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Twisted Tower/Conversations

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Holy Knight

Tanith: Well done! You've improved dramatically in a very short period of time.
Elincia: Do you think so?
Tanith: I do not know how to lie or offer false praise. I am deputy commander of the apostle's bodyguards. If you were not destined for greater things, I would petition the apostle herself for your enlistment.
Elincia: Oh, thank you! I can't believe it myself. If not for your instruction, Tanith... This would not be possible.
Tanith: Training new recruits has long been my duty. And yet...I believe this is the first time anyone has been so appreciative. My other pupils commonly referred to me as the Great Demon. Isn't that so, Marcia?
Marcia: Great Demon? Mutton chops, no! D-don't be silly! We all adored our sincere and devoted deputy commander. Great Demon. Pfff! More like Great...uh...Angel...Lady...
Tanith: Ha! Sure. Seriously though, you've improved so much, Princess... Perhaps we should try something special...
Marcia: What? N-not that! She's not ready for that! You're crazy!
Elincia: Tanith, I...I'm not sure that I'm ready...
Tanith: Listen to me, Princess. The foes we are facing are Daein's elite troops, led by King Ashnard himself. How do you expect to fight them without at least one killing attack under your belt?
Elincia: ...
Marcia: You do it, Deputy Commander, and we'll keep practicing. Right, Princess Elincia?
Elincia: I... I will try it.
Marcia: Whaaaaat?!
Elincia: I grow stronger. To reach that goal, I will do whatever it takes.
Tanith: Well spoken! Now match your desire, I will fall back on the methods I used while training the apostle's bodyguards.
Elincia: All...right...
Marcia: Oh, horsemeat...
Tanith: Come, we have little time for niceties. Both of you, follow me! Now!!! Come on, maggots, do you want to live forever?!!!
Elincia: Y-yes, ma'am!
Marcia: Ugh... She really is a demon.
Ike: Hmm... The three of them look...busy... I think I'll wait until later to talk to them.