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To the End of a Dream/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Crimson Flower
Great Tree Moon

To the End of a Dream

Opening Narration FETH Adrestia banner.png

Cg fe16 great tree moon mural part 2.png
After defeating the Kingdom army and King Dimitri on the Tailtean Plains, Imperial forces set their sights on Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital. The final battle against Rhea draws near.
— Chapter 18 opening narration

Event - Stolen Time

Date: 4/30
Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital

(As the Imperial army arrives to Fhirdiad at last, so does Lord Arundel.)
Lord Arundel: So, we have finally arrived. It has been a very, very long road.
Edelgard: Why are you here, Uncle? We haven't prevailed just yet.
Lord Arundel: Even better. I decided I wanted to see the end with my own eyes.
Lord Arundel: The very moment that humans will finally be free from the control of that false beast of a goddess...
Edelgard: Understood. Behold to your heart's content, just don't get in our way.
Lord Arundel: Of course. I could not stand to be dragged into the fighting.
Lord Arundel: When this fight is over, a world completely controlled by the Empire will be upon us.
Edelgard: Not completely... I will only do what I must.
Edelgard: But until our reign becomes stable... Uncle... No, all of you. I believe that your power and knowledge may be essential during that time of transition.
Lord Arundel: Perhaps so. We also will do what we must. For that short while, we will lend your our strength.
Edelgard: Yes... We're counting on you. For now.

Imperial Army Encampment

(In private, Edelgard reaches Byleth)
Edelgard: Professor, may I speak with you?

What's on your mind?

Edelgard: I know the timing is less than ideal, but there's something I need to tell you.
Edelgard: I imagine you've already sensed it, but even still... I must tell you the truth...of the power you wield and of what you are.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I have sensed it too. What are you talking about?
Edelgard: I expected as much. Edelgard: Have you still yet to realize it? If so, then it's absolutely vital that I tell you.

Edelgard: You, like Rhea, share a bloodline with the so-called goddess. Your mother likely had some connection to the goddess, whose power has always been sleeping within you.
Edelgard: Five years ago when your power awakened, I was afraid you would choose to join with Rhea.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You thought I would join her? Five years ago...
Edelgard: I did. Edelgard: Yes. In the Sealed Forest, when you returned from the eternal darkness...

Edelgard: As you know, my goal is to free our world from the control of Rhea and the other children of the goddess. I seek to obliterate her, as well as those around her who use the church's power to control Fódlan. I swore to free the people from Rhea by striking her down, whether or not it meant making an enemy out of you. And came to my aid and chose to walk with me on the path against Rhea.
Edelgard: I was overjoyed of course, but I was also confused. I thought that perhaps it wasn't the path you were meant to take.
Edelgard: But I chose to trust in you, to rely on you and your strength. And now, here we are.

Note: If Choice 2 is chosen, then Edelgard will repeat everything from: "You, like Rhea, share a bloodline with..."
Choice 1 Choice 2
I understand... Please explain it once more.
Edelgard: Thank you for listening, my teacher. I'm glad I finally had the chance to talk to you about it. Edelgard: Of course...

Edelgard: After Rhea is gone from this world, I don't know what will become of you. But whatever happens, I hope you know that you're very special to me.

If Byleth & Edelgard's A-Support has been reached Otherwise

Edelgard: You are the one person in this world who can share the heavy burden I must carry. Someone without equal who I can always speak my mind to...

Edelgard: It's time. Let's go, Professor.

Narration - The Fight for Fhirdiad

The Imperial army arrives in Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital, only to be confronted by Rhea--who has transformed into the Immaculate One. The Black Eagle Strike Force steels itself for an epic final battle, hoping to soon return Fódlan to its people.
— Introduction to The Fight for Fhirdiad

Event - The Final Battle

Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital

(From the city's entrance, Edelgard speaks up as she's accompanied by the Black Eagle Strike Force.)
Edelgard: Rhea! Members of the Church of Seiros! Surely there's no reason to continue this fight. What could possibly be gained by shutting yourselves inside the capital of a kingdom without a king? I will give you this one chance...and no other.
Edelgard: Throw down your weapons and surrender! Unlike you, I have no desire to unleash wicked atrocities upon this world!
(Hubert then turns to Edelgard.)
Hubert: Their silence speaks volumes. Shall we commence our attack?
Edelgard: I'll wait just a moment longer. There are still many residents within the city.
Edelgard: Unlike my attack at Garreg Mach five years ago, the church will not allow the inhabitants to evacuate. What the hell are they planning...

