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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Song Lyrics (Stuff unoficially translated)

Spirit Dais



Japanese (translated)

On the land of daybreak
The goddess alights
In a [fluttering] dance, she is the herald of the morning of the beginning
[When] all creation lapses into chaos
[In] eternal night
There, the goddess returneth
O Goddess, dance fleetingly
Herald the morning on Fodlan [lit: the (vast) land]

God Shattering Star


立ち上がれ 死を恐れぬものよ
勇ましく顔をあげ その武器をとれ
同朋の亡骸 もう顧みることなかれ

戦士たちよ 集えこの旗へ
反撃と解放の 狼煙をあげよ

神という名の 獣から

戦士たちよ 大地に吼えよ
我に続きて 荒野をかけん

反逆という名の 闘争に


踏み鳴らせ 声をあげよ 獅子のように力強く
突撃の轟き 星降る砂漠にまで届かせて
高く手を伸ばし讃えよ われこそが皆を 解き放つ者


Japanese (translated)

Arise, those who fear not death
Raise your faces bravely, take those weapons
Never look back again on the corpses of your comrades

Warriors, gather around this flag
Light the signal fire of retribution [lit: counterattack] and liberation

In order to take back our pride
From beasts called gods

Warriors, roar for Fódlan [lit: the (vast) land]
Follow me, we'll run through the wasteland

Make your bodies shake
As your own soul commands
In this fight called rebellion

Like the wind that blows across the motherland (Fódlan)
Like the rising sun that finishes painting the great Oghma

Stamp your feet, raise your voice, powerful like a lion
Our shout will ride far on the wind
The rumble of our charge carries as far as the desert where stars fall
Raise your hands high in praise, I am the one who will set you all free

Pierce the heavens, mysterious artifact
I am the embodiment of fury
I am the god shattering star

Japanese lyrics translated by esterve and yumyumyumyumyumyum88

Japanese to English Dialogue Changes

This list will include japanese to english dialogue changes found within Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

General Changes

  • All references to Teff in the original text were changed to Coffee in the international script.[1]

Game Mechanics

  • The description of the gambit Sacred Shield was subject to a small translation error. The gambit is described in-game as the following:
Allies receive 0 damage from ranged physical attacks for the rest of the turn.
— In-game description of Sacred Shield
The gambit affecting ranged physical attacks (as in, which use strength when calculating damage) is never mentioned in the japanese text. In reality, Sacred Shield protects allies from any kind of ranged attacks, whether they're physical or magical.


  • Hubert and Hanneman's C-Support contains a small omission from the japanese script when the latter talks about Emperor Ionius IX's motives. In English, Hanneman mentions Ionius attempted to take the power from just Seven Houses, while in Japanese he mentions taking power from both the Seven Houses and their consort kin.[2] Interestingly, the consort kin is still alluded to during Edelgard's goddess tower scene in the English script, suggesting its neglection in this support is an oversight.[3]
  • In Sylvain and Ingrid's C-Support, Ingrid reminds Sylvain that when he was 10 on a harvest festival, he made eyes at a scarecrow. Meanwhile, in the Japanese text, Ingrid reminds Sylvain he made eyes at a man dressed as a woman during said festival, with the NPC hearing the conversation consequently gossiping Sylvain even hits on men.[4]
  • In Sylvain & Mercedes's A-Support, Mercedes mentions at one point she feels Sylvain doesn't care about the women who throw themselves at him just because he has a Crest. Meanwhile, in the original Japanese text, Mercedes says she believes Sylvain dislikes women because deep down he's afraid of them.[5]

