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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

The Lycian League. Land of numerous territories and ruling lords. Roy, son of the marquess of the Pherae territory, is studying in the great city of Ostia to become a worthy heir. Today, his instructor, General Cecilia of the Kingdom of Etruria, is teaching him about basic tactics and battle strategy...


Cecilia: Hello, Roy. Today I will instruct you in basic combat tactics.

(A cursor appears on screen)

Cecilia: First, look at this. Do you see this moving square? This is the cursor. You use your cursor to give commands to all soldiers. Let's get started. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but the best way to learn is through experience. I'll be here to give you advice as needed.

(Roy and a soldier walk on screen)

Cecilia: First, I'll tell you the objective of every battle. You, Roy, have to seize the enemy's main defense point. That could be a castle gate, a throne, or anywhere really. The enemy leader's position is what you want to seize.

(The cursor lands on Bors, who is guarding the castle gate)

Cecilia: This is what you must seize for this training session. First, make your way toward the castle gate. I'll teach you how to move yourself around the map.

(Cut back to Roy and the soldier)

Cecilia: Units are people that move around the map and fight. Blue units are in your side. Red units are on the enemy side. Let's try moving. Use the d-pad to move your cursor. It's already positioned on you, so just press A.

(After the enemy's first turn ends)

Cecilia: When the enemy's turn is done, it's your turn again. The battle proceeds like this in a turn-by-turn fashion.

(Roy fights and defeats the soldier)

Cecilia: If an enemy survives your attack, it'll counter. A unit with much higher speed than its opponent will attack twice. If you take a hit, your HP, or hit points, will be reduced. If a unit's HP is reduced to zero, that unit is lost. Once a unit is lost, it's gone for good. Also, if you lose all your HP, Roy, the battle is lost. That means game over. So be careful.

(At the end of the enemy's second turn, Wolt appears)

Wolt: All right! I'll help Lord Roy with my bow!

Cecilia: Roy, Wolt came to help you. You're not the only unit you can move. You have command over all of your allies, too, but remember that you are responsible for their lives. And one more thing... Do you see where the cursor is? This is the entrance to a village. Civilians live here, so you should inform them of the battle. Move to the village and select Visit to tell them.

(After Wolt attacks)

Cecilia: That was a long-range attack with a bow. If you attack an enemy from a distance and it can only attack at close range, then you don't have to worry about counter-attacks. However, there's a downside, too. Bows can't counter close-range attacks. That's important, so don't forget it.

(After Roy's turn ends)

Cecilia: Do you think you have a good grasp on battle now? Now I'll tell you about one of the most powerful weapons you have... Information. Almost everywhere, you can press R to view help messages. For example, if you press R while the cursor is on a unit, you can view its statistics, items, and other data. You can also press R on commands if you don't understand them. If there's something you're unsure if, the R button isthere to help.

(At the end of the enemy's turn, Lilina appears)

Lilina: Roy, are you all right? I'll help you with my magic!

(After Lilina attacks)

Cecilia: That was a magic attack. You can attack from a distance to avoid counter attacks from close range fighters, and you can also get up close to avoid counter attacks from bows. I think you'll find magic to be highly versatile.

(As a unit nears the castle)

Cecilia: You will soon approach the castle. Like I said before, to win, you have to seize the castle gate or throne. In other words, where the enemy leader is. Bors is leading the enemy in this training mission, so your final task is to defeat him. Once you've done that, use the Seize command on the gate, and victory will be yours!

(After defeating Bors)

Cecilia: Good! You defeated the enemy leader. Now, Roy, all that's left is for you to move onto the castle gate and Seize it.

(After seizing the castle)

Cecilia: Good job! You've captured the enemy's castle gate. That finishes our training session for today. How do you feel? Do you think you can do it? If you ever find yourself in a real battle, just remember what you've learned here today and you'll be fine.


Against Bors

(Before battle)

Bors: Ah, you've made it. This is a training session, but a battle all the same. Don't expect me to go easy on you!

(After defeating him)

Bors: Well... You win. Nicely done.

Houses and Villages

Village: Thank you for coming. Please remember to inform the villagers in real battles as well.


Cecilia: Visiting villages may earn you items or money. You can use any items you obtain with the Item command.