Royal Castle (Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital)*

(Meanwhile, inside the Royal Castle, Rhea, Catherine and Cyril can be seen...)
Catherine: Lady Rhea...Or rather, Lady Seiros. The Imperial army is calling for our surrender.
Catherine: Is it wise to ignore them? Perhaps we could leave Fódlan and devise another plan...
Rhea: We shall not surrender. We must not lose! Even if it must split the heavens, we shall not yield to the wicked ones!
Catherine: Understood... I will do as you command. You have my fealty no matter what, until my last moment of life.
(Cyril looks at the Archbishop.)
Cyril: I'll stay by your side too...forever.

Rhea: Now, Catherine. Set fire to the city. The Imperial army will burn in the flames of eternal torment!

(Catherine's eyes open wide.)
Catherine: What?! No, you can't do that!
Rhea: Catherine. Now.

(Catherine lowers her head in sadness.)
Catherine: you wish. But is there truly no other way?
Rhea: I have no patience for foolish questions. I shall sacrifice as many lives as it takes!
Rhea: That apostate who insists on taking everything from me...will by crushed by my own hands!

(Green light begins to envelop the Archbishop. As it happens, her body assumes a fearsome draconic shape...)
(She has turned into the Immaculate One.)

Cg fe16 dragon rhea.png

The Immaculate One: GRAAAARGH!

(Meanwhile, back outside, Edelgard hears the dragon's roar.)
Edelgard: That ghastly voice...

(Suddenly, an Imperial Soldier rushes with news.)
Imperial Soldier: Your Majesty! There's smoke coming from every corner of the capital! It seems they've set fire to the city!
Edelgard: What?! Damn it, Rhea. There really is no depth you wouldn't sink into.
(As the Emperor's filled with indignity, she turns back to the rest of the Black Eagle Strike Force.)
Edelgard: Everyone, we must commence our attack at once. Are you ready?
Hubert: Preparations are complete. Just say the word.
Edelgard: Then we attack. We'll head straight for the castle and strike down their leader--Rhea, that vile creature called the Immaculate One!
Edelgard: This is the end of our long war. After this victory, Fódlan will finally be united and truly free! The capital we're about to invade is engulfed in flames. Do not rush to your deaths.
Edelgard: Survive. Prevail. Do that and we'll witness the birth of a new world. I want to see it with all of you at my side. Understood?
Hubert: Of course. I will not fall and leave you without your protector.
Hubert: That you may live to see your dream to fruition... For that, I shall survive and prevail!
Petra: I am carrying the future of Brigid. I will not be dying here!
Petra: I will be winning. For myself and everyone, I will be surviving!
Caspar: We've been cutting our own path this whole way. There's no stopping until we reach the end!
Caspar: I can't die, or all my great work so far will have been wasted!
Dorothea: Don't worry about me, Edie. I won't fall before I've found my happily ever after.
Dorothea: Maybe when this war is over I can finally snag a good catch and settle down!
Linhardt: Somehow we're already here...
Linhardt: I wonder if the peace we secure will allow me to research as much as I'd like. If so, let's end this quickly!
Bernadetta: Edelgard! Professor! I'll do my best for both of you!
Bernadetta: If I die here, it would be with shame and regret... Oh, I can't let that happen!
Ferdinand: Once the world is united, I will lend my strength to both Edelgard and the Professor. To that end, I will lead us all safely to victory!
Ferdinand: My pride and duty as a noble demand no less! As do my own principles!

Let's win this, together!

(Everyone's determined. The final hour has come.)
Edelgard: Imperial army! Black Eagle Strike Force! Move out!

