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Bern's code says that every individual must be able to deal with the consequences of his own actions.
— Murdock, to Galle

Murdock (マードック, Mardoc) was one of the Wyvern Generals of Bern, serving as the leader of the trio during the Great Movement of Bern. Born of commoners, he quickly rose in rank and esteem among the army of Bern and was appointed the personal bodyguard of then-Prince Zephiel. When Zephiel was poisoned by his father Desmond, Murdock assisted in the plan to fake Zephiel's death, resulting in Desmond's death at Zephiel's hands[1]. In the Great Movement, he led the invasion of Ilia at the beginning of the war, and was later tasked with the defense of the Shrine of Seals against Roy's impending army.

Fuuin no Tsurugi


At Aquleia, Murdock confronted Nacien, demanding an explanation for his recent failures. He passed on the order to have Nacien demoted from the rank of Wyvern General, but offered to try to assist Nacien in holding his position should Nacien successfully defeat Roy's approaching army. He tasked Galle, Nacien's replacement-to-be, with observing the ensuing battle before departing.

Later, at Remi Castle in Ilia, Murdock received word of Nacien's failure from Galle. Roartz and Alucard had fled to the Bern-occupied territory, and attempted to seek refuge with Bern; however, Murdock instead tasked the two with the defense of some of Bern's captured Ilian territories, informing them that they would have to personally reconquer Etruria should they want to control it themselves. Afterward, he and Galle discussed the nature of his ultimatum to the two, and he mentioned that he was impressed with the work of Roy and would like to personally duel him one day.

Ultimately, Murdock was deployed to the Shrine of Seals to serve as a final line of defense against the invasion of Bern by the Etrurian army led by Roy. Again, Murdock mentioned to Galle how impressed he was with the work of the army and especially Roy, and greatly appreciated the chance to test Roy's skills in person, while regretting that circumstances forced him to fight Melady and Zeiss. His duel with Roy would be one he would lose, as he fell in battle, regretting only that he could no longer protect Zephiel.


Chapter 21, Normal Mode Chapter 21, Hard Mode Trial Map

Portrait murdock fe06.png
Level 20
Affinity --
Max HP 62 Luck 12
Strength 27 Defense 25
Skill 19 Resistance 17
Speed 12 Constitution 20
Movement 5 Aid 19
Is gba tomahawk.png Tomahawk
Is gba knight crest.png Knight Crest
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances ? Axes A Bows --
Anima magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Portrait murdock fe07.png


In a village near Bern's border, Murdock was sighted in one of the homes, conferring with a Bern soldier. The soldier attempted to explain to Murdock for the umpteenth time the negative consequences of allowing King Desmond's tyrannical approach to ruling to continue, but was silenced by Murdock, who had noticed an intruder listening in on the conversation - one of Eliwood's soldiers, who quickly left the house.

During Eliwood, Hector and Lyn's infiltration of Bern Keep, Murdock arrived with Zephiel to present a captured baby fox to Guinevere; he attempted to speak in defence of the prince when accosted by Desmond, but was silenced, with Desmond demanding his loyalty as his actual master. In preparation for the Black Fang assassination attempt on Zephiel, Desmond had concocted an errand for Murdock to keep him away from Zephiel's manse for the night, not wanting to risk losing a general of such talent. Frustrated by being kept from the prince's side for no apparent good reason, Murdock was shocked to hear of the events of the night from one of his men, and later passed on an account of what had transpired to Queen Hellene, convincing her to assist Eliwood's group.

As Eliwood's group travelled to the Shrine of Seals, Murdock appeared before them in a village, quietly offering them a Warp staff as thanks for their assistance in protecting Zephiel.

Personality and character

Death quotes

Gah...! You...are strong... Zephiel... My king... I cannot protect you...any further... Forgive me...!
— Murdock in Fuuin no Tsurugi

Battle quotes made it this far. I congratulate you. But can you defeat me?
— Murdock in Fuuin no Tsurugi
So! You are General Roy! I have always been looking forward to matching blades with you!
— Murdock to Roy, in Fuuin no Tsurugi
Milady... I don't want to fight you, but you stand here before me. It seems we have no choice. Come!
— Murdock to Melady, in Fuuin no Tsurugi
You were one of Nacien's troops... I heard the story from Galle. I do feel sorry for you, but you are currently an enemy. Come! We fight!
— Murdock to Zeiss, in Fuuin no Tsurugi
  1. "Guinevere: At a banquet, our father gave Zephiel a poisoned drink from his own hands. And that was the first and last cup that Zephiel took from our father. After returning to his room, Zephiel started to get sick. For ten days and nights, Zephiel lingered between life and death. But Murdock, Zephiel's teacher and loyal general, saved his life.
    Roy: ...The former king never did anything after that?
    Guinevere: No... But I have heard that he had plans to get rid of Murdock and Zephiel's mother as traitors. He was scheming to murder them all along with Zephiel. After hearing that, Zephiel made believe that he was dead. Our father then checked the coffin to confirm Zephiel's death. At that moment, Zephiel rose up from the coffin and...with his sword...
    " — Guinevere and Roy, Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi