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Two Sorcerers/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Wendell: Sir/Dame Kris, Merric told much me about you. How, before becoming a knight, you spent your days training in Altea Castle.
Kris: Yes. I still remember the days when I fought together with my fellow knights-in-training.
Wendell: I see, with your companions... That's wonderful. Are all of your companions now Altean knights?
Kris: ... No. One of them became our enemy. But I... don't want to fight her, if possible. That's how I feel.
Wendell: Indeed... There's nothing sadder than fighting your former comrades. I have no love for conflict. Especially between comrades who were supposed to learn and grow together... Sir/Dame Kris, I too wish to stop the fighting between my disciples... That's how I feel.
Kris: Disciples... Do you mean Sir Merric?
Wendell: Once upon a time, I had two brilliant young disciples. One was Merric, the other was Arlen. However, for some reason, Arlen grew to despise Merric, and the two are now fighting in Khadein. Sir/Dame Kris, I must go to Arlen and bring an end to this battle.

Current status

Jagen: Who would have thought that even Khadein would be our enemy? I'm sure this revelation caused Prince Marth no small pain... What has the world come to? Not only does Hardin attack us, but even Khadein, our safest allies in this era. Sir Merric, a close friend of the prince, is here in Khadein's sanctuary. I am sure the truth will become clear once we're inside the building.