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User:Emblem Dragon

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Welcome to my page!

Hi! I'm Emblem Dragon a user that is not that good at editing but tries his best!

About Me

I play fire emblem heroes and I got into FE from smash bros like every other western FE fan. I find The manaketes and beasts really interesting so that's mainly what kind of pages I edit. I have tumblr and my username is Aluminium-Allium

My opinion on all of the FE games

Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light:Good for its time but outdated Gaiden: Again really outdated Mystery of the Emblem: Kinda outdated but okay. Genealogy of the Holy War : Maps are too big and (In my opinion) bad art style Thracia 776 : If this was only released in japan how do people play it in English? Other than that I couldn't care less. Binding blade: Cool art and animations Blazing blade:What's so good about Lyn?! Sacred Stones:Good game and I might get it. Path of Radiance: Mounted units go brrrrrrrrrrr Radiant Dawn : Looks cool but the art style is meh. The remakes of FE 1 and 3:I'd wish these were released in English. Awakening: I love the art direction and I wish the story was better. Fates:Same thing for Awakening and Corrin looks really fancy. To bad they have the personality of a plastic cup. Shadows of Valentia: It's cool but I'd like it better if most of the classes were not gender locked and if axes were able to be used by the player. 3 houses:I like Edelgard. Heroes:I like it and I want to get it, BUT WHY SO MUCH POWER CREEP?!