship?
A blessed sacrament? Marriage?"


"Well, yes. I suppose that would be an
interesting, zesty experience."
Vaike and Miriel's S-support conversation The first block appears normally, but after pressing A, the second block's first line instantly appears on the box, and stays behind the first block during its "scrolling up" animation. After this animation is finished, the second block is shown in full. Unknown. Mistake present.
"The insults and so forth were just the
usual hazing of a new recuit."
Male Robin and Cordelia's A-support conversation "recuit" instead of "recruit". Mistake present.
"You can be very charming when you put your mind to it, Gaius."


"Only to you, Cordelia. Anyway, I was wondering if you"


"have time to give me a trim."
Gaius and Cordelia's S-support conversation After pressing A at the first block, the second and third blocks appear, and the second one scrolls automatically on top of the third. Unknown. Mistake present.
"I knitted you an big woolly vest!
See? It's got shoulder pads built in!"
Gregor and Nowi's C-support conversation "an woolly" instead of "a woolly". The text is "I knitted you a big, wooly sweater!" instead. Mistake present.
"You're like a shining ray of hope for us
Both as Chrom's kid AND a fighter!"
Lucina and Cynthia's friendship C-support conversation. There is no period at the end of the first line. Unknown. Mistake present.
"Great! Glad that's settled! Now I've
I've got some crates to move!"
Noire and Gerome's A-support conversation. "I've" is repeated.[2] Mistake present. Unknown.
"**ahem*!* All right, I get ya."
Donnel and Kjelle's B-support conversation The asterisks are haphazardly placed. The text is "*Ahem!* All right, I get ya." instead. Mistake present.
"Hah! You raised your shield again,
but I caught a glimpse your true feelings!"
Flavia and Basilio's A-support conversation "glimpse your" instead of "glimpse of your". Mistake present.
"She adores research and obsesses over her subject of study," Miriel's roster biography Ends in a comma instead of a period. Mistake present.
"Restores 20% HP each turn if no units are within three spaces," Description for Relief Ends in a comma instead of a period. Mistake present.


Text Source Mistake Version
US European
"that prize will useful somehow."
Silas getting bronze on the Dusk Lottery "Will useful" does not make sense. Mistake present.
"To barge in like this—just like old times
So very like you, Lucina..."
Odin confronting amiibo Lucina There is no period at the end of the first line.[3] Mistake present.


  • "We're at war! Yes, we ought push ourselves to grow as individuals" – Lucina on hers and Kjelle's A-support conversation. There is no source stating that "ought" can be used without "to" after it (except negatives and questions). The correct form should likely be "we ought to push ourselves".


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