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Two Faces of Evil/Script (Eirika)

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The group sets off in search of Grado's elusive Imperial Prince Lyon. Innes has ordered Frelian troops to aid in the hunt. The troops return with news that Lyon has moved north. The group's search for Lyon leads them to Mt. Neleras, in the heart of Darkling Woods. The scorching heat and sulphur stench render the area unfit for human habitation... Endless numbers of gorgon eggs stud the forbidding landscape.


Eirika: L'Arachel... May I ask your advice?
L'Arachel: What is it, Eirika? There's no need to be so formal.
Eirika: It's about Lyon... My brother was right. Lyon's been possessed by the Demon King. He... He's no longer the Lyon I once knew. But I can't help feeling...there must be some way to bring him back.
L'Arachel: ......
Eirika: Please help me, L'Arachel. I want to save him. Rausten is the spiritual heart of Magvel. They keep the ancient lore. You're their princess. You must know something about the demons of legend. Is there anything that can save Lyon?
L'Arachel: I'm so sorry, Eirika. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to aid him.
Eirika: That can't be! There must be something! Any clue, no matter how slight...
L'Arachel: Our oldest legends tell us just this... Only one person has ever been able to shake off the Demon King's domination. Rausten's founder, Saint Latona the sure-hearted, shattered his fetters. If one possesses a strength of will beyond that of normal men... Only then can one throw off the shackles of the Demon King. But you saw it for yourself, Eirika, with your own two eyes. Your friend Lyon's body has already been claimed by the Demon King. Once it's gone that far, there's nothing that can be done. When the Demon King takes over someone, he devours his spirit, his very soul. Even if his hold on Lyon's body could be released, that body would have no soul. There is no power in Rausten...not even the Sacred Stone...that can perform so great a miracle as to restore a shattered soul.
Eirika: But... Lyon...
L'Arachel: Eirika... I understand how you feel, but the prince is gone. The Lyon you knew no longer exists. It's more important now that you care for yourself. If we pursue the Demon King, we're likely to suffer for it. I want you to return to Rausten Palace and rest yourself.
Eirika: Thank you, L'Arachel. However, I must stay with the company. I have to believe there's something I can do to help him. Lyon was always so kind. He wanted nothing more than to help people. It's too terrible to picture him imprisoned by the Demon King. Imprisoned...with no hope of salvation.

(A soldier leads Eirika and company)

Soldier: This way! The enemy went into the recesses of this valley.
Eirika: Brother. Do you smell something?
Ephraim: Smell?
Eirika: Yes. An unpleasant odor, like sulphur. It's emanating from this valley.

Ephraim: Are those...eggs?
Myrrh: Gorgon eggs... There are so many...
Eirika: Brother! The eggs! They've started to hatch!
Ephraim: No... He's led us into a trap! Watch out! Everyone, steer clear of those eggs!


(Lyon teleports in front of the group)

Lyon: ......

(Lyon teleports away)

Eirika: Wait!
Ephraim: Hold, Eirika! Don't go anywhere alone!
Eirika: Lyon's back there! I won't abandon him!

(Eirika runs further into the valley)

Eirika: Lyon! Lyoooon!
Lyon (off-screen): Ei...Eirika...
Eirika: Lyon? Where are you?
Lyon (off-screen): I'

(Lyon teleports to Eirika)

Eirika: Lyon... Hold on. I'll save you!
Lyon: Forgive me...Eirika... It's over...for me... The Demon King has devoured my soul... I'm mad...and I'm die...
Eirika: Lyon... What should I do? How can I help you? Tell me! I'll do anything, but you have to tell me!
Lyon: ...The Sacred Stone... Give me...the stone...
Eirika: What?
Lyon: My being ravaged by the Demon King. If it continues unchecked, nothing can save me. But if I had the power of a Sacred Stone... I could soul...
Eirika: Lyon...
Lyon: Please...Eirika... I don't want to die yet... I want to live...with you... If I had the Sacred Stone...I could...heal myself... Please...
Eirika: Could the Sacred Stone really do that? Could it heal you?
Lyon: Yes... Please...Eirika...
Eirika: you, Lyon. I have a stone right here.

(Eirika gives Lyon the Sacred Stone)

Lyon: ...... Ah... It's true... A Sacred Stone... Ha ha...... Heh heh heh... An abominable Sacred Stone... Here in my grasp.
Eirika: What? Lyon? No... You're--
Fomortiis: Ha ha...heh heh heh. How disappointing for you. This body is mine now. Nothing remains of your dear boy's soul.
Eirika: You only pretended to be Lyon... You deceived me. Return him! Return Lyon now!
Fomortiis: I'm afraid there's no hope of that. You see, I've devoured him. Bite by bite, slowly. How I savored it. Nothing remains but this suit of flesh I wear. There is nothing to heal. Not even the power of a Sacred Stone can craft something from nothing. He cannot be saved.
Eirika: That...can't...
Fomortiis: Ha ha... Bwah ha ha ha! I love how humans look when they're drowning in despair. Now is the time to be done with this stone.

(Lyon teleports a distance away and destroys the Sacred Stone)

Ephraim (off-screen): Eirika!
Fomortiis: Oh...caught up, have you? Hmm, I've changed my mind. I'll leave the girl alive. Take her. There are memories of you in this flesh I wear. And I hunger to see your face bear more suffering and pain.

(Ephraim and company approach Eirika)

Eirika: ......
Ephraim: Eirika! Wake up! Do you know who I am?
Eirika: Brother... Lyon? Lyon's...
Ephraim: Eirika... I know. Don't speak.
Eirika: I...I... Lyon is... He's really...
Ephraim: Let's go back. L'Arachel will be worried. Eirika... You can weep now. As much as you need. Weep for me, as well...

Seth: ...It appears the enemy fled over this cliff.
Eirika: I see no way we can pursue him now...
Ephraim: So he got away, is that it?
L'Arachel: There's no cause to be discouraged. Beyond these mountains lie the heart of Darkling Woods. Before we enter, we must head north to Rausten. After all, we still need the Sacred Stone of Rausten. As long as even one stone remains, all hope is not lost. Come on. We cannot give in to despair when victory draws so near!