Battle: The Fight for Fhirdiad

Before Battle

If Caspar is deployed Otherwise

Caspar: It's so awful to see the Kingdom capital go up in flames, but at least we made it this far!

Hubert: We finally stand before the palace. Though these flames will our friends and foes alike.
Edelgard: Those who stand in our way will perish with the flames. Immaculate One...your reign ends, here and now!

Catherine: With fire raging all over the city, our enemies won't be able to advance in large numbers. Instead, they may try to defeat us with small squads of elite warriors.
The Immaculate One: Indeed, I suspect as much. And at their head is the one who stole my mother from me and likely that mutinous whelp, Edelgard.

Player Phase 1

If Bernadetta is deployed

Bernadetta: The whole city's burning! oh, this isn't good! I'm flammable, you know!

If Petra is deployed Otherwise

Petra: If possible, we must be avoiding the flame and be careful of strong enemies.

Hubert If we want to minimize our losses, we will need to be flexible in our approach.

Player Phase 2

The Immaculate One: Open your hearts and accept your fate... The immaculate roar saves only the righteous!
The Immaculate One: GRWOAAAAAARRRR!
(The Altered Golems's stats are enhanced.)

If Linhardt is deployed

Linhardt: What? Her howl as unadulterated magic. I didn't know such a display of power was possible.

If Ferdinand is deployed

Ferdinand: That roar seems to have affected the dolls' movements.

If Dorothea is deployed Otherwise

Dorothea: Whenever "the Immaculate One" howls, those dolls become stronger.

Edelgard: Such power resides in the Immaculate One's roar... We must destroy those golems, and quickly!

Subsecuent Turns where The Immaculate One Roars

The Immaculate One: GRWOAAAAAARRRR!
(The Altered Golems's stats are enhanced.)

Sub Boss - Gilbert

Vs Anyone:

I was trusted to protect the future of the nation. The royal bloodline itself! I cannot yield! I will fulfill my duty even if I must forfeit my life!
— Gilbert Vs Anyone

Vs. Byleth:

I can only lament that you chose to side with the Empire. I am a royal knight, and I will destroy all of His Majesty's foes!
— Gilbert Vs Byleth

Vs. Annette:

Gilbert: Annette. I knew this day would come.
Annette: Yes... And so did I, Father. Be warned that I will push you aside, even if I must use force to do it.
Gilbert: I understand. Goddess... this is surely a chastisement from you.

— Gilbert Vs Annette

Death Quote:

Gilbert: Majesty... I beg...forgiveness... My promise to you... I...could not...

Annette: Don't worry, Father... I will protect the capital and the whole Kingdom!

— Gilbert's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Ashe

Vs Anyone:

Our pride, our people, our king. You've torn them all apart. Haven't you had enough?! What else is there for you to take?!
— Ashe Vs Anyone

Vs. Byleth:

Don't look at me that way. You'll throw off my aim!
— Ashe Vs Byleth

Death Quote:

I do the right thing, Lonato...
— Ashe's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Catherine

Vs Anyone:

I will pour everything into this battle—my body, my soul. Thunderbrand rumbles, urging me on. I am the goddess's servant. You will taste my blade!
— Catherine Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I wish you'd never shown your face at Garreg Mach. I always knew you were trouble, yet I did nothing. Time for me to correct that mistake. Prepare to meet your end!
— Catherine Vs Byleth

Vs Shamir:

Shamir: Hello, Catherine. I always knew this day would come.
Catherine: What a coincidence, so did I. It seems that now we have no choice. We have nothing in common. Not our backgrounds, not our beliefs.
Shamir: Not the way we lived...or the way we'll die.

— Catherine Vs Shamir

Death Quote:

Lady Rhea... My service ends here. It's been an honor.
— Catherine's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Annette

Vs Anyone:

I won't let you take Fhirdiad! I'll defend this place with my very life!
— Annette Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Why, Professor? Why must we fight like this? Surely there was another path you could have taken that wouldn't have led to this...
— Annette Vs Byleth

Vs Mercedes:

Annette: Mercie...
Mercedes: Now, now, Annie. There's no need for that. This is a battlefield, after all.
Annette: I'm so sorry... You know that, don't you? And also know that you don't have to forgive me...
Mercedes: I was going to say the same thing. I'm so sorry if I cause you any pain.

