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Unattained Dream/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After obtaining the Binding Blade, Roy directs his troops to Bern's capital. King Zephiel awaits within, along with his personal guard. Roy prepares to charge the castle to end the war, and to bring a long-awaited peace back to Elibe...


(Inside Castle Bern's throne room)

Zephiel: What you're saying then... is that Murdock is dead...
Brunnya: ...I am sorry, Your Majesty.
Zephiel: What is the Etrurian Army's next move?
Brunnya: They have captured the Shrine of Seals. They march this way.
Zephiel: Very well... Then we face them in the castle.
Brunnya: Yes, my king. My life is yours.
Zephiel: No. You cannot die here, Brunnya. I have a task of grave importance for you.
Brunnya: ...?
Zephiel: Idunn! Where are you, Idunn?

(Idunn enters)

Idunn: ...Here, Your Majesty.
Zephiel: I will remain here and defend the castle against the Etrurian Army. You must escape to safety and stay hidden until the battle is over.
Idunn: As Your Majesty wills.
Zephiel: Brunnya, you will guard Idunn. Protect her as you would protect me.
Brunnya: No, Your Majesty! Please! Allow me to fight by your side!
Zephiel: That is something I cannot do. ...This will be a harsh battle, and Idunn must survive. If she is lost... this entire struggle has been for nothing.
Brunnya: I must object, Your Majesty! I serve you and you alone...
Zephiel: Enough, Brunnya! Your king orders you. The punishment for defiance is execution.
Brunnya: Yes... Your Majesty...
Zephiel: Idunn, if I fall... The plan continues.
Idunn: As you will... The world will be liberated as per Your Majesty's command.
Zephiel: Good. Then my dream will be fulfilled.
Idunn: Of course, Your Majesty.

(At the switch in the top left)

Soldier: The Etrurian Army... I will not let you into the throne room!

(At the switch in the top right)

Soldier: I shall protect this switch with my life!

(Close the castle's entrance)

Roy: This is the king's castle...
Merlinus: Lord Roy, Zephiel is in the throne room in the center of the castle. However, the entryway to the throne is blocked off by automatic defenses.
Roy: What can be done?
Merlinus: One of the captives said that at either end of the castle, there are some switches that can be manipulated to open the way.
Roy: That will be a long detour...
Merlinus: There is more. After hitting the switches, one must hold the Fire Emblem in front of the throne room to make it open.
Roy: I have the Fire Emblem with me. It sounds like I should go to the throne room while others handle the switches...
Merlinus: That would be the quickest way.
Roy: ...But would a captive leak that kind of information so easily? Perhaps it's a trap...
Merlinus: I don't believe so. The captive said the switches are protected by Bern's ablest warriors. Even with this information, it will be no easy feat.
Roy: The enemy may be powerful, but we're not exactly slouches, either. I know we're up for the challenge! Victory will be ours!

In battle

At the start of turn 15, NPC phase

(If Cath was not recruited or killed)

(Cath enters from the eastern stairs)

Cath: Castle Bern... A worthy target for the Master Thief. I'm sure there's mountains of gold hidden in here somewhere!

Any unit waits on a switch

Character: Is this the switch? Nothing's happening...

Roy opens the throne room

Zephiel: You've come. Hmph. It's laughable, really. A mere child making it so far.
Roy: Zephiel... King of Bern... Why did you start this war?
Zephiel: ...I wish to end the Age of Man.
Roy: ...I don't understand.
Zephiel: Humans...are filthy and despicable creatures. They flock to the promise of power like hideous, hairless sheep, and they stab trusted allies while their backs are turned. I'm certain you have witnessed as much even from many who claim to serve me.
Roy: ......
Zephiel: Jealousy. Hatred. Greed. Friends and family are driven to murder one another by these petty emotions. Such emotions spawn fathers who would even kill their own brood. As long as humans control, as long as humans exist, this madness will never end.
Roy: But consider what you've done! You've become exactly that which you despise!
Zephiel: ...Do you know how the Scouring ended?
Roy: The demon dragon was defeated by Hartmut...
Zephiel: Yes. It was history's greatest mistake. Mankind should not have won. Humans perverted this world into an ordurous cesspool of madness and evil. All through their illogical and contemptible emotions!
Roy: ......
Zephiel: Mistakes cannot be left uncorrected. I will liberate the world from the grasp of man and return it to the dragons. The slate will be wiped clean. History will be rewritten. It is the only way to free the world from everlasting agony!
Roy: Is it true that you resurrected the demon dragon?
Zephiel: There is no need to answer that. You will know for yourself before long.
Roy: You said you intend to give the world to the dragons. How would rule by dragons be any different?
Zephiel: The dragons you have seen are weapons for battle. They have no self. They lack reprehensible emotions to drive them, unlike humans. The dragons' rule will be just and peaceful.
Roy: Such a world can't be a better alternative! Some humans may commit terrible atrocities, but it has always been other humans who have stopped them!
Zephiel: Your naivety amuses me.
Roy: You have lost faith in humanity and in yourself. I believe in mankind, and I know that your lunacy must be stopped!

