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Unlikely Friends/Script

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Part 1: Closemouthed Child


Mist: I don’t like the look of this place, Ike. What are we doing here again?
Ike: Like the lady said—we’re here to show our “true strength.” Seems like fighting is going to be the surest way to back to our world.
Mist: I hope it’s not her we have to fight. She looked really strong…
Ike: Whatever we’re up against, Father’s training will see us through. He’s the best there is, and we take after him.
Mist: I don’t know, Ike. We’re just kids…
Ike: Stay close, follow my lead, and we’ll be fine. Hold up—someone’s coming.
Mist: Oh! Hello! Did someone guide you to this place too? I’m Mist, and this is my brother, Ike. What’s your name?
Mist: Hey, it’s OK, come back! Oh no, I think I scared him off. He looked like he was about to say something…
Ike: It’s dangerous to be alone out here. Let’s make sure he’s all right.

(scene change to the map screen)

Boyd: Hellooo? Can anyone hear me? What the heck… What was it that lady said? Get strong? Be stronger? Yeah, that’s not gonna be a problem… I mean, I was gonna do it anyway, for Oscar and Rolf’s—whoa! What’d I just trip over?
Ilyana: Mmm… Yes, I’ll have seconds of everything, please…
Boyd: Uh, hey, are you OK? C’mon, you shouldn’t be sleeping here. Get up.
Ilyana: Huh? Oh, sorry, hi. You don’t happen to have something to ear, do you?


Boyd: So you’re hungry basically all the time, huh? That sounds terrible.
Ilyana: It is… It really is…
Boyd: I’m lucky to never go hungry. My older brother cooks for me all the time. Oscar’s an amazing chef.
Ilyana: We should go find him right away.
Boyd: Huh?
Ilyana: A great chef’s exactly what I need…
Boyd: Hey, I never said—where are you going? You don’t even know what he looks like!

Part 2: Always at the Ready


Mia: Hah! Hiiiyah! Yeah—weird new world or not, it’s a great day for a duel! A new world means lots of new folks to meet. Any one of them could be my true archrival! But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. For now, I’ve just got to—huh?
Mia: Hi there! Great timing. I was just hoping to find a sparing partner. You up for a match or three?
Mia: So you’re, uh…just gonna pretend I’m not here, then?
Mist: There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you. Ike, I found him! He’s over here!
Ike: Phew… Hey, slow down for a minute. We just want to talk. Why don’t you tell us your name?


Ike: Come on, enough’s enough. We’re trying to help you, but if something’s wrong, you need to tell us what it is.
Soren: Nnnh…

Part 3: Group Effort


Ilyana: Where are you, Oscar? I have to find you. I need you to cook for me…
Boyd: I keep telling you, he’s not—whoa, hey! Who are you guys?
Mia: So many potential rivals, so little time! Who’s up first?
Mist: Look at him, Ike. He really seems like he wants to say something, but…
Ike: But maybe he can’t. I think you might be right about that.


Ike: Looks like we finally understand each other. You want to talk to us, but you can’t
Soren: Mmm!
Mia: Ohhh, so that’s why he’s so quiet.
Soren: Uh… Uh-huh.
Ilyana: Yeah, he’s trying to talk to us, that’s for sure…
Ike: And even if we can’t understand him, it seems like he understands us just fine.
Soren: Uh-huh.
Mist: Well, there’s only one thing left to do. If he doesn’t know how to speak, we’ll just have to teach him!
Boyd: Great idea! I’ve got a little brother who’s just starting to talk, so this’ll great experience for me.
Mia: All we have to do is give him a strong example to follow. So let’s be a bunch of blabbermouths.
Soren: …
Ike: Hey, take it easy. You know by now we’re not looking to hurt you, right?
Soren: … R… R… Right.