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Tower of Black Winds/Script (Black Eagles)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Verdant Rain Moon

Tower of Black Winds

Opening Narration FETH Black Eagles symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 5 mural.png
The ceaseless rains that satiate the verdant landscape of Fódlan are accompanied the fierce winds and mighty roars of thunder. This abundance of rain, sparkling as it falls against beams of emerging sunlight, is a constant reminder to the people of Fódlan that nature is ever wild and unpredictable. For when the rain finally does pause, the clouds part to give way to a glorious rainbow.
— Chapter 5 opening narration

Event - The Stolen Relic

Date: 8/1
Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: I have a new mission for you, Professor. I would like for you to take your students into Kingdom territory to eliminate some thieves.
Seteth: They stole a Hero's Relic from House Gautier of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus—the Lance of Ruin. Their leader's name is Miklan. He is apparently a disowned son of House Gautier.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why was he disowned? Why must the church eliminate him?
Seteth: I believe it had something to do with his lack of a Crest. Such happenings are fairly common within the Kingdom.
Rhea: The Crestless cannot harness the goddess's power, even if they possess a Relic. Nonetheless, they are still capable of simply wielding those weapons.
Seteth: This skirmish involves a holy Relic, and is therefore more than a single noble is capable of resolving.

Seteth: The Heroes' Relics are immensely powerful weapons. We must meet this threat with adequate force.
Seteth: Unfortunately, most of the Knights of Seiros are away from the monastery purging the apostates of the Western Church. So we are entrusting you with this mission. After all, you wield the Sword of the Creator, which is more than capable of opposing any Relic.
Rhea: The Sword of the Creator is a powerful weapon, well beyond the other Relics. You have nothing to fear. However, to ensure that no harm comes to the students, we will also send the monastery's most skilled individuals to aid you.
Seteth: I must remind you that you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner befitting the wielder of that holy sword. Also, you should know that Professor Hanneman has been looking for you. That is all.

Entrance Hall

(Edelgard greets Byleth.)
Edelgard: Professor, I heard about our mission for this month.
Edelgard: A thief with a Hero's Relic is worrisome, but with you at our side, I'm certain we can handle him. After all, you have the Sword of the Creator. It was allegedly wielded by Nemesis, the King of Liberation. If the legends are true, you hold the power to stand against entire armies. A band of thieves should be nothing. Even the most elite Imperial forces or the Knights of Seiros could not hope to defeat you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why does it matter? It would never come to that.
Edelgard: I'm just marveling at the potential. Besides, your power does not lie solely in the Sword of the Creator. Edelgard: Is that so? Even if those forces were to hurt someone precious to you? Can you say with full confidence that you would not turn your sword on them if that were to happen? You know, your power does not lie solely in the Sword of the Creator.

Edelgard: You are stronger and more terrifying than you realize.
Edelgard: Professor... When we leave the monastery, will you still think of yourself as my teacher?

Choice 1 Choice 2
What do you mean? If we left the monastery?

(Edelgard realizes what she's doing and quickly backs off.)
Edelgard: Never mind. I'm being thoughtless with my words.
Edelgard: For now, let's just focus on the problem at hand.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Professor Hanneman's Office

Hanneman: Good of you to come, Professor. I've heard much about you lately.
Hanneman: Specifically, that you were able to awaken the Sword of the Creator's power. Thusly, it seems the true nature of your Crest has been uncovered. I had, of course, seen your Crest before. However, at first, I failed to recognize its true nature. Eventually, it dawned on me that what is visible is perhaps merely a small part of a greater whole. In other words, your Crest is too significant to be detected when using normal instruments.
Hanneman: After this discovery, I began researching Crests that might fit that description, which allowed for a temporary hypothesis. However, I could not be certain. The Crest my conclusions led me to was far too unusual.
Hanneman: A Crest thought to have disappeared in this world in the millennium since the fall of Nemesis, the King of Liberation. The Crest of Flames. That is what you possess.

