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Two Sorcerers/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Khadein is a free city. It is not under the rule of any country, and is an independent country. Under the rulling Archbishop are numerous high bishops, and the city is run with their co-operation. However, because Archbishop Gharnef joined forces with Dolhr, in the previous war, the city was dragged into conflict and destruction. After losing all the high bishops, Khadein was ruled by the newly elected Archbishop Wendell, who began the first steps along the road to reconstruction. But, Wendell, in order to complete his mission from Gotoh, left Khadein in the care of two youths. Merric and Arlen... They were both skilled youths, with high hopes placed on them.
— Chapter 10 Intro


Arlen: Merric... Our match is due.
Merric: Wait Arlen! Why must we fight? We both studied under Master Wendell. Why do you hate me so much?
Arlen: I became Master's student before you, and I was stronger than you. Yet he gave Excalibur, which should have been mine, to you. Why, Merric? Is it because you're a noble of Altea? I was so angry. I believed I was going to be Master's successor...
Merric: Is that it...? I'm sorry, Arlen, I will apologise to you. However, I never once thought about succeeding Master. I don't hate Khadein, but I had already decided to return to my homeland upon finishing my studies. At Altea there is somebody that I wish to protect for my whole life... So that's why Master Wendell's successor can only be you. Arlen, please! To reclaim Altea, will you lend me your strength?
Arlen: Altea!? The country that betrayed the Archanea Empire and, so, was invaded by them? Why should I help them? Our mage army has already sworn loyalty to Emperor Hardin. Right... So it was you... It was you who brought the Altean army here!
Merric: No!! It's all a misunderstanding!
Arlen: Shut up, you traitor!! I'm not going to listen to your lies anymore! Will your Excalibur prevail, or will it be my Thoron? Come! Let us find out!
(Merric joins)

Fighting Arlen

Arlen: I will not lose to Merric. His friends are my enemies. Die! Thoron!!

Killing Arlen

Arlen: Master Wendell...

Recruiting Arlen

Wendell: Arlen! What are you doing?!!
Arlen: Oh, Master Wendell. You've returned...
Wendell: You still don't understand my actions? You are indeed a talented magician. But you don't have a caring heart, and that is why I didn't pass on Excalibur to you.
Arlen: ...A caring heart...?
Wendell: Before, I had already decided that, when the time was right, you would become my successor. But what you're doing now is betraying your own will... How are you different from Gharnef?
Arlen: You're comparing me with the Demon King, Gharnef? Please, Master! That's too much.
Wendell: Listen to me... Gharnef and Miloah were both Gotoh's most talented students. But Gotoh saw Gharnef's inner heart was weak, so he gave the Aura tome and Khadein to Miloah. Driven mad by jealousy, Gharnef stole the Darksphere from Gotoh, and created the Imhullu spell. As a result... His heart was corrupted by the Darksphere. Originally Gharnef was as youth with a strong sense of justice. But his jealousy led him down the path of destruction. Arlen, do you understand now...?
Arlen: ...Master...
Wendell: That is all that I can say to you. I hope you will understand. You still have many things to learn, and your will is too weak. Do you really intend on retreading Gharnef's path?
Arlen: ...Master! I'm really sorry, I... see my wrongs. Please forgive me!
Wendell: Arlen, you should begin by letting your strength be used by others... Understood?
(Arlen joins)


Gotoh: Marth... Can you hear me...?
Marth: Ah, Gotoh! Yes, I can hear you... You're using the power of magic to talk to me, right?
Gotoh: Yes... You summoned me? I will share with you my strength. What is it that you wish for?
Marth: Gotoh! There's something I want you to tell me. Why has Hardin changed so suddenly? Also, what is the power that is protecting him?
Gotoh: Hmm... that would be the Darksphere. The Darkshpere is what's shielding Hardin...
Marth: The Darksphere? What's that?
Gotoh: Hmm... I guess I have no choice but to tell you. In this world there exists 5 sacred orbs containing mysterious power. Aside from the Lightsphere, Starsphere and Geosphere that you have seen. There is also the Lifesphere and what is known as the... Darksphere. The Darksphere opposes the Lightsphere, and it can greatly increase the strength of one's mind. It can give its owner courage, release them from suffering, and increase their ambitions and wishes. And, during battles, it can control the enemy's mind as well and prevent them from moving. But the Darksphere is too dangerous for humans to use. It will react with humans' anger, disdain and jealousy causing them to increase tenfold. Eventually it will destroy their soul and turn them into a monster. I don't know how Hardin obtained the Darksphere. But after that... His heart was consumed by darkness.
Marth: How could that... Why...? Hardin shouldn't be such a weak man. He should be happy for being able to marry his beloved Nyna. Why should he be jealous...?
Gotoh: Your highness... Humans aren't simple creatures... But regardless, as long as Hardin has the Darksphere you cannot win. The only thing that can defeat the Darksphere is the Lightsphere. If you want to defeat him, you must come to me to obtain it.
Marth: Huh? Gotoh, really? With the Lightsphere we can save Hardin...?
Gotoh: Hmm... If his heart has not been completely consumed, perhaps he can be saved. But that depends on whether Hardin is really as strong-willed as you say...
Marth: Thanks, Gotoh! Please allow me to borrow the Lightsphere.
Gotoh: Hmm, but I have one condition. If you can reach the Ice Dragons' Temple, where I am, I will hand over the Lightsphere to you. But that won't be an easy task. There has only been one human that has ever made it here. That's right... The hero Anri. If you, like Anri, are a true hero, I will lend you the orb. Well, Marth. Do you have the courage to challenge Anri's Way?
Marth: Yes! Of course!! Please let me go there! I must obtain the Lightsphere!
Gotoh: Then, first head directly north, across the Mamorthod Desert, and then come to Thabes Tower. I will have somebody meet you there.
Marth: Okay, I understand. I'll be there for sure!!

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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