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Lords of the Grave


Reinforcement batch occurrences
n No. of batches Condition
≥ 12 1 --
≥ 8 2 Number of enemy units < 10
≥ 4 2 Number of enemy units < 6
Any 2 Number of enemy units < 5
Reinforcements in a batch
Condition Reinforcement
(Player unit entered central room) or (n > 12); 50% 1 from the central room reinforcements
[(Player unit entered central room) or (n > 12)]
or [(Player unit entered top left or top right rooms) or (n > 8); 50%]
1 from the top side room reinforcements
(would only appear from the unintruded room if n ≤ 8 and the player had entered only one of the top side rooms)
Any 1 from the bottom side room reinforcements