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Two Faces of Evil/Script (Ephraim)

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The group sets off in search of Grado's elusive Imperial Prince Lyon. Innes has ordered Frelian troops to aid in the hunt. The troops return with news that Lyon has moved north. The group's search for Lyon leads them to Mt. Neleras, deep within Darkling Woods. The scorching heat and sulphur stench render the area unfit for human habitation... Endless numbers of gorgon eggs stud the forbidding landscape.


L'Arachel: E-Ephraim. I must ask that you slow down! If you travel so swiftly, we cannot keep up.
Ephraim: I'm riding ahead. I can't waste any more time. I must catch the Demon King as quickly as possible.
L'Arachel: And when you find him? Tell me, what then?
Ephraim: ...... ...L'Arachel. Rausten is the spiritual heart of Magvel. They keep the ancient lore. You're their princess. You must know something about the demons of legend. I do not need consolation or peace of mind. I need facts. Lyon, as he is now... Can he be saved?
L'Arachel: I'm sorry... To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing to be done.
Ephraim: ......
L'Arachel: Your friend Lyon's body has already been claimed by the Demon King. Once it's gone that far, there's nothing that can be done. When the Demon King takes over someone, he devours his spirit, his very soul. Even if his hold on Lyon's body could be released, that body would have no soul. There is no power in Rausten...not even the Sacred Stone...that can perform so great a miracle as to restore a shattered soul.
Ephraim: Is that so... I understand. Let's go, L'Arachel.
L'Arachel: W-wait a moment. Hmph! Were you listening to me at all? I'm sorry, but the prince...
Ephraim: ...I heard you. There's no hope of saving Lyon. And if I cannot save him... I will bring him peace with my own hands.
L'Arachel: ...... But... Can you do it? Even if you get the chance, can you bring yourself to kill him? It would be best if you and your sister left this to the rest of us.
Ephraim: No...I'm going to do it. Lyon is my friend. The Demon King stole him from me. I will be the one to kill him.
L'Arachel: If your mind's made up, there's not much I can do, is there? Let's go then.
Ephraim: I'm sorry, L'Arachel.
L'Arachel: There's no need for you to apologize. Your words alone have won my forgiveness.

(A soldier leads Ephraim and company)

Soldier: This way! The enemy went into the recesses of this valley.
Eirika: Brother. Do you smell something?
Ephraim: Smell?
Eirika: Yes. An unpleasant odor, like sulphur. It's emanating from this valley.

Ephraim: Are those...eggs?
Myrrh: Gorgon eggs... There are so many...
Eirika: Brother! The eggs! They've started to hatch!
Ephraim: No... He's led us into a trap! Watch out! Everyone, steer clear of those eggs!


(Lyon teleports in front of the group)

Lyon: ......

(Lyon teleports away; Ephraim runs further into the valley)

Ephraim: Hold! Demon King!
Fomortiis: Hmph... You again?
Ephraim: ...I've one thing to ask before I slay you. Where is Lyon now? When I kill you...will Lyon return?
Fomortiis: Heh heh... How little you understand. Lyon is no longer part of your world. He cannot be restored. I have devoured every last delicious scrap of his small soul.
Ephraim: You monster!!!
Fomortiis: Why does this upset you? What does it matter what happens to that weakling now? He was a sickly cretin whose trivial dreams were nothing but hopeless--
Ephraim: SHUT UP! He was my friend. We'll always be friends. I made a promise to him. You stole Lyon's soul and corrupted his dreams! I'll crush the life out of you.

(A magic seal lights below Ephraim)

Ephraim: Gwaa...ah... What?! My body--!
Fomortiis: Don't resist. Soon you will be unable to move at all...

(Lyon teleports to Ephraim)

Fomortiis: So you had the Stone of Renais with you after all. If you'll just give me a moment to destroy it...
Ephraim: Stop...urgh!