The Crest of Flames...

(Byleth lowers their head down...)
Hanneman: Your ability to wield the Sword of the Creator has unequivocally proved my hypothesis. A legendary power, dormant since time immemorial, and now resurrected... There can be no doubt that this ancient power resides within you.

Exploration: Tower of Black Winds

Potential Dates: 8/10, 8/17 and 8/24

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Event - Tower in a Storm

Date: 8/31
Near Conand Tower (Kingdom Territory)

(As it rains, Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert and Gilbert are walking towards the Conand Tower.)
Edelgard: This weather is unfortunate. Those villagers were right when they said a storm was brewing. But they were more afraid of an attack than they were of the storm. Let's end this quickly.
Hubert: The thieves have taken Conand Tower as their base... There it is in the distance.
(Edelgard looks at the tower.)
Edelgard: Miklan must be more skilled than your average thief to have overtaken a place like that.
(Gilbert joins the conversation.)
Gilbert: This area was the site of a massive battle several hundred years ago. That's when invasions from the north were at their peak. Back then, this tower was built for both surveillance and defense. It will be difficult to seize it.
Edelgard: You know your history, Gilbert. If I recall correctly, you're from the Kingdom aren't you?
Gilbert: I left my home long ago. If you have any questions about the mission, I'd be happy to answer them.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What do you know about House Gautier? What do you know about the leader of the thieves?

Gilbert: House Gautier has always placed great importance on whether or not someone bears a Crest. Margrave Gautier has two sons. A Crest never manifested for his eldest.
Gilbert: It's not hard to imagine why he left and wound up in this sort of life.
Edelgard: There's no reason that Crests should have the power to dictate someone's destiny. Don't you agree, Gilbert? He was just another victim of cruel fate.
Edelgard: Forsaken by the goddess, who now demands his execution.

Battle: The Gautier Inheritance

Conrad Tower

Before Battle

Gilbert: The enemy is close by. We're almost to the top floor.
Edelgard: They have nowhere left to flee, so the situation is in our favor. All we have to do is chase them down.

If Sylvain has been deployed

Sylvain: Don't hold back for my sake. My brother is going to pay for everything he's done.

First Enemy Reinforcements Arrive from the Southeast Staircase

Rogue: The captain's in trouble! Hurry up, you fools!
Gilbert: Enemies approach from the lower floors! Watch the rear flank!

First Enemy Reinforcements Arrive from the Northwest Staircase

Rogue: Here we go! Attack them from both sides!
Gilbert: It's an ambush!

Boss - Miklan

Vs Anyone:

So, you think you can take the lance from me, huh? I'll kill you... I'll kill every last one of you!
— Miklan vs Anyone

Vs Sylvain:

Miklan: Why have you come, you Crest-bearing fool?
Sylvain: I'm here for the Lance of Ruin, Miklan. Hand it over. I don't want to humiliate you, but I will.
Miklan: Hmph! Hurry up and die already. If not for you... If it hadn't been for you...
Sylvain: Shut up! I'm so tired of hearing that. You've always blamed me for something that isn't my fault.

— Miklan vs Sylvain

Movie - Black Beast

Ss fe16 black beast icon.png

As the storm rages outside the tower, Miklan is being forced back.

Miklan: Not bad for your kind... A bunch of spoiled rotten children.

Just then, the Crest Stone on Miklan's Lance of Ruin starts emitting a bright red light, surprising him.
A dark red baron-colored substance begins emerging from the crest stone which startles Miklan. It then begins to slowly consume him...

Miklan: What the hell?!

Miklan tries to fight back. Unfortunately, the substance covers his body even further as he struggles.
Miklan is now almost fully devoured by the black substance. It's beginning to enter into his mouth and eyes as he moans in agony.

His gang of thieves are frightened by the events.
Rogue 1: Damn! Look at that... I'm outta here!
Multiple other bandits follow him
Rogue 2: Hold on!