Story Events

  • In The Holy Tomb (Golden Deer), the Flame Emperor mentions the Crest Stones laying in the Tomb are poison that maskerades as medicine. In the Japanese script meanwhile, the Flame Emperor refers them as an element that, after being put to rest, can't act as neither medicine nor poison.[6]
  • In Questions and Answers, at one point Edelgard mentions she doubts Dimitri will be able to understand how the poor feel or what motivates them. In the Japanese script, Edelgard instead says that someone like Dimitri will never understand how those who have lacked support and help feel, directly replying to Dimitri's previous statement in both versions that humans are weak creatures capable of helping and understanding each other.[7]
    • Outside commentary: The conversation between Edelgard and Dimitri appears to be a mistranslation; namely it misinterpreted what Edelgard meant when she said "those who have [something]... and those who don't have [something]."[8]

Mission Dialogue

  • In Clash at the Imperial Capital, Dimitri at one point says to Edelgard upon seeing her Hegemon Husk guise he will have no pity for her, and that she deserves no compassion for the future she had chosen, which is somewhat contradicted in the upcoming movie "Light and Shadow" in which Dimitri attempts to spare Edelgard regardless. In the Japanese text, Dimitri instead says he will not pity Edelgard for her new transformation if that's what lies at the end the future she seeks.[9]
  • In The Siege of Arianrhod, Cornelia's last words contain a mistake in the translated script. In English, Cornelia says what had taken place is "accordance with this carefully crafted script of ours...", while in Japanese, she instead says all had happened under "the story/script you've written...".[10] Given in both versions of the script, during the event Agarthan Technology, Lord Arundel shows surprise and disgust over Cornelia's demise,[11] it's suggested the intention was to comunicate in Cornelia's last words that she had been played for a fool by Edelgard in the end.

Monster Ore Drops (WIP)

As the percentage for the ore obtainable by destroying monsters' barriers is yet to be done, I've decided to make a preliminary table listing all the potential ore each monster drops. Do note that the rare drops begin happening from Part II onwards.

Any contributions/corrections are very much appreciated.

Class Droppable Ore
Ma ns01 altered demonic beast enemy.gif Altered Demonic Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always)
Ma ns01 altered golem enemy.gif Altered Golem Is ns01 ore.png Mythril (Common Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Arcane Crystal (Rare Drop, to be confirmed)
Ma ns01 experimental demonic beast enemy.gif Black Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always)
Ma ns01 demonic beast enemy.gif Demonic Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Common Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Arcane Crystal (Rare Drop, Part II)
Ma ns01 experimental demonic beast enemy.gif Experimental Demonic Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 flying demonic beast enemy.gif Flying Demonic Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 giant bird enemy.gif Giant Bird Is ns01 ore.png Smithing Stone (Common Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Mythril (Rare Drop)
Ma ns01 giant crawler enemy.gif Giant Crawler Is ns01 ore.png Agarthium (Common Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Venomstone (Rare Drop)
Ma ns01 giant demonic beast enemy.gif Giant Demonic Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 giant wolf enemy.gif Giant Wolf Is ns01 ore.png Smithing Stone (Common Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Black-Sand Steel (Rare Drop, Part I)
Is ns01 ore.png Wootz Steel (Rare Drop, Part II)
Ma ns01 golem enemy.gif Golem Is ns01 ore.png Mythril (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 altered golem enemy.gif Guardian Golem ???
Ma ns01 hegemon husk enemy.gif Hegemon Husk ???
Ma ns01 lord of the desert enemy.gif Lord of the Desert Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 lord of the lake enemy.gif Lord of the Lake Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 umbral beast enemy.gif Umbral Beast ???
Ma ns01 the immaculate one enemy.gif The Immaculate One (All versions) ???
Ma ns01 titanus enemy.gif Titanus Is ns01 ore.png Agarthium (Common Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Wootz Steel (Rare Drop)
Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Very Rate Drop)
Ma ns01 wandering beast enemy.gif Wandering Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Always Drops)
Ma ns01 wild demonic beast enemy.gif Wild Demonic Beast Is ns01 ore.png Umbral Steel (Umbral Steel)
Is ns01 ore.png Venomstone (Rare Drop)
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