(Lyon destroys the Sacred Stone)

Fomortiis: And that's the end of your Sacred Stone... Now then, Prince Ephraim. Are you prepared?
Ephraim: Curse you... Do it!!! Finish me! With my dying breath, I'll cut you to ribbons.
Fomortiis: ......
Ephraim: What are you waiting for?! Are you frightened?
Fomortiis: ...Tell me, Prince Ephraim of Renais. Why do you fight on? Do you think you accomplish your sad desire? Can you restore your homeland from the grave? Overthrow "evil"? Or protect your sister?
Ephraim: You won't kill me. I'll do all these things, fiend... All these things and more. For my friend Lyon... I will avenge his soul. I won't let his gentle image be defiled...
Lyon: ...... I guess it's true... You haven't changed, Ephraim.
Ephraim: Huh? What's-- What did you say?
Lyon: ......
Ephraim: What's going on? You're the Demon King... You're the ancient evil... You told me you'd devoured Lyon's soul, that nothing remained. So why did you... How do you know about me? It's not... Could it
Lyon: ......
Ephraim: Is that you...Lyon?
Lyon: Uh-huh... That's right. It's me, Lyon, Prince of Grado. I'm not the Demon King. Sorry, Ephraim. That whole thing about the Demon King eating my soul and me dying? That was all a lie.
Ephraim: Wha-- Why?! Why would you say such a thing?!
Lyon: Listen, Ephraim. I've always loved you. I've always hated you. I've always looked up to you. I wanted to be just like you. Then one day I realized... Someone like me could never become someone like you. You and Eirika are...overpowering. You blinded me with your radiance. How could I live in your shadows and not seethe with jealousy?
Ephraim: Lyon...
Lyon: Before I ever touched the Dark Stone... I had a vision. A vision of the future of Magvel. I saw myself standing with two roads stretched out before me. One led to the Demon King, devouring both my body and soul. The other showed me the power to fight the Demon King's dominion. And I, well... ...Gaa...urgh.
Ephraim: Lyon!
Lyon: Then I acquired the Dark Stone. The Demon King began to eat my soul and corrupt my flesh. I almost vanished beneath the Demon King's mantle. Then I remembered you... My mind blazed into wakefulness. All at once, my mind shouted out, "I will not be devoured!" Just as I was about to lose myself to the Demon King, I was able to drive him back. The Demon King's desires are simple--foul, but uncomplicated. He wants nothing but the destruction, conquest, and subjugation of man. Those shallow desires are nothing to the dreams of the human heart. And of the two roads I had seen, I chose the latter.
Ephraim: ......
Lyon: But I didn't want to appear before you here in the role of Lyon. Lyon, the piteous victim... The Demon King, the fiendish villain... It was all an act--high drama for you all, to suit this grand occasion. That's right, Ephraim. I'm the Demon King... The Demon King is me.
Ephraim: You lie... It can't be. It's not possible. Lyon was... My friend was kind and caring... He was a good person... But you... You are not that person!
Lyon: Ephraim...
Ephraim: You... You're the Demon King. Lyon is gone, and you are a liar! You're trying to trick me. You're trying to confuse me! I'm right, aren't I?! Tell me I'm right, Lyon! TELL ME!
Lyon: I'm sorry, Ephraim. Ephraim, listen to me. Ten days from now... When the moon is swallowed by shadow... In Darkling Woods, I will perform a ceremony... Through this ceremony, I will gain immense power. Power to change not only Grado, but the entire world.
Ephraim: Change...the world?
Lyon: But after that... I cannot save myself. I'll become the Demon King of old and try to destroy all of mankind. Ephraim. If you want to stop this, you must come to Darkling Woods. I want you to come. I need you to stop me. You must promise.

(Lyon teleports away; Eirika and company approach Ephraim)

Ephraim: ...Lyon... I...
Eirika: Brother! Are you... You look ill.
Ephraim: ...Is that you, Eirika? Don't worry. It's nothing.
Eirika:'re so pale. What happened?
Ephraim: ...Eirika.
Eirika: Y-yes?
Ephraim: Lyon is... Lyon's my friend. Forever and always.
Eirika: Brother... Let's get out of here. L'Arachel and the others are worried.

Seth: ...It appears the enemy fled over this cliff.
Eirika: I see no way we can pursue him now...
Ephraim: So he got away, is that it?
L'Arachel: There's no cause to be discouraged. Beyond these mountains lie the heart of Darkling Woods. Before we enter, we must head north to Rausten. After all, we still need the Sacred Stone of Rausten. As long as even one stone remains, all hope is not lost. Come on. We cannot give in to despair when victory draws so near!