Miklan has been fully consumed by the substance.
Suddenly, the substance begins to take a new shape as it grows. It looks akin to a spiked dragon...
The substance has gone away. Miklan has undergone a sudden metamorphosis. He's now a Black Beast.
The Black Beast approaches one of the thieves who chose to remain near Miklan's side. He's scared.

Rogue 2: No!

The Black Beast grabs the thief and kills him, then throws their corpse away.
The Monster then raises to its full height as it begins salivating. It roars.

Miklain's Metamorphosis has Finished

Black Beast: Graaaargh!

If Sylvain has been deployed

Sylvain: What the— Miklan?! Is that you?!


Sothis: That form... Oh my. Is this your first time fighting such a thing? Then listen well to what I say.

The Guide to combating monsters is automatically opened up.

Edelgard: Such is the fate of one whose life is corrupted by a Crest Stone... How pitiable. The least we can do is put an end to his suffering.

Boss - Black Beast

Vs Anyone (First Time):

— Black Beast vs Anyone the first time it enters combat

Vs Sylvain:

Sylvain: What is that? It's like watching a bad dream come to life.
Black Beast: Graaaargh!

— Black Beast vs Sylvain

The Black Beast has Fallen

Black Beast: Graaaargh!
(A black substance engulfs and dissipates from the monster, leaving only Miklan's body and the Hero Relic behind...)

Gilbert: Goddess... The beast is gone, yet Miklan and the Lance remain.
Edelgard: It is done. Let's retrieve the lance and depart at once.

If Sylvain has been deployed

Sylvain: brother...

Event - The Lance of Ruin


(As Byleth's on their way to report Rhea the sudden events...)
Sothis: That man... His form was changed. It was as though that lance was swallowing him whole. Upon that sight, it makes sense that your students were upset. I wonder if those Relics truly hide such power? Yet even still, that power seems familiar.
Sothis: That form as well... As one who wields the Sword of the Creator... Does that mean you possess that power too?
(Byleth has no time to spare. He keeps walking onward.)

Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: Professor, you have returned. The goddess is indeed generous with her divine protection. I have already heard Gilbert's report about what happened.
Rhea: See to it that you keep what transpired at the tower to yourself. People would lose faith in the nobles should rumors spread of one using a Relic and transforming into a monster. All regions of Fódlan would fall into chaos. We must avoid that at all costs. Please ensure the students who accompanied you understand that as well. Have I made myself clear?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes, of course. Hm...
(Support points with Rhea go up.)

Rhea: His transformation into a Black Beast was nothing short of divine punishment from the goddess. Punishment for someone arrogant and foolish enough to use a Hero's Relic even though they were unworthy and unqualified.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You knew? Will I share the same fate...
Rhea: Of course. That is why we rushed to recover it. Sadly, we did not arrive in time. Rhea: If someone without a Crest were to wield the Relic you possess, they would likely meet the same fate as Miklan.
Rhea: You, however, have been chosen. You are worthy of wielding the Sword of the Creator, so there is no need to worry.

Rhea: The church will formally return the lance to House Gautier. If you would...

Note: Choice 2 is only available if Sylvain has been recruited beforehand.
Choice 1 Choice 2
As you wish. I will not.
(Byleth gives Rhea the lance.)
(Support points with Rhea go up. )

Rhea: You have my gratitude. I can see that I was right to trust you with this.
Rhea: Please report back. I will tell you of your new mission for the coming moon at that time.

(Byleth refuses.)
(Support points with Rhea go down. She's shocked.)