Talk conversations

Roy talks to Cath

(If they are talking for the first time)

Roy: Hey! You're...
Cath: Oops...
Roy: Wait!
Cath: Hey, cut it out! Let go of my arm! Ow! That hurts!
Roy: Oh, I'm sorry. But what are you doing here?
Cath: Well, uh, you know, this and that. I'm a busy girl. Ha ha ha...
Roy: Here? On a battlefield?
Cath: Oh yes, precisely BECAUSE this is a battlefield- Whoops, better watch my tongue...
Roy: Do you have some ulterior motive?
Cath: Uh...
Roy: Wait, is that why you told us the escape route?
Cath: Um, what? Sorry, I'm a little deaf in this ear!
Roy: Just who are you?
Cath: Don't worry about it! Forget you saw me. Gotta go. Cheers!
Roy: Hey, wait!

(After this conversation, Cath's AI changes; she starts escaping the map instead of opening doors and pilfering loot. However, she remains an enemy)

(If they are talking for the second time)

Roy: It's you!
Cath: Ugh, you again... Er, fancy meeting you here! Ha ha ha...
Roy: ...You're a thief. You shouldn't steal. It's not right.
Cath: Nah, it's fine. I only take from the rich. No one's going to starve or anything.
Roy: That doesn't make it any better.
Cath: Oh really? Then let me offer you this. You nobles take food and money from people living in what you call your land. How is tax collection any different than tribute to a bandit?
Roy: We protect the people in return!
Cath: You do not! You kill them in wars like this!
Roy: We didn't start this war. Bern invaded, so we have to defend the people...
Cath: You can't just do anything you want and say you're defending us! How does burning down villages help us anyway?!
Roy: Burning down villages?! We never-! Wait a minute, was your...?
Cath: ...My village was burned to the ground by our marquess. He said that he had to do it to prepare for Bern's attack.
Roy: But... that's...
Cath: We always had barely enough to get by, and then we lost everything... Our homes... Our crops... And here you come, saying it's wrong to steal? Ha! Look who's talking! The nobility steals from the poor so you can live in luxury at our expense!
Roy: I... I don't know what to say.
Cath: Sigh. Don't get gloomy. I really don't like talking about how pitiful we are anyway. But you started it.
Roy: I...
Cath: Ah, to heck with this. It's no fun stealing after a conversation like that. I'm outta here. Ta-ta!
Roy: ......

(After either conversation, Cath's AI changes; she starts escaping the map instead of opening doors and pilfering loot. However, she remains an enemy)

(If they are talking for the third time)

Roy: Oh! You!
Cath: Hm? ...You again? You always come and mess up my plans. Do you have it out for me or something?
Roy: No! I just... wanted to apologize.
Cath: ...Excuse me?
Roy: The last time we met, I was pretty callous. I said you shouldn't steal, but I didn't even realize what you'd been through...
Cath: Oh, that? Whatever. I don't care.
Roy: But I still think what you do is wrong.
Cath: You've got some nerve, you know that?
Roy: Just give me a chance.
Cath: A chance?
Roy: Once this war is over, I promise to help rebuild your village. I'll be sure the taxes are put to good use, too. Just please, stop looting.
Cath: ......
Cath: How long will that be?
Roy: Whenever this war ends. I can't say when...
Cath: And you expect me to wait patiently until then?
Roy: No. All I want is your faith.
Cath: ...Why are you so kind to me? I'm just a thief.
Roy: Without you, we wouldn't have escaped Wagner's trap. Maybe you didn't care about helping us, but the fact is that you did. You saved our lives. You're more than just a thief.
Cath: If things keep going like they have... I guess you'll get in my way no matter where I go.
Roy: As long as you appear in our path.
Cath: Fine, you win. I'll stop looting battlefields.
Roy: You will? Thank you.
Cath: But I'm coming with you.
Roy: What? Why?
Cath: Actions speak louder than words. Prove to me that you'll be true to your promise.
Roy: I won't disappoint you!

