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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Tomas's paired base conversations.

Tomas and Kris

First conversation

Tomas: Alright, don't move an inch... or else, I'll miss my mark... Yes. Like that. Stay still, stay still...
Kris: ... Say Tomas, can I...
Tomas: You promised you'd stick with me! It's all right! Trust me and stay still!

If Kris is male
Kris: Bah, fine, whatever!
If Kris is female
Kris: Ooh, do as you wish!

Tomas: Haaah! (Tomas fires an arrow)
Kris: Nngh!
Tomas: WHOOO!!! I-I did it!
Kris: H...? How weird. I'm alive.
Tomas: Please, you're being rude. It was a huge success! Here, take a gander! I hit right in the heart of the apple, see!
Kris: Hmm... good grief. You're right, sorry for doubting you. I was worried all this time that you'd create a hole in my head if you missed your mark...
Tomas: Thank you for your co-operation! Truth is, I had only trained with dolls so far. Now, I have even more confidence! It's all thanks to you, Kris!
(Tomas leaves)
Kris: Wait... what...?

Second conversation

Kris: Tomas, practicing with your bow again? I see you're earnest as always.
Tomas: Of course! I still have to become much, much better. I have a debt of gratitude with Prince Marth, and I have to repay it by taking down enemy after enemy.

If Kris is male
Kris: Oh, so that's why. You're a nice guy, Tomas.
If Kris is female
Kris: Oh, so that's why. You're a good man, Tomas.

Kris: Oh yeah, do tell me if there's anything I can do to help you.
Tomas: Oh? Then, I'll accept your offer. Could you put an apple on your head and stand still, just like last time? Kris: Anything but that.
Tomas: Ready, go!

Third conversation

Tomas: Haha, that was incredible wasn't it? Did you see it, Kris?
Kris: Yeah, but if you ask me, it was more like...
Tomas: Man, it swept over your head and THEN hit the apple!
Kris: Did you forget it also grazed Sir Jagen's throat when he was passing by...? I'll never, ever forget the wrath in Sir Jagen's face at that time.
Tomas: Sir Jagen's tempestuous and unending sermon was just as incredible!
Kris: He even got angry at me, too... Honestly. We're lucky nothing bad happened since Prince Marth stuck up for us, but...
Tomas: Yeah, Prince Marth is really kind. I must polish my bow skills more and more so I can repay my debt!
Kris: You're really obstinate aren't you, Tomas...? Oh well, if you're going to train now anyway, I suppose I'll keep you company. ...We'll be in trouble if somebody else got hurt, after all.
Tomas: Yay! Thank you! Then, please take this! Thanks!
Kris: Huh? A grape? Wait, didn't your target shrink too much all of sudden?
Tomas: Ready, go!