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Maid: Psst! You wanna hear somethin'? There's a rumor going 'round that a tiger sub-human has been seen on the foggy banks of this very river!
Ike: ...
Maid: Eh, wot? You don't seem surprised! All right then, how about this? That sub-human? They say it's ALWAYS in beast form! It can't change back! Right frightening, ain't it? The only way for us humans to fight them savages is to wait for 'em to change out of beast form. I mean, how can we kill 'em if they won't change?
Ike: ...
Maid: Still no reaction, eh? What a bore! 'Owzabout this juicy morsel, then? Was saving it, I was, but... I 'eard from my darling in the army, that tigers, cats, and other four-legged sub-humans HATE fire magic. That's a useful tidbit, ain't it? Oh, I knows things!
Lady: You there! Serving wench... There's work to be done. Why are you wasting time chatterin' on?
Maid: Wha-what's wrong? Just saying 'allo to one of the new servants is all!
Lady: You fool! This is no servant!
Maid: ...Aye? ...Oy? ...Eh wot? Oh, crickey! Princess Crimea's escort...? A guest of the apostle...?!? Oh,ohnoohmygosh! Please... Please forgive me!
Ike: ...
(Ike leaves)
Maid: Wha-what should I do? Ooo, he looked right angry, he did! I might get sacked!


Gatrie: Well, if it isn't Ike! Out for a walk, Commander?
Ike: Hello, Gatrie. Yeah, if I stay in that horrible, gaudy room for too long, I start to feel depressed. Is that why you're out here, too?
Gatrie: No, I'm here for different reasons. I'm just...admiring the flowers.
Ike: Oh, right. Yes, they all seem to be in bloom this time of year. The large yellow ones are especially pretty.
Gatrie: Not those flowers... THOSE flowers!
Ike: ...Gatrie, we're inside. There's nothing here but the temple handmaidens.
Gatrie: Exactly! It's like a whole new species of girl lives in Begnion! Everyone in this palace is drop-dead gorgeous!
Ike: ...
Gatrie: You know what I mean, Ike? Tee hee! Say, which one strikes your fancy? That buxom lass with the chestnut hair is...
(Ike leaves)
Gatrie: Hey, Ike? Ike? Bah! He's still just a boy!


Astrid: Um, Commander Ike?
Ike: Hm? Oh, it's you.
Astrid: Are you trying to clear your head as well?
Ike: Yeah, I guess so. I'm just walking and thinking about things. Begnion is so...odd. I don't understand this country at all.
Astrid: Mm...I can see that. Everything's so wrapped up in form and tradition, it feels like Begnion has lost track of more important things.
Ike: You're some noble house's daughter, are you not? What made you decide to become a knight?
Astrid: To escape my royal family... No, not to escape...but to confront it. I want my life to be my own.
Ike: How do you like being a knight?
Astrid: I am still not satisfied. I may now be a knight, but my hands still shake when I draw my bowstring. So perhaps my goal was not simply to become a knight. Perhaps my true goal was to become stronger. Commander Ike, the others say that you never give up, no matter how bleak the fight. That seems like true strength to me. Please, allow me to continue fighting by your side. If I remain with you, I will grow stronger from your example.
Ike: Your skill with the bow is spectacular. How could I possibly refuse your request? We're pleased to have you.
Astrid: Oh...thank you! Thank you very much!


Marcia: Aaaaahhhh...
Ike: That was quite a sigh.
Marcia: Huh? Aw, nuts! You heard that, handsome? Sorry about that.
Ike: You've been behaving oddly lately. Something happen?
Marcia: Pfff! I'm fine! It's just... Well, being here in Begnion is... difficult, you know?
Ike: Difficult? You were a member of the pegasus knights here, weren't you? Aren't you happy to see some of your old friends?
Marcia: No, I'm not happy!! It's... It's so blasted embarrassing! I can't bear to face them!
Ike: What?
Marcia: I've told you why I resigned my knighthood, haven't I?
Ike: Yes, you're searching for your brother.
Marcia: It's my brother's fault... I... I... Aaargh! That no-good chum bucket!
Ike: Um...maybe we should just drop it.
Marcia: ...Huh? Oh, no it's-- Don't worry. I'm fine.
Ike: Don't let it get to you too much. I don't want you distracted in a fight, all right?
Marcia: Got it. Thanks.
(Ike leaves)
Marcia: Ike's a brother, too... So why is he so different from my brother? Grrr! Lazy do-nothing!