(Cath joins the army)

Battle quotes

Zephiel enters combat

Zephiel: You shall not bar my path!

Zephiel dies

Zephiel: ...I am defeated... But remember this... My will shall never die... As long as humans retain control, madness will reign...


If all legendary weapons were obtained

Roy: Zephiel has fallen...
Merlinus: We've done it, Lord Roy.
Elffin: ...Or have we?
Merlinus: What?
Roy: What do you mean?
Elffin: The Dark Priestess is nowhere to be found...
Merlinus: ...She must have escaped.
Roy: ...So it seems.

(A flash of light)

Merlinus: What...? What was that?
Roy: Zephiel's sword... it's glowing! It's...
Elffin: Eckesachs... A sword that only the king of Bern can use...
Merlinus: Lord Roy, legend says that when all the legendary weapons come together, the Dragon Sanctuary will rise from the ground!
Roy: The Dragon Sanctuary...
Merlinus: It was the headquarters and lair of the dragons... That's what the legends say, anyway.
Elffin: Yes... I've heard that, too.
Roy: Does that mean Eckesachs is the final legendary weapon? I thought it was the Binding Blade.
Elffin:' ...The Binding Blade may be on an even higher level than the legendary weapons... It may be its own entity, beyond compare to even the legendary weapons...
Roy: More powerful than the legendary weapons...? What power lies in this sword?
Merlinus: The sword is glowing again! The light is pointing to the south!

(Another flash of light)

Roy: Will the light lead us to the Dragon Sanctuary?
Merlinus: That is how the stories go.
Elffin: ...If the Dark Priestess is the demon dragon as we suspect... then she is most likely at the sanctuary...
Roy: Very well. We follow the light!

If all legendary weapons were not obtained or broke

Guinivere: Zephiel...
Roy: Princess Guinivere...
Guinivere: I'm sorry... I need some time alone.

(Guinivere leaves)

Roy: Princess...!
Merlinus: Lord Roy... You should leave her be.
Elffin: ...An admirable job.
Roy: Elffin! ...Thank you. Your homeland is in turmoil... yet you chose to help us. You've been an asset to us all...
Elffin: ...I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by my "homeland"... But it was my greatest pleasure to assist you.
Roy: I'll never be able to repay this.

(Elffin leaves)

Roy: ...Control by humans...
Merlinus: Are you thinking of Zephiel's final words? He may have been right... in a way.
Roy: ...Has the Dark Priestess been found?
Merlinus: Unfortunately not... She apparently disappeared before the battle.
Roy: Is that so... Do you really think she could be the demon dragon?
Merlinus: It is difficult to say without even seeing her. It will be near impossible to locate her now. She is always clad in a black robe and none have seen her up close.
Roy: That's unfortunate... But so be it. The battle is over. That's cause enough for celebration.
Merlinus: I think not, milord! The hardest part has yet to come. The land must be nursed back to health now that the war is over. There are countless people in need of our assistance.
Roy: You're right! We have work to do. The real battle is only just beginning. We must look to the future. No matter what hardships we may face, we must never give up. We must prove that a land of beauty and peace from human hands is possible!
Merlinus: I live to serve you, Lord Roy! Now, let us make our way home. We must spread the word of our victory!


Thus, the war known as the Disturbance of Bern was resolved. Following the death of King Zephiel, Bern surrendered to Etruria. Etruria advised the dismantling of Bern's former government and with Roy's help, Guinivere took the throne and the New Kingdom of Bern was born. Many among Bern's former elite were outraged at Guinivere's alliance with the enemy during the war, but her devotion to the country and its people led Bern back onto a path to recovery. The mysterious Dark Priestess who had served Zephiel was never seen again.

Under Etruria's guidance, Elibe began a new golden age of peace and prosperity...

Centuries after Roy's lifetime, the nations of Elibe were united under a single banner. But that is another story...

(Credits roll, tactician rankings, character endings play)