Rhea: What is the meaning of this?
(Sylvain interrupts the scene.)
Sylvain: Ahem, excuse me.
(Rhea then turns at Sylvain.)
Sylvain: Lady Rhea, I am overjoyed and beyond grateful to you for recovering the Relic of my family, House Gautier. Now, may I please have that lance? I have received direct approval from my father to take possession of it.
Rhea: As the next head of House Gautier, do you swear that you will never cause such a deplorable incident to transpire?
Sylvain: On my family's name...and on my brother's life, I swear it.
(Rhea regains her composure.)
Rhea: Very well. However, I have one condition.
Rhea: You must never allow another to wield this lance. Your brother clearly demonstrated what fate awaits those who break that restriction.
Sylvain: Yes. I...I will not soon forget.
(The Lance of Ruin is added to Byleth's inventory.)

Event - Crests: The Good and the Bad

Black Eagle Classroom

(Byleth meets Edelgard on their class room.)
Edelgard: I assume the archbishop was pleased with your performance. Did you return the Lance of Ruin?

If Byleth did return the lance If Silvain was recruited and Byleth refused to give Rhea the lance

Choice 1 Choice 2
I returned it. I did not return it.
Edelgard: There's no need to lie, Professor. No one could have expected you to disobey the archbishop.

Edelgard: I keep thinking about what Gilbert told us...

Choice 1 Choice 2
About Miklan? About House Gautier?

Edelgard: Yes, Miklan was discarded by his family because he was born without a Crest. Eventually he became a masterful thief and gathered enough ruffians to capture a fortress. Right or wrong, he was a gifted leader. He could have been a great asset to Fódlan. What a waste.
Edelgard: It's true that a Crest can increase your magical abilities and allow you to wield the full might of a Hero's Relic. But one cannot measure a leader's worth based solely on whether or not they bear a Crest. There are plenty of talented people in this world without one.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I completely agree. Why is everyone obsessed with Crests?

Edelgard: People believe Crests are blessings from the goddess, that they're necessary to maintain order in Fódlan.
Edelgard: But the people are wrong. Crests are to blame for this brutal, irrational world we live in. Their power is granted only to a select few, whom we elevate and allow to rule the world.
Edelgard: Have you ever wondered if the only way to create a truly free world is to dispense with the goddess and the Crests? Do that, and people will have no choice but to rise and fall by their own merits.


(Sometime later, Hubert visits Edelgard...)
Hubert: Lady Edelgard. I question whether you revealed too much to the professor.
(Edelgard is looking at the wall, thoughtful.)
Edelgard: Perhaps I did.
Hubert: It is true that our teacher possesses a rare talent. Even I cannot deny it. The ability to wield the Sword of the Creator is concerning...
Edelgard: I've already explained this to you. My power alone is insufficient. That's why I'm borrowing power from those people. If our teacher can wield it in my stead... I believe that would be for the best.
Hubert: It's a risk. A dangerous one. You leave me no choice but to take matters into my own hands. Please excuse me.
(Hubert leaves...)
(Now alone, Edelgard talks to herself.)
Edelgard: I can't hide from the truth. I can't do all that I must on my own. If all I can rely on is my own ambition, my path won't be easy. Is it so reach out my hand? Father... I swear I will not stop until I succeed.
Edelgard: My regret. My grief. My whole life. I've thrown it all away...into the darkness...

Event - Report: Verdant Rain Moon

Audience Chamber

(The next day, Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: Professor, you have done well to complete such a difficult task. You have shown exceptional skill in leading your students. I am forever grateful for the safe return of the Hero's Relic. Just as I expected, you have mastered the Sword of the Creator.
Rhea: Now then, I shall tell you about your mission for the coming month...
Seteth: Rhe— Archbishop!
(Seteth arrives at the scene suddenly. He looks in panic.)
Rhea: Seteth, what troubles you?
Seteth: Flayn is missing! I cannot find her anywhere!
(Seteth then turns to Byleth.)
Seteth: Professor, have you seen Flayn recently?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I have not. Have you looked everywhere?
Seteth: I have searched everywhere! Where could she be?! Seteth: I have searched every corner I can think of! I could not find her anywhere.

Seteth: She may be in danger! Oh no... No, no! What am I to do?!
Rhea: Calm yourself, Seteth. Professor, we shall continue our discussion another time.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)