— Annette Vs Mercedes

Death Quote:

Annette: Urgh, it hurts... Help me, Father...

Gilbert: Annette! I will avenge you, my daughter.

— Annette's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Cyril

Vs Anyone:

Get away from Lady Rhea!
— Cyril Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

You made Lady Rhea hurt! I'll never forgive you!
— Cyril Vs Byleth

Death Quote:

Lady Rhea, thank you...for everything...
— Cyril's Death Quote

Main Boss - The Immaculate One

Vs Anyone:

I see that the years have not cured humanity of its folly... You still wish to hurt and betray my mother and myself!
— Rhea Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Give her back... Give back my mother! Gaaaaaah!
— Rhea Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Edelgard: So it's true. You don't value human life at all. Isn't that right, Immaculate One?
The Immaculate One: Nonsense! Fools who do not accept their own sins are undeserving of salvation! You humans are the ones who betrayed! You betrayed me, and you betrayed my mother!
Edelgard: I did not betray you or her. I never believed in you from the beginning.

— Rhea Vs Edelgard

Movie - A World for Humanity

Ss fe16 a world for humanity fbyleth icon.png

The Immaculate One roars as she recoils in the burning capital, just as as Edelgard and Byleth stand before her.
Just as she recovers her breath and lowers her wings, the dragon speaks.

The Immaculate One: Give it back!

Standing without fear, Edelgard replies back.

Edelgard: When humanity stands strong and people reach out for each other...there's no need for gods.
Edelgard: Rhea. Your reign of tyranny is over.

Filled with hatred, the Immaculate One raises its neck and opens its mouth in preparation...
Edelgard & Byleth then look at each other, and nod. They're ready.

Edelgard: The time has come.

The Immaculate One quickly charges up a powerful breath and fires it at the duo.
The pair quickly roll out of the way in separate directions as they rush to the white dragon.

Edelgard: I'm ending this once and for all!

As if they were in synch, Byleth and Edelgard jump in the air as they raise their weapons
As both meet together in the sky, they lower their weapons with full stregth, striking the Immaculate One's head at the same time.

The recoil of the hit pushes the duo back as the dragon groans, dizzy. Green blood begins to pour out from Rhea's head.
No longer being able to stand up, the Children of the Goddess finally collapses on the ground, as her blood fills the floor.
Edelgard and Byleth, now on the ground, quietly watch the scene.

Edelgard: Is it over?

Byleth suddenly collapses on the ground as well. Edelgard notices and quickly rushes to their side, holding them in her arms.
She puts her head on their chest, trying to listen their heartbeat.
Edelgard can't hear anything.
Tears begin to fall from Edelgard's eyes as Edelgard fails to hide her despair. Byleth's sword no longer shines red.

The camera then focuses on the inside of Byleth's body, showing their heart and the Crest of Flames attached to it.

Light comes out from inside the Crest Stone as it disintegrates.
Once gone, the heart begins beating.

Edelgard seems to hear something coming from Byleth's chest. She puts her head over it again.
She can't believe what she's hearing. Tears of joy now begin to flow out of Edelgard as she hugs Byleth.
Byleth's hair slowly recovers their original color. As they open their eyes, the camera zooms out to one of them, up until the screen has been covered by the pupil's darkness...


Ss fe16 crimson flower ending mural.png

A rising flame was alight as the flow of time carved a new history for Fódlan.

With the fall of Fhirdiad, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Church of Seiros both vanished into the people's memories.

Fódlan was finally one unified nation, under the rule of Emperor Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire.

Embracing her newfound power, Edelgard could at last set about destroying Fódlan's entrenched system of nobility and rebuild a world free from the tyranny of Crests and status.

Yet beneath the surface, an unseen and silent struggle began to take shape. From her seat of power, Edelgard could at last wage war on those who slither in the dark.

— Epilogue